A Las Barricadas!

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  1. A Las Barricadas!


    Welcome to Outer Space; the new frontier, in an era of lawlessness.

    Yes. It’s one of those kinds of tales…. A Spaghetti Western set a few hundred years after humans learn the art of space travel and warp speed and stuff like that.

    Here’s the low down; The idea is that the vast distances of space have formed barriers and difficulties similar to those faced by settlers as they crossed and developed the continent, forcing people to become independent or even insular, without help from whatever central authority is control and immediate protection once again becoming a personal matter. Recently colonies found in the Southern Cross region, located in the moons just past Mars, a group called the Banditos have been raiding stealing women, booze, firearms, money, all other sorts of things.

    In such times, people seek out any kinds of heroes they can find to take on the bad guys. This is where you come in.


    You are a man with no name, an independent bounty hunter, an intellectual, a liberal, a conservative, a mercenary, a soldier of fortune, and whatever else you can lay claim to. You travel around from colony to colony seeking out adventure, glory, and most importantly rewards.

    Armed with mecha, machine guns, lasers, space ships, and whatever else you could need to face all sorts of shady groups, you are the last line of defense of bringing law and order to a lawless frontier of humanity.


    Do you have what it takes?
  2. House Rules:
    Basic Plot Idea: You are a free lance bounty hunter hired to take on the Banditos . Storyline will be made up as we go along to ensure we can have a fulfilling freeform format.

    RP Style: Expect to encounter many “Western” themes mixed with science fiction and heist films. As well, also expect needless slaughtering of bad guys and other Quentin Tarantino-like weirdness.  

    GM: Rory

    Number of Players Allowed: Five

    Number of Characters: One to Two, please PM if you want more than one. I'm amending this rule for several ideas that have come into being after this post was first made.

    Posts per week: Please aim for one or two.

    Ask my Maid Mandy! But seriously though, you have any questions or there is anything I have left out, just go ahead and ask me (in this thread or PM)

    Character Sheets:

    Well, if you've gotten through my entire badly-lain plot and you still want to RP, here's the sheet. 

    Name: What your character is called... 

    Age: How old they are.


    Appearance: Height, weight, body type, hair color/length, eye color etc. If you post a picture please add a short description as well.

    Who Hired You:

    Weapons option: You can arm your characters with weapons. Nothing that is magical or so powerful that it makes you impossible to stop. It can be anything from a gun to a large hand held weapon. 

    Personality: How your character would react to situations. Are they nice? Arrogant? Rude, etc.

    Past: Add a short past - where they grew up, perhaps how they got to be where they are at the start of the RP. Why they are on the side that they are on. 
  3. Name: Rachel “Garnet” Valentinerne

    Age: 24.

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Rachel has white hair because she dyes to add to her persona. She stands 5’6” tall and weighs 120lbs. Her body size is slim, therefore meaning she is not an overly muscular young lady. While the outfit in this picture isn’t exactly well suited for combat. This is her riding jacket. It is a combination of leather and mesh, allowing for free movement but still keeping her safe from the elements. Her pants are made out of the same material that any modern soldier wears, being both light weight and durable to the elements and high speeds. Her helmet was a gift from her father before he was killed in combat against the Las Vegas Lexicon mafia. This is tattooed up both of her arms.

    Who Hired You: Garnet was hired by the Mayor of the Yorksburg, mostly because of all the regional colonies, Yorkburg is one of the wealthier towns and is willing to pay towards to 400 Space Dollars for each Bandito head Brought In.

    Weapons option: Garnet uses her Motorcycle as her chef means of combat. The bike has 20" front and rear tires, and is powered by a high-performance, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine - geared toward the lower end for faster acceleration and there are no exhaust pipes. The exhaust is routed through the hollow steel/aluminum/magnesium tubing used for the frame of the bike. The rider's body is protected by shields. It is about 10.5 feet (3.2 m) long and her max. speed is Of 0 to 180 mph (290 km/h) in 6.9 seconds. There's a central computer on the tank that supplies an LCD announcement containing additional information for the driver.

