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  1. As I have yet to find a group roleplay that appeals to me, I'll try my luck here. My characters have a tendency to come off rather animesque in nature, partly due to my insistence on finding a suitable picture to help with describing their appearance. If this is not an instant turn-off, please read ahead.

    • I write in the past-tense at all times, first and foremost. I am perfectly fine with my partner writing in a different tense, but as I am not experienced with anything but past, it is the way I will write.
    • I do not write in first or second person perspective, mainly due to the fact that it confuses me at times.
    • I will not roleplay purely 18+ content at any time. This includes any sort of intimate contact beyond simple caresses and lip-locking. I have nothing against those that do, but doing it myself makes me very uncomfortable. If it happens naturally as part of a roleplay's progression, I can mostly deal with it. Just, not publicly.
    • I am fine with any genre, but I do favor school-based, often supernatural plots the most. When I say school-based, I don't limit it to just high-school. I am including everything upward from elementary. I enjoy writing cute, younger characters more than anything else, but am not averse to creating older ones.
    • I have a lot of trouble engaging myself in highly realistic roleplays. Not entirely sure why, but they just don't pull me in.
    • In the case of romantic pairings, I enjoy any sort. Yuri, Yaoi, or Heterosexual pairings are acceptable.

    I will play in any canon universe I am familiar with, as well. These include,
    • ZUN's Touhou Project
      I am very used to playing the characters of this universe, and enjoy it the most out of all fandoms.
    • Pokemon
    • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (Mostly the third and fourth games' universe)
    • Homestuck
      My knowledge here is somewhat limited, however, as I am still in the third act.

    Do feel free to ask about any other fandoms. If I am not familiar with it, I am willing to look into it and create a proper original character to fit into the setting. However, I will not play a canon character I do not feel I will be able to write properly. I won't shun people for the size of their posts, so don't feel pressured to write a certain amount. I, myself have very random post sizes.

    You may also PM me at any time if you prefer to write in that manner.
  2. I wouldn't mind doing with you. I love romances, and even though I have limited experience with yaoi, I'd love to try that with you.
  3. I enjoy romance, and supernatural type role plays.
    I typically play females, but I don't mind doubling.

    I enjoy mature scenes, but since you're uncomfortable, we can skip them.
    I like to play older people, typically high school or college.

    I like Persona three and four a lot, but I don't know how I'd go about role playing in that universe.
  4. Eh, you don't know until you try Severusx. I also like P3 and 4 quite a bit since my character Allen comes from that universe.
  5. Well if you'd like to give it a go, we can.
  6. Eh sure. Anyone else wanna give it a go?
  7. You don't sound very enthusiastic.
  8. It's not that. I was mainly trying to run for a group rp.
  9. That's what I get for taking a break from the internet. So many replies missed.
  10. I know right?
  11. Your proposal of a group rp does interest me, though. Elaborate on that a little?
  12. Sure, it was in the back of me mind anyways. Just a small one in the P4 universe or something.
  13. Im interested in a younger roleplay. As in the upper levels of middle school. :)
  14. If we do a group rp then I'd definitely join that. I'd also have no problem with doing a 1x1 of a highschool super nat. Could be a romance if you want.
  15. Maybe we should come up with something along the lines of a group RP. This wouldn't be the right board for that though, would it... hm.
  16. we can start a group message (which I have no idea how to do btw xD)
  17. Well a group rp seems good to me, that or 1x1. I could go either way. I would prefer something original or it could be Homestuck (I promise not to include spoilers! I'm all caught up with it at the moment.) If it were homestuck we could even make OC's for it. Whatever strikes your fancy I suppose. My replies wouldn't be too long, a few sentences at the most.
  18. I'm down for this too.
    Bored as heck lately. Oh I can do paragraphs.
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