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  • In Naomi's eyes the day had been rather unremarkable. Class had droned on as usual, kids had shoved their way through overcrowded hallways as usual and Naomi had spent every minute in that school building trying to be as small as possible to avoid attention while just waiting on the final bell to ring and set her free - as usual. The only off thing ended up being the fire alarm that rang just as classes had already ended, leading to an evacuation of the school. Even that small excitement had turned out to be nothing more than an idiot looking for some fun though, leaving the day hardly more interesting than any other.

    Naomi didn't mind the lack of interest much. Sometimes things being a little normal weren't a bad thing - weird wasn't always good in terms of situation. Besides, normal meant that Naomi would probably have an incredibly easy day and she couldn't complain about that. Other than returning Warren's flash (even though she hadn't even managed to get through half of the extensive collection of movies and shows nor had she even been in possession of the thing for a week) she would probably continue the day as she did most days; that was, cooped up in her room browsing the internet. Maybe she would stop procrastinating enough to begin her visual arts project too, but that was far less likely.

    'k, meet you there soon.' Naomi quickly tapped a confirmation across the keys of her phone, letting Warren know that she would be bringing him his flash back as soon as she could. A quick trip to the dorms and then a walk to the parking lot where Warren had asked her to meet him, for whatever reason. Naomi was sure that there was a reason he wasn't willing to meet her at the dorms instead. They both lived in that same building and Warren was probably the most logical man Naomi knew. Whatever that reason was, though, Naomi wouldn't mind waiting to find out. It wasn't like she had a long wait anyways.

    Not bothering to make any stops on the way (not like she really had anywhere else to go anyways) Naomi headed to the dorms, wasting no time ducking into her room in hopes to avoid the drama that generally filled the girl's dorms. The juxtaposition between how Naomi felt in her room and the remainder of the girl's dorm was very stark. Though she walked through the dorm's halls with careful feet, not daring to look at anyone or anything, the red head almost completely relaxed the moment she had entered in her room and closed the door.

    "It's good to be home." Naomi mumbled to herself as she shrugged her backpack from her shoulders and let it drop on the ground - she could pick it up later. Though Naomi knew she was in a bit of a rush with Warren waiting on her she couldn't help but take a minute to unwind. With stress seeming to leak from the walls of the school building and radiate from the students here this was really the only place Naomi felt truly relaxed. Here, amongst the books that littered the room as if a tornado had blown them around and the paintings that hung on the walls to add a little flair, was where she felt safe and at home.

    Eventually Naomi had to break free of her reverie and get herself moving, though. After running a short errand to Max's room after seeing that the photography student had left her a note mentioning that she'd taken it to watch some of the awesome flicks saved on there Naomi was finally headed towards the parking lot to meet Warren, shooting him a quick text apologizing and saying she'd been there soon.

    "Hey Warren. Sorry I'm late... here's your flash." Naomi spoke once she reached the lot at the edge of campus, reaching in the small, bow-covered purse she kept at her hip and bringing out the small flash she'd borrowed a few days prior to return it to Warren.

    'Goodbye, sweet flash. Your movie contents will be missed.' Naomi thought as she handed it over. There had still been much more on there that she'd wanted to check out. Oh well.


    Cole was having what may have been the second worst day of his life. That was saying something, considering the fact that most of his days were crap.

    "I never should have trusted that flake. Damn it!" The teen cursed, shaking his head angrily, roughly shoving his hands in his pockets as he made his way towards his beat-up old truck and the parking lot of Blackwell. Cole had been sure that this would work. Whether such optimism had stemmed from hope or desperation he was unsure, but he was sure that that was the last time he would ever have any dealings with Nathan Prescott. The guy was a jerk and a lunatic - dangerous company. Sure, Cole's associates were no saints, but never had anyone scared him the way Nathan just had. The rich nut had pulled a gun on him, for goodness sakes.

    With a bit of a sigh Cole's anger subsided a little, letting his disappointment flood the void it left. He had thought for sure that he could weasel at least a little money out of Nathan. A few thousand dollars was nothing to a kid that rich - his family dished out hella more money than that pretty well constantly. Besides, his reputation should have been way more important to him than some petty cash. Damn punk ass rich kid. This wasn't fair. If things had gone his way Cole would be walking away with enough money to pay Frank off in full. He had never planned to do so in the first place so he'd thought nothing of the debt - he was supposed to skip town with Rachel and he had no problems leaving Frank to rot in his trailer with his damned beans. But after Rachel had gone missing, plans had changed.

