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    Here are a few plots I have :3

    Plots are always open​

    Seme Needed
    Title: Genie in a Bottle
    Pairing: Genie x Human
    Plot: Doesn't matter who you are, and what you have. We all wish for our desires to come true. YC can be wealthy or a poor college student.

    I don't mind suggestions and ideas! Those are welcomed!
    Name- Shalbriri
    1,589 Years of Age (Quite young for demons)
    Race- Incubus/Genie
    Hair- Maroon
    Eyes- Fading Ember

    Bio - A few years ago, Shalbriri used to live in the same Kingdom as his father and mother of Hell. Though he was sealed into a cursed lamp for his unjustified actions. He upset his mother by having an affair with his father. The Queen envied her son and sentenced him to be painfully tortured to death. Shalbriri thought nothing of it. The relationship between him and his father was normal in many demonic families. Incest was a sin and existed everywhere due to lust. Though his father grew emotionally attached to his son. Instead, he dismissed his wife's sentence and then forever confined his son's soul into a lamp only to protect him. He was going to keep the lamp until he decided to send him up to the mortals known as humans. What could forever free the demon is unknown.

    Personality - Shalbriri is mostly cunning and manipulative. Due to him not having much contact with anyone, he does enjoy the hours when let out of the lamp. He isn't a shy guy mostly curious and blunt to the culture and lifestyle of individuals especially humans. He enjoys probing and digging deep into the minds of those he encounters. Shalbriri isn't a fair genie. Instead of interpreting what his wishers wish for. He would just go by what they say and let the magic happen.

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    Need an Uke
    Title: His Scales
    Pairing: Merman x Human
    Plot: YC derives from a family of fortune. A couple of years ago, after sea humanoids were discovered. YC's great grandfather invested in a now global company, collecting the new species' scales. Over the years, the population of these mermaids and mermen and other sea humanoids rapidly decreased as the value of their scales increased vastly. Soon, YC's father took over the company and plans to allow YC take control of the company's future. YC does not see himself as the president of a genocide group. Of course YC's father does not pay his son any mind.

    One day, YC comes across a male sea humanoid, wounded and unconscious. What now? YC nurses the merman till he's nice and healthy. Of course, YC and the merman become attached together, but as friends until the merman continues to return to the shore just see the young male. YC, fearful of what his father would do to himself and the merman if ever caught, pushes the merman away. But no matter what he does, the merman returns and follows YC by the shore.

    Maybe YC has a boyfriend who happens to spot you and MC...the possibilities are endless

    Requirements- An uke with a little attitude, a literate RPer with patience. Please make sure your character looks of age, and not like a ten year old boy. ^^' (that's all I ask)

    Name: Caspian Ostia
    Race: Northern Atlantic Merman
    Status: Guardian
    Picture somewhat reassembles MC: [​IMG]
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    Need a Seme Germany
    Sweet Temptations
    Prussia X Germany

    Plot - Britain has had enough of Prussia's arrogance and disruptive conduct during the world meetings. One evening, while the nations were taking a break, Britain slipped a potion into the albino's drink. The loud mouth Prussian swigged the drink down without noticing, though the side effects to his appearance didn't kick in till the next day. He woke up naked with a pair of perky eyes and a lengthy tail.

    Prussia quickly became accustomed to his new abilities and cravings while his younger brother on the other hand tried to hide his lustful eyes.

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    Uke Needed
    Title: Unknown
    Pairing: Massage Therapist/Client
    Plot: MC's friend suggests he get a massage from a specialist. As reluctant MC is to reject a 'gift' from his closet friend, and the hands of a stranger. He goes along with the plan, and schedules an early arrival the next morning at a small Massage Palor, operated by YC. Things get a little steamy, and one thing leads to another. Afterwards, MC sees this as a one-time thing while YC wants something more than sex.

    Requirements: An uke, of course to play as the massage therapist and owner of his small little parlor. Please make sure your character looks of age!

    I don't mind suggestions, and other ideas! Those are welcomed!


    Name- Xander
    23 Years of Age

    Bio- Xander lives a very busy life which explains why he smokes and drinks ever so often. From long lost relatives to competitive world of marketing, he is trying his best to support his main family and great grandmother. Xander mostly spends his life in school, working, and applying for internships. He does have a social life, but prefers to focus on his education more.

    Personality- Mostly calm, laid back, not very talkative, and enjoys daydreaming

    Markings/Tattoos/Piercings- On his back is a fairly large tattoo of a very detailed alchemy symbol the only use of primary colors.

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    Vampiric Seme Needed
    Title - The Incubus and A Vampire

    Pairing- Demon/Demon
    Setting- Modern City

    Plot - An incubus and a vampire are both in a sexual relationship, but maybe the other wants to develop a real relationship. Of course the other is reluctant because they are not humans and should not feel for one another in such a way or is it because of his insecurities? Besides that incubi and vampires never really trusted each other let alone like each other. They are both rather lustful creatures with different intentions.

    My Character

    Name - Asmodai
    Age - Unknown
    Race - Incubus
    Bio - As born an Incubus and being cursed with the sin of Lust, Asmodai was banished from Heaven and forever remained as spirit under the Devil's command. To satisfy his sexually cravings , he roams the Earth looking for a suitable mate. Asmodai is a very sexual and cunning spirit. He will do anything just to bed a certain person. Even going as far to a spiritual rape and suffocation to his victims for sexual interest mainly against females. He feeds off of sexual stimulation and sex leaving his victims' energy drained completely.

    Besides his hidden background, he is able to take the shape/form of any living being. Being that he enjoys his male body, he prefers to be addressed as a male figure. Though those who don't know him mistakingly address him as 'miss'. To settle in like a 'normal human' he applies for a job as a secretary. He does not take his job too serious.

    Personality- Asmodai is a cunning demon. Many who come into contact with him will have to keep a close eye on him. He's always calm rarely ever angered or annoyed by another's presence. He rarely ever focuses on his 'job'. And sometimes can be described as lazy.
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