GROUP RP PLOTTING A Legend Of Zelda Roleplay, Interested?

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  1. I'm wondering if maybe 3-4 people would be interested in organizing a LoZ OoT

    Roleplay in which the group of us are chosen instead of link to go on the quest to

    save Hyrule. This would include romance, action, humor, and all sorts of other

    enjoyable aspects. The roleplay could be carried out on here or organized

    someplace else for a smoother flow. I'd prefer 2 girls and 2 boys joining me but

    anyone is welcome, maximum of 4 members not including me. we will follow the

    main plot but not exactly, well be getting the same items and going to the same

    places just not as link did. well go at our own pace and style so we can enjoy it

    the sages are still there but instead of just gaining medals we will each

    individually be given new abilities when we gain amedal. but itll be one person per

    medal. since we get the light medalion for free i guess we all will just ignore that

    one. and yes sheik can be a seprate entity from zelda, it did disappoint me too. i

    thought maybe he was gunna be a cool hero that fought with you at some point.

    also there will be love interest throughout the story for each person if they choose

    so. I AM CLAIMING MALON!! >////<

    ALSO: watching this thread would be useful as i will edit this alot to include more info so if your not interested now come back later.
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  2. What kind of skill in writing are you hoping for? Are we following the exact plot, or will there be changes and surprises?
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  3. well im hoping for people that have good grammar skills and that know enough about the games to know what their talking about and get basic refrences. also we will follow the story to a point but our own experiences wont be led by it. like doing the same things but not in the same way. thanks for helping me clear that up.
  4. Well~ In that case, I'd like to express my interest in joining.
  5. A LoZ role-play? I've always had a love for the games, and OoT has its place in my heart right next to ALTTP. Seeing as most of the role-plays I've expressed interest in haven't really gotten off the ground yet, I'd be interested in this for sure.
  6. Awesome. ill add you to the convo so you can establish your position and i can explain the way this is gunna work.
  7. Still got room for one more? I noticed LoZ and I couldn't help myself. I love the games too much to pass this up!
  8. YES! Finally we have 2 girls and 2 guys! WE CAN START!!!!!
  9. Well great!! I have no idea where exactly we're starting. Just read the first post completely because I skip over it a lot. Sorry.
  10. Hi there! I am here, from Private Message Land! I am leaving this profile skeleton here.

    Name: Eru Erreri.

    Race: Hylian

    Appearance: Female, 5' 8" tall. copper colored hair, cut fairly short. Brown eyes. Leans toward the athletic side from helping her parents move their goods. Usually wears a practical, homespun dress with an apron and a bonnet, but she's been saving up for some traveling clothes.

    Personality: The first in a room to introduce herself, but doesn't always say what she's thinking. Prefers to plan over making snap decisions. Tries to keep the people around her happy, but gets fed up fairly easily. Doesn't let being scared keep her from staying levelheaded, or from standing up for others. Doesn't stand up for herself as much. Would love to go on a real adventure, no matter how dangerous it's supposed to be outside the city.
  11. So yeah! Let me know if I'm in and when and where we're starting.

    I'm already building backstory for Eru, even though we don't have to post it here right away.
  12. So... when and how will this get started?