    Feeling a pang of hurt and sadness, one that had become all too familiar in these past six months, Cole forced himself to think back to the incident in the bathroom - intense at it had been, it at least didn't hurt so much.

    As soon as Cole had managed to shift his focus to those events he found himself shuddering, hairs on the back of his neck stood up as goosebumps formed along his skin. The crazed look in Nathan's eyes, the glint of the gun in the flickering bathroom lights and the feeling of the barrel pressed against his stomach; it was terrifying. Cole hated to admit it but in that moment he had been almost sure he was about to die. Fighting of Nathan before, even drugged, hadn't been too bad (Cole was bigger than Nathan and probably had more practice fighting too) but the punk was no match for a gun. If that fire alarm hadn't rung... well, he didn't really want to think about what would have happened.

    Pulling his keys from his pocket Cole approached his truck, parked messily in the lot. He wasn't even really in the lines, almost taking up two spots, but he didn't really care. If the punk ass Blackwell students had a problem with that they could go while to their rich parents about it. Cole didn't care in the least.

    "Junk sweet car." Cole muttered as he unlocked the doors and hopped into the drivers seat. His truck, old and very clearly worn, was a bit of a junker. It was a a rough ride and not a stranger to breaking down but it was Cole's and he took pride in it anyways. It was his own place, truly. He could go wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted in his car and nobody, not even his stepass, could tell him otherwise. It was his space and he loved it.

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Atropa had gone through the day in a bit of a blur.
She'd been up way too late the night before, working on a new drawing, and had gotten barely any sleep.
In fact, she was doing this a lot nowadays.
It seemed like she got her best ideas at night.

Luckily, she'd taken notes- though how, she wasn't sure.
Without her notes, she'd fail her next test, or worse, she would just not take it.
Her grades were good, and she wanted to keep them that way.

Making her way to the front of the school, she spied Nathan Prescott leaving.
As always, he was looking shady, hands in his pockets, glancing around nervously.
He was a weasel, that much was for sure, and Atropa didn't like him.

Deciding to follow him to see what he could be up to, Atropa quickened her pace to get closer.
Nathan was a lot taller than her, so she had to almost jog to keep up.
Hopefully this wouldn't end with her getting killed.

Nathan made his way to the parking lot, and towards an old beat up truck that Atropa vaguely recognized.
Standing behind another car parked in the lot, she took out her camera to capture his activities.


Warren had lent his flash drive to Naomi. There were a ton of great movies on it, and he knew she'd love them.
But he was getting antsy, and he wanted it back, so he'd asked her to bring it to him after school.
The day had gone by slowly because of this, since he was excited not only to get his flash drive back, but to see Naomi.

In all honesty, he had a bit of a crush on her.
He hadn't told anyone, but he was sure some people knew.
He was too easy to read.

After getting a soda, he'd gone to his classes and done his best to pay attention.
He was kinda hoping that Naomi would want to watch some of the films with him...
He imagined what it would be like.

Naomi would put her head on his shoulder, and he'd put his arm around her.
They'd share snacks and laugh or cry, depending on the movie- though Warren would comfort her, instead of crying.
Smiling to himself, he found it much easier to get through the day.

Later, when Naomi arrived with his flash drive, Warren smiled brightly at her.
"No problem. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over and watch a few movies with me tonight?" He asked, heart beating loudly in his chest.



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Naomi was surprised when Warren invited her over for a movie night, pausing for a second to think about it before responding. She wasn't busy - she just about never was. She really didn't get out of her dorm room enough either - she'd spent every day of the past week cooped up in there in every moment she wasn't locked up in a classroom. It really would be good for her to get out. Besides, hanging with Warren for a movie night of awesome thrillers, nerdy sci-fi movies and, of course, a horror movie or two, was certainly not an unappealing option.

"Sure, sounds fun. I could come by around five or something? Or a little later?" Five was only a few hours away but Naomi really didn't have anything else to do. She wasn't big on homework and if anything got handed in at all it was either done right away in class or completely last minute. Warren, on the other hand, was big on grades. He actually got his work done like a good, productive human being. But he was also incredibly intelligent, especially when it came to science - his major here. It didn't take him long to get his homework done in most cases. Honestly Naomi wouldn't have been surprised if he was finished everything already.

