A Little Game of Life and Death

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  1. London, December 12th, 1852

    Victoria sat at the dark wooden desk, folders, books, paper and notes scattered about the small room. Her long back hair was hidden in a black cap, dark thick lashes and pale hiding her deep red eyes as she sat with her fingers pinching her nose bridge. She let out a sigh, and in a deep voice ordered her counter part to get her a shot of whiskey. Victoria went by the name Vincent around these parts, after all women weren't allowed the joys of holding too many decent jobs such as these. When Victoria opened her eyes she stood, her long trench coat covering her taped in chest and shorter legs. It was obvious she was part albino, her nails see through and skin a translucent white color.

    Victoria opened a folder on her desk, murderers were starting to become part of the norm here. How annoying, and ridiculous. Although she was upper class, and delt with only large scale criminals, it seemed there were even more of those then normal. She had just caught a canablistic male only a few days ago, as well as a raging sexist female cutting open little boys, and still the rate of murderers hadn't gone down. Newspapers had a different, awful headline everyday. Zachary came back in with a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass, closing the door behind them.

    "Are we gonna have to travel again to a different city to catch a criminal?" He asked, nervously, Victoria gave him a glance. "What's it matter?" She asked, taking the glass and downing it. It warmed her to her core. "The wife wants to know..." Zach muttered, a little embarrassed. Victoria tapped her foot. "Well she'll find out later on, won't she?" She laughed, placing the glass down on the desk. A red headed man popped his head into the office. "Eh, Vincent. We got'cha a new case." He said, holding up a cream colored folder. "It's a good one too!"
  2. When she opened the folder there were sketches of a man in a thick trench coat and a cowl covering his mouth and head, his eyes the only thing that wasn't covered. There was also a few pictures of a high-ranking politicians corpses, their limbs cut off and put in the wrong places. Upon further inspection, their throats were ripped out, most likely the cause of death. All of his victims were prostitutes, high-ranking politicians, or men who had a history of abusing women.

    The weapon he uses is usually seen as a hook or a simple knife. And little did Victoria know, there was a murder happening as she read his file.

    After incapacitating his victim by injuring his shins, he kneels down and takes out a scalpel, swiftly cutting the mans throat and reaching inside to pull out it's contents. After doing so, he thrusts his hook into the forehead of the man. ''What a fool.'' He kicks the dead man's body and walks away, taking off his bloody gloves and his trench coat. No one ever expected him, being so kind to everyone. With a chuckle, he walks to his home for rest.
  3. Victoria nodded, taking the folder and thumbing through it, sketches that were pretty bland, not very specific. Deaths that were gruesome and specific though, a commoninity in victims. Nodding her head in silence she read the file, the little red headed boy slipped back out the door and Zach sat slumped back in the seat. When she closed the folder and grabbed and pen and paper, Zach cleared his throat. "So... Vincent..." He started, she looked up at him with an eyebrow raised. "Yeah, what?" Her tone wasn't too friendly as she jotted down a few notes and patterns. "What'da see?" Victoria looked down at the papers with a sigh, before taking her hand and rubbing her face. It had been a long night. "High-Ranking politicians, men with charges of domestic abuse, and prostitutes that share a common death. Throats ripped out, and body parts rearranged. Some deranged psycho is out there apparently." Victoria leaned over the desk with a smile, "And we're gonna catch him. So let's go investigate." Victoria stood and grabbed her coat, Zach toeing behind her with a worried face as she stepped out into the cold wintery street.
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