A little confusing, maybe..

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  1. Okay, so, I don't really know how to explain what I'm after here. I'll try, though.

    First off, I'm after somebody to play a male. -watches a bunch of people walk out of the thread-
    I will be playing a female and have no interest in male slash so don't even ask. -watches more people leave-

    Here's the rough idea that I have:

    A girl, roughly 19-22, leaves home for some dramatic reason that is yet to be decided. She hitchhikes her way out of town, unknowingly taking a ride from a rig transporting a deconstructed fair ride. After falling asleep in the passenger seat, she wakes up to find the fair already in the middle of being set up, and she decides to stay. She sleeps under the bleachers or something and spends every day at the fair, sneaking in to avoid paying admission since she's pretty broke.

    I want somebody to play a person who works at the fair. I don't care if you sell doughboys or run a dart game or control one of the rides xD Just be a person who she can interact with on a daily basis.

    Fair warning. She is odd. I don't mean like cool odd, but more of in a way that makes you think odd, or maybe even a might be something wrong with her upstairs odd.

    Any not-too-confused takers? ^^;
  2. This is fairly odd but ill take a swing at it
  3. Yay! Thank you! Did you want me to make a post or would you like to discuss more? I want you to be as non-confused as possible ^^;
  4. Okay, what would you like to know?
  5. how odd is your character?
    and can i react oddly too?
  6. Well she's odd like.. just different xD She's not like completely insane and going to flip out batshit crazy on you x3 And, of course you can xP
  7. sweet >:)
    allright i think im ready
  8. Okay, I'll get a post up soon!