A House Full of Glamour

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  1. "Help me zip this," Kennedy said, looking up at the other woman in the bedroom as she struggled to zip up her suitcase. Eva chuckled and strode over Kennedy, picking up the smaller woman and moving her out of the way before kneeling down to zip the bag. Kennedy smiled and stood on her toes to kiss Eva on the cheek. "Thank you, doll," she said. She turned to look in the mirror. "I'm nervous."

    They had gotten a letter, and their family was to be on the TV show Wife Swap. Kennedy was looking forward to the experience, but she was hesitant to leave her little rag tag family she had grown to love so much. She reached up to fix her tight black curls before looking up at Eva. Kennedy was the smaller of them, at five foot two, and she passed as female better. This was something that left five foot eleven Eva jealous quite often. It wasn't like Kennedy could help it. All the men on her mother's side were small. Her brother had been closer to Eva's size. Made it easier for him to pick on her.

    "No reason you shouldn't be," Eva said. "But this'll be fun, you'll see. We'd better take your things downstairs. The taxi will be here to take you to the airport soon." Kennedy took a deep breath and picked up a bag before starting downstairs. Eva grabbed the other and followed after her. Eva opened her mouth to call for the kids, but before she could get a word out, she heard Hugo and Ronan arguing.

    "Give that back!"
    "I need it!"
    "I need to finish putting the sequins on this–Ow! Damn it, Kasha, you burnt me!"
    "It's a hot glue gun, what'd you think was gonna happen, idiot?"

    Jupiter appeared at the top of the stairs and quickly sprinted down them, and Eva could see that they were struggling to close a bra through their shirt. She stopped them and clipped it closed. "Better?"
    Jupiter nodded, flashing the woman an appreciative smile before adjusting the silicone breast forms that rested in the bra. She knew that Jupiter longed for breasts and feminine curves, and they had talked to a few people about getting Jupiter on a low dose of estrogen, but so far, no luck. Eva and Kennedy did what they could for them. Jupiter pushed back their messy blonde hair and looked up the stairs.

    "Fighting over a glue gun," they explained. "Kyra was trying to use it to put sequins on a dress, and I guess..." They shrugged.

    "Boys!" Kennedy called. "Come down here! I'm leaving soon. I want a hug." She paused. "You can use my glue gun if you need it, Hugo. You know where it is. Or even just the glue if you need it. You have your own glue gun, I don't know why you're arguing."

    Hugo appeared at the top of the stairs, and a few seconds later Ronan followed after him. Hugo definitely wasn't psyched about Kennedy's leaving and some total stranger coming into their house. He was slightly worried that Kennedy might not come back. He shoved the thought from his mind as he gave Kennedy a hug. "I'm gonna miss you," he said.

    "I'm gonna miss you too kid," she said, kissing the top of his head. "Be nice while I'm gone. Don't antagonize your siblings too much. Eva won't be able to take it." As Hugo nodded and reluctantly released her, she looked over at Ronan and Jupiter. "Don't I get a hug goodbye?" she asked, pretending to be offended that they hadn't given her one yet.

    They hugged her, she kissed Eva on the cheek, and then she was gone, her letter to the new mom on the kitchen table. Eva and the kids left the house so the new woman could have a chance to explore the place before she met them.

    Welcome to our home! There are five of us here. Everyone in the house is a performer, and we like to think of ourselves as a house full of circus freaks. My name is Kennedy Piane. I live here with my best friend and other half Eva Robins, and our three adopted children Jupiter, Hugo, and Ronan.

    Eva and I are both transgender women, meaning that we were assigned male at birth and raised as such and then transitioned to living as women. To put it simply, we were born with male bodies but female brains. We use female pronouns and our names are the ones we have given you. This is not negotiable by any means. We are both burlesque performers, and still regularly perform in the same bar we met in nearly ten years ago. We devote ourselves to our children, all of whom came from bad living situations before we took them in. Eva and I also had bad family lives growing up, and do not want our children to have to go through the same things. Eva is very gentle and loving, and was raised in a strict home, so I am usually the one who has to handle any discipline.

    Jupiter is the eldest of our children, at seventeen. They don't identify as being male or female, instead being completely genderless. They prefer the gender neutral pronouns they, them, and their, or female pronouns. They do not use male pronouns at all. Jupiter was abandoned by their parents and raised by their aunt and uncle up until recently. We met them at one of our performances at a drag show, where they were performing under the name Jupiter Bowie. Their aunt and uncle caught them sneaking out shortly after that, and Jupiter's attempts to explain did not go well. Their aunt and uncle were devout Catholics, and they both became extremely cold and hateful toward Jupiter. Jupiter eventually left them behind and moved in with us, Ronan, and Hugo. They almost always have a bit of a femininity to their appearance, and often dress fully female outside of performance.

    Ronan is sixteen. He and his twin brother Hugo were the first to come and live with us. We met Hugo and Ronan the same way we met Jupiter. Ronan is a drag queen named Kyra Currie, and we both became close to the twins immediately. Ronan is very positive, as well as very smart. He has been through numerous foster homes–he came out as gay and they weren't exactly accepting, and has been doing very well since we took him in. He does have a few nervous tendencies as a result of how he was treated, such as flinching.

    Hugo is not as upbeat as Ronan is. He is also gay and was treated very poorly by their numerous foster families. He has not completely recovered by what happened to him. He, like Ronan, often flinches when someone tries to touch his face, and also has severe separation anxiety. He panics when around people he is not familiar with, and gets extremely nervous when either Eva or myself are not around. He'll probably be reluctant to talk to you at first, but please don't take it personally! He and his brother share a passion for drag–Hugo's drag name is Kasha Currie–but Hugo is more hesitant about performing. When he does decide to to perform he always does it brilliantly.

    Jupiter has already finished school–their high grades allowed them to skip a year. The twins both take online classes as well as a few classes at the high school on Fridays. Our performance schedule varies, but Eva and I perform at least three times a week, with the kids performing less. She'll update you on the schedule. Since performing is such a big part of our lives, it's not uncommon for us to call the kids–and for them to call each other–by their drag names. We also often end up going out to dinner after shows, and when we do eat at home, Eva and I share the cooking.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with my family!

    Kennedy Piane
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