A Hunter's Education

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  1. When he woke up, Victyr had a splitting headache. He couldn't remember what had happened, at least not the events immediately before his capture. But he was aware that he had been running from one of those blasted humans again, the ones that hunted his kind like dogs. Granted, he shouldn't have stayed in the city for as long as he had, but there was nothing he could do to change that now. He usually only stayed in one place for a month at most, but this time he had stayed for more than double that. Apparently, he had overstayed his welcome, and it had led him here.

    The still relatively young drow stood from the pile of furs that had been placed down for him, wrinkling his nose up at the damp and cold smell that he was becoming increasingly aware of. He seemed to be in a dank sort of cave, a thankfully relatively spacious cavern that had the odd feature of a large and blaring overhead light that only served to contribute to his headache. He happened to notice that he had been provided with a modern toilet that was in an adjoining room...thank god they'd gone that far. It seemed the rest of the cell was styled in what these people thought one of his species might enjoy. Of course, the perspex glass that formed a paneled wall was definitely not his cup of tea, though to be fair none of it was. His people had once enjoyed cave life, but these days they were not barbarians.

    "Oi!" the dark elf yelled out into the darkness, purple eyes scanning the darkened hallway, seeing that no one was there. Sometimes, having enhanced night vision really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. This realisation didn't keep him from thumping on the glass, demanding attention and an explanation. He wanted to know why he wasn't dead, what these people thought they were doing, and would they mind letting him free so he could eviscerate them?
  2. The petite woman's eyes widened at the headlines of the news. "A dark elf had been captured yesterday" Becoming fascinated, she continued to read on about the elf, though nothing much was said, She had gotten the location of the elf. It was not that far from her house after all! He was at the city's famous Otherworld's jail; those that were not of her kind were captured and thrown there. It also served as a museum for others, the prisoners inside were the prey of ogles from others. It had gone as far as them becoming slaves for the sadistic and disgusting mongrols that did not deserve to be called humans!

    Realising that she had gotten angry for absolutely nothing, she took few deep breaths to calm herself down, and focused on the elf. She looked at his picture and realised he had the most startling and breathtaking purple eyes she had ever seen. She had always find elves to be very fascinating creatures and had always been curious about them.She read so many stories about them and had known elves to be very handsome and charming, but she had never expected this. With her mind made up, she called the station to make an appointment to meet with the elf. Once it had been made, she gave a satisfied smile settled of her lips and she went to her bedroom to get ready.

    Clad in nothing but a jumper that reached her knees and short shorts, her fiery red hair bundled up in messy a bun and no ake up caked her face, she slung a small back over her shoulders and made her way towards the "Museum". She hailed a taxi and upon reaching her destination, she quickly climbed out and hastened her steps towards the building's entrance. She gave her name and appointment time to the guards and she quickly entered, following the caretaker who showed her the way. They walked deep down into the dungeon untill she stopped at the very end, where she saw the elf banging at the glass. The caretaker turned on the dungeon lights and the light blinded her for a little while and she blinked before focusing her green eyes on the elf.
  3. He kept up a good amount of racket for some time, continuing to yell and create as much noise as possible, until finally he was blinded by the sudden increase in the level of light. Although he could cope in most differing times of day, it took him longer than most to adjust to increased light entering his eyes, and so he kept his eyes covered with his hands for some time, giving the people entering the room time to reach his god forsaken cell before he dared to move his hands away and open his eyes. Even after he'd given himself some time to acclimatise, the light still shocked him a little, causing him to squint at the two that approached him. It might have appeared as more of a leer or a snarl, which he supposed was no bad thing. These people needed to know exactly where they stood in his estimations.

    "Who the hell are you?" He snapped, apparently not the most friendly man in the world. He glared at the girl, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared at the girl, also noting that the man that had accompanied her was making an exit. He looked rather a subjugated little soul, though of course he felt no sympathy for him. Anyone who approached him was automatically an enemy, and really deserved to be killed. Victyr began to pace up and down the clear glass wall, needing to move as he spoke, though he wasn't sure why this was. As he walked, he took in the appearance of the girl, noting that they were probably about the same height, unsurprisingly as drow were naturally the shorter species. She was pretty, if humans could ever be considered so, and he was certain that this was only skin deep, as so many people were fond of saying.

