A Little Loose with the Foot.

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Me, Mr.Foyle

It basically a fun filled slightly satire of the movie Footloose.
A small town has ban hip hop, stating that it the devil. My character Kimberly moves to the town after her father dies to help her mother. Their she meets a young lovely daughter of the local preacher. Tears flow. People laugh. And a lot of dancing happens.
Nothing sexual will happen inside this rp ever.
The TOS will apply at all times.

(Come on....what else could it have been?)



Mr.Foyle Character(S)

Kimberly 'Kimmy" Paige
Age: 18
Sexuality: Gay
Kimberly was born on the West Coast to an Army Sargent. As such she has been traveling across the country till her mother decided to divorce her father and move back to her former home town. Kimberly now has to try to fit into a much more straight lace place, while balancing her own super duper uniqueness and need to DANCE!


Place: Elmore City, Oklahoma
Time: 10:39 am


The time that any girl would hate, well in fact the time that any person would hate. Waking up early in the morning to come and hear her father the oh so holy reverend preach to the homosexual community about why...they were all sins. She honestly hated the whole thing, but every Wednesday morning around 8 she would wake up and get dressed all pretty and nice then sat bored for the next three hours. Looking down at her watch she tried to see what time it was and sighed internally when she saw she still had thirty minutes left. Holding her hand up to get her father's attention he stopped talking completely and looked at her. Everyone seemed to thank her with their eyes as he asked what was wrong. "Oh dad I'm sorry I didn't want to interrupt but I don't see my friend Vincent here can I go and get him.." He looked at her and raised an eyebrow, "There's only thirty minutes.."
"Yeah but any time is the time to hear a out the lord" saying the right words with her dad got her anything and he smiled nodding at her as she stood heading for the door almost relived that {ironic} hell was over.

Abigail moved some hair out of her face as she made her way down the street wishing that she could magically change right now cause she hated dressed and this one was freaking ugly in her. "I hate everything" she mumbled lowly to herself as she made her way to the diner that was up a few feet. Opening the door she sighed and smiled when she saw Vincent or as she was known, Valerie. "Hey cutie what's with the ugly thing that you're wearing" he asked as she sat on one of the bar stools with another sigh. "It's not ugly it's just hideous in me...you know what it's for though, the I hate gays convention...geez I wish he would just get over himself and realize that preaching about it isn't going to make anyone want to change. Looking up at him he just smiled and already had what she needed, a chocolate milkshake with vanilla swirls. "I know I keep you around for a reason" she teased and thanked him for the milkshake.

That sadly was her life, ranting about her father to her transgender best friend. Well that was a little bit of her life, the main part was the lie she showed her father. The good girl that hated everything her hated was just her alter ego the one she had around her dad. But that was just the facade she held because underneath the good girl was a not so perfect daughter. In fact she even had a small fling with one of the girls in the why being gay is a sin class. She wasn't gay just...curious. Abigail was the big bad preachers daughter but any and everyone who knew her tried to piece together how that could be her father when she was so bad to the core.


Kimberley Paige was in the car as her little brother was playing his nintendo 3ds. Mike was not handling it well, and Kimmy could understand why. After all their parents being divorced was such a surreal thing. But Kimmy also knew her mother was not happy in the marriage. And Kimmy knew whatever her father would claim, he had lost the love for her mother long ago. They had tried, but in the end the two decided to separate. Her father was now on tour again, and Kimmy was with her mother till her father could figure out a way to have them spend time with him again.

Kimmy sighed as she looked out the window. Her eyes were a deep green like her father.In fact she looked so much more like her father than her mother. Her hair was his dark shade of brown. She was tall. Almost in an abnormal way. Her shoulders were broad, and her body toned well. But she knew of the looks that the opposite sex had given her. Kimmy tired not to be a egotistical person, but she enjoyed the way she looked. asking time to check herself out and make sure that her clothes fit her body well.

Kimmy sighed as she watched out the window of the Ford Fiesta as she watched the people move about the sleepy town. A tractor moved down the road as Kimmy gave a sigh, her mother looking over worried. Kimmy gave her mother a bright smile. "Just thinking of how hungry I am." Kimmy lied as her mother gave a sigh of relief. Kimmy did not want to make her mother upset, knowing that Mike was doing a good job enough by refusing to talk to their parents since the announcement of the split.

As they neared the house of Kimmy uncle and aunt, her mother slowly stopped as she looked to the back. "Mikey...we here." Kimmy mother said as she looked at her son, who was still ignoring her. Kimmy mother sighed, getting out of the car. As soon as she was gone, Kimmy turned and gave her brother a hard look.

"If you don;t stop playing the emo card I swear to God I will burn your Wii U with a flamethrower." Kimmy said as her brother gave Kimmy a stern look.

"You don;t have a flamethrower." Mike said

"Nope...but I got hairspray and a lighter." Kimmy said her green eyes intense before getting out of the car.