    It is armed with two hidden mini Gatling guns on the sides, which gives her a lot of fire power. The draw back is that they cannot be reloaded after all the bullets have been consumed.

    As a rider, she has a good sense of balance and tends to have better spatial judgment than most. Which allows her to ‘flow’ with her bike with great ease.

    For personal defense, the Company Store gave her a "pocket knife" named Hunter. The blade is roughly a foot long and is hung on her leather belt. She is also armed with standard US Government .45’s.

    Garnet is well read, meaning that by stealing book as a child from the patrons of her father‘s involvement in the Moon uprisings, Garnet learned to read in this fashion. The Company Store, turned a blind eye to this fact. The reasons for this are personal and thusly she never talks about it.

    Garnet cares little for advice of others. As well, the woman will only talk to someone if they interest her. She is paid to do her job well, not listen to the problems of others. Her only loyalty is to money. Although she is in the lower class of society, Garnet is known to horde the little she has for a “rainy day.”

    She knows that life is full of hardships, so she has a fatalist attitude. This means that the only interest she has is her own. Everything is based on self interest for survival and if one fails then death is the only way to go.

    She demands to be addressed as Garnet because it sounds more warrior like than Rachel does.

    Past: Garnet was born on a Martian settlement. Her father was a member of a criminal syndicate called the Company Store, which was in charge of several mining project on Mars, Earth’s Moon, and Earth itself. Her father was also immigrant on run from the British that were stationed in the British sector of Mars. Garnet was raised on the run, so she never had a formal education in an established school. Several years her father was involved with various worker rebellions on the Moon. This forced them to live life on the lamb. That was until they stumbled their way into the casino world of Las Vegas Lexicon. Her father worked for the local Company Store branches for several years. Without a formalized military, her father had her trained in various combats but it was the motorbike that she excelled at. During a coupe against the CS, Garnet decided to abandoned Las Vegas Lexicon altogether and became a hired gun.
  4. Name: Aramis Longfellow

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler

    Height - 5'11"
    Weight - 160
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eye color: Green

    Who Hired You: The mayor of Yorkburg's wife. She knows her husband hired someone, but for heaven's sake, it was a woman!

    Weapons option: A pair of dual blades, a matching set that he can wield with striking speed and deadly accuracy. Each blade is often tipped in poison and he carries with him vials of poison to apply, neatly labeled with the desired effect, in a pouch. When more distance is applicable, Aramis utilizes instead his handguns to achieve his means. While he calls his swords, as a unit, Typhoon, Aramis has named each of the handguns individually. The one of dark color is Cinder, the light one Ember. According to what people say, he's unstable enough to talk to his handguns and seems to believe they talk back. His accuracy, though, cannot be argued.

    Personality: Overall, Aramis is unsociable. Not really rude, nor cruel, he simply doesn't seem to enjoy talking much to other people. Secretly, he doesn't think anyone deserves the punishment of dealing with him. When it comes to those he finds unsuitable, he can be indeed sadistic. Most of the time, however, the killing just doesn't bother him and he could care less about others.

    Past: Aramis grew up well-adjusted and loved by his mother and father. Aramis was a teenager when his parents were killed by a bandit raid. Already not being the most settled of individuals, Aramis seemed to crack a little. Mostly guilt, that was the consensus, because he was out in the field smoking cigarettes and lived because he wasn't noticed. Whether or not it was, that was when Aramis began his solitary career as a gun for hire to fend of bandits. Some say that the weapons he acquired were from the bandits who killed his parents that he hunted down. No one is sure though, if he would be motivated enough for that since he tends towards the apathetic end of the spectrum.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Full Name: Kendra Lindler

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Abnormality: Guardianship. Once the user chooses to protect a certain item, place, person, or concept, they possess or are given the powers to do so. These powers are not triggered until strenuous circumstances or instances of heightened emotion occur, in which the user is willingly obligated to protect this item, place, person, or concept. Guardianship powers are limited to enhanced strength, dexterity and invulnerability.