    Every so often the drow would pause, studying the girl carefully, watching everything about her, wondering if there were any weaknesses he could exploit from in here. Maybe if he lulled her into a false sense of security, she'd be stupid enough to let him out of here. But first, to act the poor, helpless little creature. "What do you plan to do with me? Are you going to release me?" He spoke in a carefully measured voice, trying to appear meek and mild, which was no mean feat for a man such as him. But still, he was fairly sure he was doing a decent job of it. He paused again, shaking a loose lock of white hair from his eyes, an irritating side effect of having long hair.
  4. The petite woman, with a small stature and standing at 4'11", raised her left eyebrow at him and chuckled, lifting her right hand slightly to tuck in a lose strand of hair behind her right ear. She studied him carefully as he paced around the "cave".
    She realised that, he was shorter than the heights of the usual elves that she had heard about. Her eyebrow creased momentarily as confusion and more curiosity set upon her. She erased the question from her mind, boxing it and shove it into a shelf before turning back looking up at the elf. With her head tilted slightly, she looked at him and offered him a smile.

    "Hello. My name is Luna and as you can see, I am human." She said in the attempt of being humorous as she gestured at her self. She shook her head slightly and offered him a toothy smile before saying, "Do you know what I hate the most?" She looked at him before raising her left arm near to her chest, while the other was wrapped around her. She played and focused on her painted red nails, trying to keep thesuspense before looking back up at him. She leaned and tapped on the glass as she continued on, "People acting all meek, shy and cute. They do not faze me. In fact," her right pointed upwards with her index finger sticking up, the rest were curled into her palm. "I hate them. So, so, much, that I feel like," she made a slashing gesture at her throat with the finger, "kill them." She gave a satisfied smile before letting her hands go limp at her sides.

    She chuckled and shook her head before looking back at him. "Don't worry elf, I would not harm you. I can't, anyway. In fact, I came here for the very reason that your," she paused, emphasis can be heard on the word "very and your" before continuing, "species had captured my attention, which is a rarity, mind you. I am not going to harm you or release you. I am only here to ask a few questions, if that is alright with you." She tapped on her chin slightly. "Tell you what, I'll make it so that both of us benefit from this." She gestured at the two of them, her right hand going back and forth. "If you will answer my question, I will try my best, no. I WILL, get you out of here." She looked at him as she said so, gauging him and crossed her arms. "So what say you?" She smirked knowingly as she raised an eyebrow and awaits his reply.
  5. The second he heard her speak, he wanted to murder the little girl. She was attempting to be funny, at a time like this. It was ludicrous, and just what he would expect from the vermin that was the human race. Why they thought themselves so special, he couldn't comprehend, and he had been considering this question for quite some time. Yes, they were prolific breeders, but that was about all they were good for. Every other race had something going for them, but humans were the wasps of the mammalian world. They were annoying, vicious, and popped up everywhere they were least wanted. So, how had they ended up the dominant species of the planet?

    "Little girl, let me tell you something." He moved to the very front of his cage, almost pressing his nose up against the glass as he spoke with a razor edged voice. "Drow are not known for their forgiving nature. Do you know why we spent so long underground? It's because the overworld fears us. Any idea why that might be?" He bared his teeth in a snarl of pure, animalistic rage. A humanoid being shouldn't have been capable of such an expression, but Victyr was of a unique race that was very much in touch with its animal instincts. They lived for status at the top of the food chain, putting their own advancement above all else, including family. The weak died, often by their mothers hand, and the strong survived in a cutthroat world that no innocent should ever have been born into. This helter skelter life had been rather toned down by the time Victyr had been born, but he still felt the calling of revenge and blood.

    Once he had spoken these threatening words, the young elf retreated back to his pile of rather offensive furs. Still, it was chilly in here, and so he wrapped himself up in one of them, glaring back out at the hunter for a while, eventually deciding on speaking to her once again. "Ask your questions, and if I feel like it, maybe I'll answer." He wasn't stupid enough to believe that she would actually free him from this god forsaken place, but he didn't relish the idea of being alone down here, either. If he knew what he was destined for, he might have felt a little differently, but for now he had no idea that within a matter of weeks he would be a tame exhibit open to the paying public.
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