A little scattered by a bitter fate

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  1. Fate has a weird way of bringing people together. The most horrible things can happen but the pain is healed with love...a type of thing not everyone is lucky to have or find. In this story two young people over come so much together and prove that true love is real...no matter what.

    Name: Amarië Lee Sindarin (pronounced [aˈmariɛ]) was a Vanyarin Elf who was in love with Finrod Felagund, and he with her. At lest that was the story her mum would tell her.
    Age: 16
    Personality: Sweet to only few, most of the time she is cold, mean ish only because she was raised like that. She has weird moments. She hates lazyness she is a hard worker.

    Hobbies: She loves to paint, but she enjoys hard work and dancing. But on secret she loves to make music boxes.

    Bio: She was born in A little Town in South Wales called Blaenavon. She grow up on a farm. Her father was always hard on her because she was the oldest and they had no sons. When She was 15 her dad got a good job in the US so they sold everything to come here. Sadly the company fell and they lost everything. Living was hard a because of that
    Amarië was bullied she tried to kill herself, but failed so she has scares on her body because of her...problem. Because of all the bad luck her parents got a divorce and she and her. Sisters moved with her mom. She works hard to support the family, so she got a job as well to help.

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  2. Name: Aldruin Tyr Yagrai was a young free spirited man who is in love with one of most beautiful women that he has ever met and she was in love with him but fate always places it's cold hard hands where it doesn't belong.
    Age: 17
    Personality: Aldruin is a very free spirited young man always seeking happiness and joy in everything he does. He also tries his hardest to make those who he cares about smile even on the worst and most hopeless days.

    Hobbies: He loves to play music and sing. He hates being tied down to work and just loves spending his days outside and enjoying what the world has to offer.

    Bio: Aldruin grew up in a very rich and prominent family in his country so he has never known the hardships of being poor. Both his parents believed in raising their children as to how the were raised with love and a lot of freedom. As he grew up he noticed the sick and poor on the outside world and decided to help even some days going out and giving them food. He always helped those who he could . When he lost his eldest sibling he couldn't stand to see his family in such a saddened state and did everything he could to make them happy and smile, as he took on all the sadness by himself .

    Appearance :

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  3. Amarië was always the fist one up in the morning. She would wake up at 4 take a jog come home shower get ready foe school. She couldn't wait to get to school she was a straight A student, and very smart. Amarië was also in to ballet, which was a big part of her life. She practice 4 to 5 house a day after school...dance was everything to her.

    The day before Amarië took an extra two hours of practice which caused her to be late for school. Running to class she ran onto someone. " oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you...please forgive me!?" She said
  4. Aldruin slowly opined up his eyes lazily getting out of bed . He was always the last one up and the last to leave for the day. As soon as he got to school he met up with his usual friends who always hung around him . They slowly started walking to his class everyone laughing and making jokes. He had this aura around him that everyone clung to because it made them happy and feel good about themselves.

    Suddenly he felt a force hit him from behind. As soon as he recovered he sighed and turned around as soon as he did his eyes widened slightly .
  5. Amarië was in a hurry so she said sorry and ran off. She was like 15 mins late which was a big deal for her. The day went by fast and she catches up with time. So it was time for dance practice. She runs to the restroom at school and changes.
  6. Aldruin again after a while could not get his mind over her. He decided to go and find her , he looked throughout the whole school and eventually found her in the dancing class . He stood there and watched her dance she seemed so free and happy .
  7. She kept dancing for hours the more she messed up the more upset she would become. She finally finished practice, looking up she sees a man watching her. "...ummm can I help you!"
  8. He eventually snapped out of his trance and looked at her. "So you really don't remember me ?" he asked with a saddened tone . She and him had a history and it was a loving one so it hurt him when she could not recall his name or even their past together.
  9. She could feel his sadness, why was he sad. She couldn't remember who he was or if she new him. "....ummm no sorry I don't....well to make you feel a bit better....i fell a few years ago and hit my head...so I lost a bit of my memory. "
  10. He sighed and looked at her taking out a photo and showed it to her it was them standing together and smiling. " Are you sure you don't remember me " he said with a voice of worry.
  11. The memory come back and she felt so bad for not remembering, rubbing the back of her head she began to speak. " hey I do remember now...its just been awhile and IV been so focused on my dance I haven't been thinking...im real sorry....can I make up for being a complete ass??" She asked