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  1. So I am doing some artist and writer things...You can critique on here too but I'm just going to label it Showcase just because I'm showing it for fun. Like I said, critique only if you want, I can accept constructive criticism~. Or you can just drop by and say something out of random owo

    mixing chocolate milk.png

    Mixing Chocolate Milk (Or Coffee?)

    First thing of artwork is something that I did um...a day or two ago when my internet was bad. I was playing around in Paint Tool SAI and its blur tool and pressure ability with the tablet. After playing around and blurring, this came out! I can't tell whether it's creamer in coffee or mixing milk in chocolate. o^o But...yep, there it is.~

    hidden kuru chobi.png

    Lemon and Blueberry

    So I have an OCxCanon pairing for this anime called Keroro Gunso. My OC is Chobibi (the blueberry) and the canon character is Kururu (the Lemon). I was thinking about them while drawing an ice cream cone and decided to do the ice cream as their colors. Hidden symbolism ftw. xD But yeah, that's about it for this one.

    And finally...

    lets go to heaven.png

    Let's Go to Heaven

    In this quiet place where there is nothing...To you who's just a body, I'll give my arms and legs...

    Title of the artwork is the same as the title of the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjYaPFTmnDk&feature=related <-- Song here c:

    Drew this after listening to the song for a while. It's a very cheerful song with very sad lyrics however, so be careful if you find out the meaning of the song. I can't watch the animation without feeling like crying or going into serious thought xD. So, of course, I had to make a picture out of it. Tried to make the picture look like her arms and legs are forming but I failed at that. x3; But that's it.~

    So that's it for the picture thing owo I'll show more later on.~
  2. Day 2 of artwork...Well, today its a writing piece I thought of. I don't know if I'll continue it, but eh. An idea's an idea.~

    This is in the place of the Minecraft realm with a female main character. Edited some stuff so it would make sense in the real time world and yet it still be the Minecraft world. :U~ Sooo yeah, here we go.~

    Lora and Jason stood grimacing in front of the mob of zombies and skeletons. There were the spawners. It was just steps away from them. But the zombies and skeletons that were stepping out of fires and away from the cages continued to make a blockade.

    Lora looked around frantically, trying to find an opening before the mobs could start attacking. "Jason! Where the heck do we go!?"

    "Calm down," Jason hissed. "You're going to be fighting these things. You're the one with the bow and arrow."

    "And what will you do?!" the miner girl hissed back. "Surely you aren't dumb enough to run through the mobs?! This isn't Red Rover, Jason! This is a dungeon!"Jason merely smirked as he stared at the mob. "Just start shooting your arrows. This will work, I promise..."

    Lora stared skeptically at him. She had a hint of worry in her eyes. But, knowing Jason's stubbornness, she wouldn't argue any further and began to pull an arrow back.

    The zombies began to growl and snarl as they advanced on Jason. Jason slashed his iron sword against a few, causing blood to splatter across the dungeon. "Lora! Get these guys! Now!" As he was yelling, he got close to the spawners and started pulling out torches from the bottomless pit of his backpack.

    Lora began to shoot arrows at the zombies advancing to Jason. With every hit, the zombies began to jolt with pain. After a few arrows, two zombies were down. She ran to the fallen arrows and let the "magnets" in her arrow holder pick up the arrows. The zombies growls bouncing off the cobble and moss stone were overwhelming to Lora. But soon, the zombie pack began to deteriorate as its spawner was disabled.

    "Yes! One spawner down and one to--"

    In mid-sentence, an arrow had pierced through Jason's chest, taking the rest of his 5 hearts away. He yelled out in pain as he fell over.

    "Heh, good job Jason!" Lora cheered Jason, not knowing what he was going through. She looked around, wondering what Jason was doing. "Jason? Jason what are y--JASON!!"

    The miner girl ran to Jason, whom was disappearing slowly. "J-Jason you idiot! I thought you said the plan would work!!"

    Soon, Jason's legs were gone. He looked up to Lora and grabbed her wrist before his hands could disappear. "Heh...It did, there was just a minor set back...Just grab my stuff and go back to the base," His chest then disappeared, then getting to his neck. He raised his voice so he could speak before his head disappeared as well. "I will see you there!! We'll venture back here another time!!"

    And then he was gone, and the explosion of his items happened around Lora.

    Lora just stared as his items fell around the dungeon. "...That...that idiot..." She stood up and picked up the items. After the dungeon was tidy of items, she ran out of the cave and into the base.


    It was the next day once Lora reached the base. That was another time that they had stayed up the whole night in a cave. She put Jason's items in his chest and laid on her own bed, starting to think to herself.

    That dumb Jason...I told him what we were dealing with, but did he listen? Not a word! Tch... Lora grimaced as she lay. Her eyes closed as she continued her thought.

    Wait a minute...In the time that it took to get out of the cave, Jason should've been here by now. He had set his spawn point here yesterday. I wonder what happened... Lora got up from the bed and then went to Jason's room. "Jason?" she called out. "Are you there?" Lora looked around and reached the room. She saw that something was missing, but she couldn't think what. As she stared at the room, she realize something vital was missing. Something that was key to Jason's spawn point.

    His bed. His bed was gone.