"You saw that new car too right..." Abigail asked as she tried to lean back I her seat to get a better look and sighed as se turned back to Vincent who shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah but there are no people who come to live in this sleepy tow so maybe their just passing..." Biting her lower lip she was still a bit curious but pushed it away not wanting to bother whoever it was that had come in the car. Turning her attention back to Vincent she instantly got excited as she bounced up and down in her seat. "So are you going to that party cause I need someone to go with and I refuse to go alone.." She had been practically begging home to come to this pool party that she had heard about a few weeks ago and he ended up declining every time.

"Abi I'm fine with my body I am but it just gets frustrating when people ask me where the scars came from..." He had a valid reason and she felt for him but she still hasn't wanted to go alone. "Yeah I know I know..." Sighing like a frustrated child she stood from her eat and walked to the back giving him a small peck on the cheek befor she moved to the door hoisting her purse back on her shoulder. "Alright well if you change your mind you know where I live" Abigail called back to him then made her way out the door almost tempted to follow the car that had just shot past the diner, and she was about to until she looked down at her watch seeing what time it was. "Shit" she mumbled lowly to herself as she made her way back over to the church and slipped back in to listen to the last ten minutes of the speech.

At this time they always reflected so that gave her time to zone out because no one asked questions and her father hadn't tried to rope her into the conversation. Chewing on her lower lip once more her mind went back to the car that had arrived in town today. Who would want to come and live here anyway, there wasn't anything fun cause her father happened to ban it all. You couldn't drink alcohol until you were over the age of 23, no loud music was to be played ever, and no parties or anything revolved around dancing. Yeah the whole rule system here was stupid but her father had a reason. Though that reason happened eighteen years ago.

While everyone was getting last minute words in with her father she stood up and walked outside the door finally ready to kill her curiosity. Once her dad made his way over to her she had brought up that she had seen a new car while 'looking' for Vincent and wanted to know if he knew anything about it. Of course since he was friends with everyone he found out that the lovely couple that used to watch her while she was younger had a niece that was coming into town to stay with them. "Now that you bring that up sweetheart maybe we should invite them to dinner... Why don't we take a ride over there and speak to them" biting her lip she internally sighed since she wanted to go change but smiled nodding at her father instead.

They made their way out to the car as she turned around to face everyone and mouthed sorry like she had every week and got in behind her father as he pulled offtocthei home that actually wasn't that far from the church. Since they were there every Sunday, Wednesday, and bible study her father knew them pretty close and she knew them because they used to baby sit with her father bs me to bust with work and couldn't watch her. It took them a good three minutes to reach their home and once they had both of them got out of the small Honda Accord and knocked in the door waiting for someone to answer.


Kimmy Paige was with her mother as they unpacked the boxes from the car. Kimmy looked up as her uncle James came form the house. "Hello Margret." James said. he was the only one that called her mother Margret. Her father just called her Maggie...but now her father was no longer with her mother. Perhaps he would just start calling her Margret as well.

Kimmy mother hug James before Kimmy uncle turned to give Kimmy a hug as well. "And it nice to see you too, little Kimberly. Oh should i say big Kimberly." James said as Kimmy gave a smile to her uncle. She wasn't big, just tall. About a head over her own uncle. But Kimmy bit down her tongue and looked happy.

"it nice to see you again Uncle James." Kimmy said as they were led into the house.

"So Kimmy....your mother says that you were on the dance club and swim team." James said as he poured them some ice tea.

"Yeah...along with the volleyball team also." Kimmy said James smiled.

"I played football in High School...perhaps we can see if their is a position for you on the cheer-leading squad." James said as Kimmy kept her smile, her little brother Mike chuckling in the corner. Mike knew that Kimmy was far from being able to stand at the side lines and cheer on others. She craved and needed actions.

"Umm...maybe." Kimmy said as they heard the door bell ring. James walked away as he went to answer it.

"Father! James said as he smiled and gave the man a handshake.

"Nice to see you again Broth James. We missed you at church today." Abigail father said to Kimmy uncle.

"I am sorry, but my sister-"

"No, I understand and so does God. After all family is always important." Abigail father said as he was lead into the house,his daughter close by. "Beside, their is always Tuesday special service." Abigail father said as Kimmy mother walked into the living room.

"Of course. Oh, Father Lancaster, this is my sister Margret Paig-Jennings." James said fixing t ending quickly.

"Hello Margret." Mr. Lancaster said as Kimmy came in. Her bright green study the man as her lovely face turned into a bright smile.

"And my niece Kimberly." James said as Mr Lancaster looked at the tall girl and smiled.

"And nice to meet you as well. I must say after looking at you, I am sure that the girls basketball team will rejoice." Mr.Lancaster said as he shook Kimmy hand. "Oh, and my daughter Abigail." Mr. Lancaster said as he motion for Abigail to walk forward. Kimmy looked over the smaller girl, her green eyes meeting the big blue ones of Abigail.