A King's Ransom MxM (Inspired Plot)

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    Plot credit to the respective author. I'm merely inspired by the story.
    As prince and heir to the Samari throne, MC puts nothing before his duty. While sailing to wed a foreign princess he's never met to secure a desirable alliance, his ship is beset by pirates and MC is taken captive. The pirates and their charismatic captain, YC, throw MC's carefully ordered life—and his emotions—into turmoil. YC is charming and seductive, and MC's iron will softens in the heat of his kisses.

    Getting back to Samar ought to be a straightforward matter, but there's trouble brewing in MC's absence and not everyone in his court would be pleased to see him make it home safely. MC must decide whether to put duty before love, or relinquish his throne, forsake crown and country, for the lawless pirate who's stolen his heart.

    Or can he somehow find a way to cling to both?

    If you're keen, please drop me a pm. Just one slot available. Thanks.
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  2. I like this one - let's do it. I have the perfect face claim for my pirate character...
  3. Anyone else keen?
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