A Journey To Save The Kingdom {Blind Jane Death}

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  1. The world was upside down... Or at least their world. The lady knight, Akira, let out a deep sigh as she glanced to the sleeping form of her princess. Their kingdom had been forcefully claimed, taken by a man that she had never before seen. She hadn’t even taken much time to memorize his features, truthfully... Her duty was to escort the princess away to safety, before she too was claimed by the bloodshed. Akira had no doubt that the king and queen were dead... That many of her fellow knights also lay slain. Even her her own father. The thought tore at her heart. She would swallow hard, closing her eyes as she leaned against the wall in the dark room of the inn.

    They had fled... All the way to the neighboring kingdom of Talnek. Akira was at a loss at the moment, and still feeling weakened from their flight away from it all. She had used quite a bit of magic to conceal their presence, casting a sort of temporary invisibility over them until they finally got away. Their clothing now was nothing of the sort of thing they would usually wear... They looked so different from themselves...

    Akira had taken the clothes of one of the maids to disguise themselves in. Her own outfit was made of white and sky blue. Silver lined it, with small false silver coins in a decorate loop around it. The same was true for the blue around the top of her neck, and the large blue bow that she wore in medium brown hair. Her eyes were more a rich brown, holding almost an amber-like hue to them She looked younger, especially with her long side bangs tied up with two small hair ties. The rest fell down low, tied off at the end so it wasn’t too lose.

    She had been with the princess her whole life... And she was going to be turning twenty-four when winter hit. It was usually a wonderful time a year, a time of celebration. Or at least it would have been. But now... What were they going to do now? Akira would drift off with that thought. They had a bit more money... But... Eventually they would run out...

    Morning found her still slumped against the wall, eyes slowly opening to look around at what was around her. The sun had barely risen over the horizon, casting light into the room. The knight would sigh deeply, moving away from the wall to stretch her stiff muscles. How she missed her amour ... Her blade... All had been abandoned in their hurry to leave. Gaze would shift over to the princess, wondering how she was feeling... Their journey had been so hectic... Mainly in silence until they arrived here. She could only hope that she was alright.
  2. Princess Nomi stirred in her sleep, turning towards the knight. The dim sunlight outlined her simple, unadorned brown tunic and slacks, as well as her curled, shoulder-length blonde hair. The princess's face was soaked with tears. Her misty blue eyes slowly opened and stared vacantly past Akira - she didn't want to be here, she didn't want to believe what had happened - within a day, she had lost her family and her kingdom. Despite her indignant protests to Akira during their escape, they couldn't stay. Nomi could barely sleep the whole night, wracked with fear and guilt over the fate of her parents.
    "...Th-they're all gone...aren't they?" Her voice choked, barely containing her distress. "They're all dead and there's nothing we could do about it!"
  3. Akira would give a soft sigh as she heard Nomi speak, gaze settling upon her face. The pain that was written on it struck at Akira’s heart. Both of them had lost their families... And she was right... There was nothing that they could have done about it. The magic that man held was strong... And the fighters he brought with him, though few, were unlike others that Akira had ever before seen. They had no choice but to leave, for their own safety. She closed her eyes tightly, finding it hard to look at her princess in this state. Akira partially blamed herself for all that had happened, for not being stronger to protect all of them. All she had managed to do was save Nomi... But...

    “I’m sorry, my Princess...” Her words were so soft, a broken, defeated tone held within them. She would open her amber eyes just slightly, glancing to the window. “...He was too strong an opponent for all of our current skill levels... But... We’ll find some way to avenge them all... I swear to you.” It was hardly comforting, and her words sound too hollow to her own ears. Akira could feel anger bubbling within, a dull anger but it was there all the same. Somehow they were going to find some way to right the wrongs... To get rid of this sorcerer and free the kingdom... Give Nomi her home back.

    But... In the meantime... What did they do? Akira would cross over to the bed, gently setting a hand upon the princess’ shoulder. She was at a loss at the moment, unsure of what else to say or do. Everything was so very wrong... And they were now lost in this new situation. The only bright side, however, was that they were not alone, and that they at least had each other to lean on.
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