    This abnormality is not constantly active. It is only in effect when the user is guarding their chosen item, place, person, or concept. If the user allows harm to fall upon their chosen aspect, they will endure the injury on a heightened scale. Understanding the distinction between love and protection becomes difficult; a guardian's devotion can lead to problems such as lessening previous bonds and attachments in comparison to the one they share with their chosen aspect. More experienced Guardians learn to adapt to this and regain the possibility of forming normal relationships with others.


    Personality: Loud, quirky, feisty, and not afraid to speak her mind. Kendra is just a whirlwind of energy and sass, and half of her vocabulary is just creative combinations of cuss words. Despite being a little rough around the edges with her "resting bitch face" and intense gaze, she loves the idea of becoming friends and making other people happy. Once you become her friend, she's completely loyal to you and will do anything to back you up. She might say you piss her off, but that won't stop her from putting her needs second to yours. Just let her whine and grumble while doing it.

    She's not a huge fan of confrontation but, in her words, "I don't start fights. I end 'em." Sure, she'll bare her fangs sometimes but it's hard to make her genuinely angry. But if you manage to send her over the edge, things will get ugly. Quickly.

    Her signature catch phrase, whether said playfully or seriously: "Bitch! Fight me!"


    Despite her tough exterior, Kendra is incredibly protective and maternal. More than likely, she'll latch onto anyone that's younger than her and in need of a mentor/parental figure. It's just in her nature and how she grew up. She also secretly enjoys playing chess, though most people assume she'd never be interested in such a game. The tough front and humor works as a defense mechanism for her sensitive heart; hit her as much as you'd like but words will cut a far deeper wound. She's especially hurt when others dismiss her intelligence after hearing her broken grammar.


    History: Kendra grew up in the Bronx of Brooklyn, though her father was born in Guateng while her mother originated from Chicago. It's safe to say that family traditions were a unique aspect of her life.

    She lived in a very musical and loud household filled with her, her parents, and two younger siblings. Being the eldest child, Kendra didn't have a lot of time to be a kid, as she was responsible for watching her brothers while her parents work. Finances were always tight; some months, they scrape by just fine, other months, not so much but they kept pushing on. To balance out the stress, Kendra found a love for piano and singing, and became a member of a local Acapella group for about two years. The group had split up though for several reasons. Still wanting to pursue music, Kendra took up gigs at diners, clubs, and bars to perform and help out her family.

    However, her life took a sharp turn when she was kidnapped by an underground slave-trafficking syndicate. It was there that she met Sylvie and formed a familial bond with the young girl. The change was so gradual, so unnoticeable, that Kendra didn't realize she unlocked her abnormality until Sylvie was sold off. Devastated and frantic, Kendra devoted all of her power into finding Sylvie, thus triggering her abnormality and escaping the syndicate. After a grueling journey of trying to find Sylvie, she finally does and they set off to make a life of their own. On the road, Kendra secretly tossed around the idea of visiting her family, however...she was miffed by the lack of concern. She still cared for them, but that burning need to see them had been distinguished. Regardless, she wrote a letter reassuring them that she was alive, healthy, and would come back one day.

    She just didn't know when.

    Photos of Kendra's parents in their younger years (when they first met):



    She loves it when people play with her hair. Also, she likes to do celebratory dances--A LOT. These are her signature moves.

    1) Gimme Some Shimmy

    2) Dougie on 'Em

    3) Crazy Feet

    4) Hips Don't Lie

    5) Twirly Dirly

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    Name:Theresa Shaw (Tessa)
    Tessa has three ropy scars across her back running in parallel, as though she has been clawed by some monster.
    She wears a silver ring with a inset ruby on her right ring finger.
    Who Hired You:The Royal Hearts Gang, which is part of a gang war in and around Yorksburg.
    Also the Scaribazi family, which is the other side on said gang war.
    Business is boomin'.
    Weapons option: For personal combat, Theresa carries two revolvers, which she can use with great skill.

