A Life at Sea is a Life for Me

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  1. I'll add his picture when my laptop decides it likes me again))

    Atticus Fletcher was sitting in a coach with his father weaving their way down the bumpy London streets to the docks. He had already said goodbye to his mother and older brother, he who would be starting at the university this upcoming semester. Unfortunately for Atticus, his parents didn't have the money to send both of their beloved boys to school... So Atticus was going to be shipped of as ship's boy in the Royal Navey with God knows what kind of street urchins as peers. Atticus was an aristocrat, he deserved a post as Midshipman at the least... But Ship's boy was all his family could afford for him so he will have to work himself up the ranks. And to think, that ship will be picking up five other young boys to be his companions without taking so much as a penny from their families... Of course they probably didn't even have a penny... Or a family.

    Atticus' coach rolled up to the docks just as a rather dirty looking band of street rats were being disbanded, it seemed they have already picked the best the streets had to offer of the boys. He and his father emerged from the coach, Atticus with small bag of clean clothing, mess kit and other essentials he knew the other boys probably wouldn't have which was his only advantage right now, went to the clerk on board to sign the young boy into the ships payroll. Ship's boys get half a share of whatever treasure they manage to take. That didn't matter to Atticus though, all his money had to go to his parents to support the family business.

    Finally he was signed in after giving his name and age and so shook his father's hand goobye and watched the man leave. Forsakeing his youngest son to a life at sea.

  2. [​IMG]
    Alex Cross, 12 (When she had long hair, before she cut it)​
    Alex smiled as she tugged on her pants, looking at herself in the mirror. "There! Fit to be a cabin boy!" She said triumphantly, adjusting the top a bit. "Just one last thing." she said, taking her long locks of hair. She found a short knife and began to cut, the long locks falling to the floor like feathers as she severed them from her head. After a few minutes, she was left with a short hair cut, the ends uneven and misshapen, just like a man. She smoothed it out a bit before sweeping the extra's off the floor and heading towards the window. Sea air streamed though the open pane of glass, and she let out a sigh of content. The orphanage was never a place for Alex. To much routine, no excitement to be held. She reached for her rope and tossed it over the side, watching the long woven strand fall to the ground. She tied one end to the post of her bed as she slung her small bag over her back and began to climb down the rope.

    One after another, she placed her rough feet against the rope, trying hard not to fall. It was a precarious trip down, and just the sight made her palms bead with sweat. But it was nothing she had not done before! So she would do it again! She began to climb faster as she heard noises from inside, her hands beginning to slip along the fabric. And then, the worst happened. The rope above her slowly started falling past her, yanking her down with it. Thankfully, there was a pile of hay underneath her, and she landed face first on the pile, the rope hitting the street with a thud.

    She heard more noises from inside and she took that as the queue to hightail it out of there. Struggling out of the hay, Alex regained her balance and went darting off, knocking over some things on her way there. She scooped up a few pieces of bread off a stand as she passed, earning yells from the baker who was selling them. She laughed and took a bite out of once piece, and kept running. Her feet pounded the pavement as she lost the baker in no time, arriving at the docks. She screeched to a halt in front of a ship, smiling as she walked on board. "I am here to be a cabin boy, sir!" she said in her regular voice, which was quite boyish for her age. Man she was glad that she was flat chested.
  3. the clerk sighed, what was one Ship's boy more or less? this one looked scrawny and ill fed, but then so did most orphans. after demanding to hear of the boy's talents and deciding this one could be a possable lookout if anything the clerk demanded the boy's name and age. after that information was recived he scribled a line in his little notebook and read off "Alexander Cross, age 12, Ship's boy. thats what we call 'em in the Navy boy. you'd best know your place." he had assumed Alexander was the girls full first name because it usualy was for any boy who called himself alex. and if it wasnt... well too bad he was in no mood to change it now. he wasnt faund of children.

    Atticus had climed up the gang plank only moments after to secure the last Ships boy position and stood at the rail watching with misty eyes as his father left him behind. what was done was done and there is no going back now, not that he had the choice. he like everyone else on this ship now were oficial members of the royal navy and deserting would mean death if he, or anyone that ever deserted were caught.

    when he could no longer see his father he turned from the rail to take in his new home. he hated every inch of it
  4. Alex bobbed her head. "Pleasure to meet ya!" She said cheerfully, getting on the boat. She smiled as the sea wind whipped though her hair, and she set her hands on the railing next to the boy with dark hair. She laughed, the wind tickling her ears with her new short hair. "Pretty exciting ain't it?" she asked him, leaning out over the railing. "Getting to travel from place to place with not a care in the world besides where the wind takes you."" She asked, leaning into the soft breeze.
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  5. "sure.." he answered and moved himself away from the other boy slightly. He just wanted to be alone for a while. Afterall he hadn't exactly agreed to this arrangement
  6. Alex shrugged. "Whatever. I am just excited to get going and be out on the sea." she said softly, letting the wind ruffle her hair as she stared out. She knew they would be going soon, so she thought she would take one last look over the city, smiling.
  7. as much as atticus would miss the city and his family that reside in it he was reluctantly curious about the ship he will be spending anywhere from a few months to a few years on. and he needed to pee. so he looked around for a nicer looking man to tell if not show him where everything was on the ship
  8. Only when the boy next to her raised the question of bathrooms, did she realize. She was going to have to do her business in front of boys. Shrugging, she sighed a bit. She would have to figure out a way to make sure no one saw her, because that would be an easy way to get herself kicked off the ship.
  9. Eventually a redhaird man calling himself delandly took pity on him and told him the head was one beck down in the bow. It took Atticus a minute to register this as he has never been on a ship before and didn't know what her parts were called. Eventually the call of nature snapped him out of it and he went in the only direction he knew was right. Down. The next level down on the ship was the first of three inside her belly. Atticus tooled around for a likely looking bathroom until he eventually found one in the area that he assumes is called the bow and then he sets to work on releaving himself
  10. Alex looked around as she tired to find a place to stay. She looked around, and saw the boy from earlier going down. She smiled as she began to follow him, going down a level. She started poking her nose into areas of the boat, climbing up and down. She still had a piece of bread shoved in-between her teeth and she continued to munch on it as she looked around. But as she kept looking, she found the latriens, with the boy from earlier in it. She blushed slightly and slammed the door again, running away as fast as possible.
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