"But only on one condition." Naomi spoke up again as something occurred to her, "No Cannibal Holocaust!" Warren had been raving to her about that movie, insisting that she watched it since he'd first loaned her the flash. Now, Naomi was all up for a good horror movie and she was no stranger to gore - her own game and movie collection would probe that much. However that movie went a little too far even for her.

Just as Naomi was about to speak again to further their conversation once she'd heard Warren's reply a voice broke into their conversation, echoing from the other end of the parking lot. The anger that filed it was enough to make the red head jump, wide-eyed gaze snapping to the direction it had come from.

"Hey, you!" It was Nathan Prescott and his stance was as angry as his voice had been. He was standing close to Atropa, too close, and Naomi knew enough to be able to see the extreme hostility of that position. She'd seen it more than once, after all.

Naomi was afraid of what she did next. Everything in her history had trained her to be horrified of these situations and yet she found her feet moving to where Nathan stood threatening her friend in an attempt to cool the situation down. She didn't want to see anybody get hurt.

"Hey, is everything ok?" Naomi tried to speak calmly in hopes that her relaxed demeanor might rub off on Nathan but her very presence seemed to have the opposite affect.

"Mind your own business loser!" With that shout and a harsh, bruising shove to Naomi's collar bone that sent her into a nearby car Nathan had gotten Naomi out of his way and turned to threaten Atropa again.

"You'd better tell me what you saw in there. Now."


Cole was surprised to see Nathan walking out in the parking lot, stalking around with a furious expression on his face. Well, surprised was a bit of an understatement - he was more horrified to see the boy who'd almost shot him walking towards him and angry to see the punk ass rich kid's face again. The guy had already drugged him and threatened him with a gun. Cole hadn't even gotten his cash! What more could that damn Prescott want from him?

Much to Cole's surprise, Nathan didn't really seem to be after him. His eyes, wild and feral like a cornered animal, whipped around the parking lot but they didn't stop when they fell on Cole's beat up old truck. As much the blue-haired flunke loved the thing it was the junker of Arcadia bay. There was no way Nathan wouldn't recognize it. So he was definitely looking for something but Cole couldn't figure out what, or who. If it wasn't him Cole pitied whoever it was; Nathan looked pissed.

Unfortunately for just about everyone involved, Cole didn't have to wait long to find out. With a sudden noise and a flash of light both his and Nathan's attention were drawn to one of the other cars in the lot. It wasn't long before Nathan went to investigate, seeming to find who he was looking for once he'd found the source of the flash.

"Hey, you. You're one of those damn photo nerds right? Right?! You like to take pictures, huh? Especially when you're hiding out in the bathrooms." Nathan was quick to step too close to the girl but Cole found himself in too much shock to help. That girl who he was talking to, silent threat radiating from his demeanor and expression, just looked so damn familiar. It was enough of a familiarity to strike Cole rather violently and yet, he couldn't place her. She was pretty, pretty enough that Cole would have known if she was just someone he'd seen around town - plus, it was too strong a familiarity for that. Somehow, he knew that girl.

A few minutes later the confrontation was beginning to turn into fight. A nervous-looking girl with blazing red hair had tried to step in and things had spiraled from there. Knowing that this was going to get ugly, Cole was about to drive out of there when the identity of the girl he'd been looking at earlier finally struck him, smashing into him like a ton of bricks.

"Atropa!" Cole couldn't help but yell, easily drawing attention to himself. Seeing the way that Nathan was looking at him and having seen the way the unstable prick was getting violent, Cole knew he had to act fast. Before he could think his mouth was moving again, decision making itself for him.

"Come on, let's get out of here!" Calling Atropa over again Cole let her friends protect her as Atropa made her way to his beat up old truck. Once both were in fairly safety, both doors closed and all limbs inside the vehicle, Cole slammed the gas and sped out of the parking lot. His speed and driving was erratic, unsafe and probably illegal, but safe and legal hadn't been his style for a long time now.

"Geez, that was hella intense. What did that asshole want with you?" Wasting no time in getting to the point Cole posed the question that was immediately on his mind. The Atropa he remembered wasn't really the type to do anything to upset Nathan PrescoTt. Then again, she could have changed a lot in the past years - Cole sure had.​
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