    Her major weapon, and the reason why people are willing to pay her a lot of money to work for them, is Yojimbo.

    Yojimbo is a mecha. It's a good head shorter than most combat models built on-world, and the larger units start to dwarf it. The thing is, Yojimbo is not of this world. It was built with some of the most advanced technology space has to offer, with the express goal of law enforcement on frontier planets for extended periods of time. Unlike the clunkier models built with frontier tech, it is a sleek humanoid shape, with faintly pulsing "veins" beneath it's armor. It can repair itself between fights, and teleports in from a hidden storage facility whenever Tessa summons it.

    Sadly, due to the circumstances involved with Tessa acquiring the mecha, it is not able to perform to it's full potential nor is fully armed. In-combat teleporting is currently impossible, and the only weapons it has are it's heat saber and the various back-up knives. Yojimbo is capable of creating energy shields from each forearm, the only one of the "higher-level" functions that Tessa can currently use reliably.

    Personality: Tessa's a friendly sort, and takes a light-hearted, optimistic approach to life. She is motivated primarily by greed, but tends to do some good along the way.

    Past:Tessa's town was raided and almost completely annihilated by bandits "Land Pirates" when she was around 17. The death of her family, friends, and teenage sweetheart was not very fun, and the time spent in the custody of the bandits was similarly disappointing. Eventually she escaped from her town, which had since been repurposed as a bandit "Land Pirate" safehaven, only to nearly die in the desert.

    A kindly old man and his entourage rescued her, and brought her in on their plan to unite the world and prevent such tragedies. They had started digging up older tech all over the place, and were planning on using it to aid them. Tessa became a mecha test pilot, and underwent the rather risky surgery to interface with their thought-control systems. It was only after more time passed that she began to think they might be more evil overlords than protecting the peace. Stuff happened, a man died, she stole one of the more lightly-guarded mecha, and became the wanderer she is today.
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  12. Jennifer

    "Im fine." I comment lowly, grimacing still. I can't express how horrible it is to even move my arms about, nor how scary it is to think I am in the house with the same people who seem to think I was their enemy at one point. "My shoulders are just sore. My chest is pretty sore too." I admit, biting my lip as she explains to me that's where the other two were being held. Is that where I would have been if I didn't answer Samuel's questions correctly? Oh God, that makes me nauseous.

    "I-its not a problem. I should help out, I feel bad for the kids. That we did those things." My eyes flutter back as she asks me if I do remember anything. "I don't remember the last two years. That's just a blur. Um...Last thing I remember was taking a walk in the local park...oh God...am I even in the right state? M-my goodness..." I scrunch my eyes. I did not like thinking I could possibly be in a different state. Or worse. A whole other country. But my guess is that, with the lack of accents, the only other country I could be is in Canada, and there they probably would have started speaking french. I think I am still in the states, I hope so.

    "I had gotten into an argument with my fiancé. I needed some fresh air because I was going to get deployed soon, and I didn't want to leave angry. Um...I went walking, oh dear...I actually remember something I hadn't before. There was a couple with a small dog, a few kids in the corner spending money on some God awful thing...um...someone grabbed me from behind when I was deep enough in the park. It was a slightly more wooded area. I like the woods you know? makes me feel safe, although I do remember the phrase to never go into the woods alone..." I sigh and let out a weak laugh. "I think I may have been drugged? I just remember getting my sleeve grabbed. I figured maybe my fiancé caught up to me but...no. No no. I woke up here and I though Samuel had abducted me. You know...pulled a serial killer move on me. But apparently, that's not true. It took me a lot to realize I wasn't nineteen anymore...I just knew that I was older. I knew something was different. My hair is never this long, goodness...I never wear this black of clothes...looks like I am going to my own funeral for goodness sake... I can't remember much else, I am sorry. I think it was a man that grabbed me though, if that helps at all."


