A Knot Requires Two Ends

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  1. Kevin woke up rubbing his forehead. His head hurt from partying so hard the night before. He got up out of bed and stumbled abit. Scratching the back of his head Kevin winced. He felt a huge knot and it hurt much differently than his hangover.

    Half naked he made his way upstairs to the bathroom too check himself over shutting the door behind him. A few minutes later still rubbing the sensitive bump Kevin opened the door and stepped out.
  2. Becca was on her way home from the airport and soon she would see her brother after a long year. She was all excited to pick up where they left off and be the best of friends. Little did she know that things have changed a lot over the year and he was not the same. Soon she pulled up in front of the house and grabbed her suitcases out of cab drivers car and paid him. Smiling she picked them up again and started heading towards the house hoping to see him come out of the house like he always did when she came home.
  3. Kevin stumbled into the kitchen and began to fish through the refrigerator. Without closing the fridge he opened the freezer. He immediately pulled out an unopened box of ice cream and shut both doors. Setting the box of ice cream down on the table he began to search for a clean spoon.

    "Really? No clean spoons?" Kevin grumbled as he retrieved a plastic spoon and sat down at the table opening up the box of ice cream and diving in.
    The ice cream immediately began to dull his headache.
  4. Becca had sent him an email telling him that she was going to come home today but she got no reply. She assumed that he was just busy or out or something and couldn't get to his email. Not seeing him there made her feel that something was up so she unlocked the door with her key and pulled her suitcases with her inside the door. "I'm home." She said smiling at the familiar surroundings and furniture in the house, she was glad to be home. Flipping on a light switch she walked further into the house hearing something in the kitchen.
  5. Kevin heard the front door open and an unfamiliar voice call out. "Who the fuck?" He mouthed, He stood up with his ice cream in hand and spoon in his mouth heading towards the living room. Coming face to face with his twin sister he asked, "Who the hell are you this isn't your house." Kevin's tone was cold and sharp.
  6. The sudden respone from her twin brother startled her and she had to step backward. She couldn't have changed that much in a year could she, she was his twin after all they looked alike."I live here I'm your twin sister remember?" She asked looking down at her bags knowing she would have to go and unpack soon but couldn't drag those all the way upstairs.
  7. Kevin eyed the bags, "you must have the wrong house, I think I'd remember if I had a twin sister," Kevin replied. His head throbbed he seemed to be forgetting something, perhaps something important. Looking at his twin he asked. "What is your name?" He only asked her because the tone in her voice sounded sincere.
  8. Sighing she was not going to leave her house no matter what he said. She could not believe that he did not remember her and wondered why he didn't. "Come on you must be joking." Rolling her eyes she crossed her arms and looked at him. "Becca." Maybe this was some kind of joke that he was playing on her because she had left for a year.
  9. Kevin scratched his head, "ouch!" He had forgotten about the goose egg on his head. "Afraid not, I can't remember what I did last night, I know I went out drinking and somehow recieved a good knocking to skull." He strolled back into the kitchen with the ice cream. "You better not be some crazy lady from last night. I don't need some one trying to take advantage of the fact that I can't remember what happened." He warned.
  10. Hearing that he had gone out drinking last night she could not believe it. Her brother hated drinking and she assumed that since she had gone to school then he picked up drinking. "I am not some crazy girl I am your sister please believe that. Why did you pick up drinking?"She followed her brother into the kitchen wanting some answers from him. "Are you ok?" She asked when he touched his head and said ow.
  11. Sitting back down at the table he replied. "Well the girls don't exactly come to your doorstep, you have get out." He explained as he took another bite of the ice cream. Swallowing he took another bite, ignoring Becca's last question.
  12. Rolling her eyes she crossed her arms and leaned against the doorway. "What is wrong with your head?" She asked wanting an answer this was the second time she had to ask a question. Maybe if his head hurt them he might have amnesia and had to go to the hospital.
  13. Kevin gave his sister a glare and without missing a beat said. "I have a cancer, here you wanna feel?," Kevin angled his head, waiting for Becca to reply and taking another spoon full.
  14. A look of shock came across the girls face as she stared at her twin brother sitting at the table. "What do you mean cancer? When did this happen?" She could not believe something like this happened and he never told her.
  15. "I don't know if it's cancer I was being sarcastic." Kevin explained, "it just hurts." Kevin looked at his twin sister who he couldn't remember. "So if your really my sis where are our parents?" He asked.