    (Andre will be in the dog house that's for sure.)

    "Er, nothing." I shake my head dismissively hoping to drop the subject. Goodness, I am way over my head aren't I? I knew I should have told her the truth. My lips tremble as the words nearly escape me. The problem is, my mouth is stubborn, and teeth clamp shut. No truths are going to escape me.

    "We can certainly ask." I confirm to her "Scott is a nice enough man and I am sure would answer our questions. If not, my guess is he has some sort of record, and if needed I can go through some documentation." I think back to my science-baed uncle. If anyone could do research, it was that man. My mother always wondered why that man and I bonded so well. It was simply because he and I thought on the same frequency. Everything has a simple answer, even if it's not a simple solution to get there. Even if it means a little dirty work, you can get to the logical answer.

    "I don't know...I think our personalities just clash a little too much."

    "Liar." I hear her say and I flinch. "I would get along with you just fine if you'd listen to me."

    "Hush!" I hiss to her and I feel a pinch near my ear as she pulls me back slightly, which looks like a slight stumble

    "You've been warned Hector. You damn well better make sure this house is safe. I will have your head if any of these kids are hurt." I swallow nervously. I don't doubt she means what she says.


    He kisses my cheeks, which soon grow warm. He knows my weaknesses, curses. I have exposed too much to him. Abort mission, abort! He messes with my hair again and I try to contain any possible, inhuman sound that could possibly escape me. I do not want to encourage him by being a fool, which I think I have already confirmed to him. Oh well. C'est la vie terrible.

    "I-I am?" I ask uncertainly as he calls me cute. My face flares up and pathetically I manage out "Well you are cuter. Much cuter. I mean...those dimples. Your smile is like an angel's. Oh...oh dear..." My lips crease into a straight line as I try to contain my embarrassment over those words. I suppose I really need to learn how to contain my thoughts.


    (I honestly think they'd be a sort of scary power team, I mean Alexander's got fire, Jackie can take energy, Violet can summon an army and Andre can leave his body to screw around with the environment around them.)

    "I know, it's not fair. None of it is. It is truly evil to rip a ten year old of his entire life. I don't think he's going to be whole. I do not think that he's going to recover for a long time. But we can give him justice, a little vengeance, you know?" I bite my lip before giving him a quick hug. My heart is pounding because I fear I may take energy, but I don't. Jack is cheering me on in the background and I give him a mental kick. He simply laughs at me until I let go. "We got this buddy. I mean...the least we can do is make sure that the people who did this never have the chance to do it again. besides, I'd like to make it quite clear to the owner of this horrid organization that I don't like being almost kidnapped." I grumble as I cross my arms. No one hurts Jack. Nah uh. You have to go through me, bitches.

    "Welcome to Animal Farm sucker." I tell him with a smug smirk "For if my name is not Napoleon," I bow dramatically and chuckle to myself. Curse my nerdiness. I don't know how he handles me. "But I suppose I should be nicer to you and let you keep your well earned cash. Just as long as it didn't come illegally from a bank."


    "No." I say to her sternly. I will hold her back if I have to, I will not let her do something that could get her hurt. Not over my dead body. "Rina please...I am begging you...You have to understand how...how bad he can get...It's not just going to be just some cut on the cheek or a little smack across the face. He will hurt you. He likes cigarette burns the best after..." I grimace. I remember one time I had pissed him off so badly he nearly froze me, then left me outside of the cabin for hours to melt, leaving me nearly in hypothermia. I was lucky it wasn't below zero that day. "I can get in there by teleporting. It'll be a pinch. I...I am scared more for you than I am for me. You have to understand that you have more worth than I do. You have a better chance of..." I hate to say that she has a more likely chance of surviving and thriving, but it's true. She's strong. I am not.
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