A hosts pleasures (Shappochklack and SleepyDreamer)



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Kaede came back from the bathroom, sighed and sat down on the black leather couch, smiling brightly at the two girls that had just now requested his presence. He didn't have to do much more than to pay attention, laugh when it was appropriate and force down some alcohol once in a while. One could definitely live with that. Making a living on it wasn't so bad either. After a few hours Kaede stepped out to the cold winter air and let his mask fall off. He was tired and his eyelids were about to fall off if he didn't do something soon. He dragged himself to a bench that stood conveniently close and just sat there for a couple of minutes, trying to rearrange the sounds coming from everywhere so that the sharp giggles and the roaring engines of the passing cars weren't in focus. His head was hurting badly. Thank God he had such great work hours or else he'd never had started this job.
Toya stretched as he smiled charmingly at the women that had walked to his 'area' of the club. It was a smile that could sweep women off their feet, and, if he truly felt like it, some men as well, though that was a rarity in this club. Men requesting men? No, Toya hardly ever got that kind of request. After all, he didn't seem to fit into the normal ideal that most men that came here wanted--slim, sexy, flirtatious, ready to suck up to the men. Toya was known for the hard muscles of his arms and the way that he was able to approach one woman while making sure his other guests didn't get left out. If he had a male client ideal it would be the quiet, shy ones that he could mold into real men. Those those hardly, to his sadness, ever showed up at this place.

Downing a glass of champagne, he spoke with the women that wanted his affection until they all left and he was alone. With a grateful sigh, Toya rose from his seat and moved out of his area, signalling the owner that he was going for his break for the evening. Slowly he moved from the club into alleyway that he normally used to clear his brain of the alcohol that tried its best to make him act weird. He liked to say he had a good handle on himself whenever he drank. He looked around with chocolate brown eyes to see if there was anyone else in the alley way. When they landed on Kaede, he sighed. Not his favorite fellow host; in fact he hardly ever spoke to the man.

"How's your night going so far?" he asked, not at all interested. After all, while they worked for the same company, they were actually in competition for members to see them rather than each other. He leaned skillfully against the wall across from the man, careful not to lean against any half-chewed gum or other filth that might adorn it. After all, he wore one of his more expensive 'work outfits'--a silk shirt with full arms and a pair of black slacks that were both professional and at the same time relaxing looking.
Kaede angled his passive gaze towards the man who'd just emerged from the club. The neon lights outside made him appear kind of luminous. Kaede's eyes then went back to examining the stones that had cracked in the sidewalk. His head hung heavy in his shivering hands which in turn rested on the elbows on his knees. It was cold outside. The humidity made it feel even worse. It was a good thing that he'd already had some drinks or the rest of his well dressed body would probably be shaking a lot too.
"Not bad. They're all over. I suppose that's a good thing," he chuckled and looked up from the street. "What about you? I see you're all dolled up," he added in a dull tone. It was as if he'd pulled a switch, letting his charm and pretty aura just drop off. Well, he wouldn't need it now, would he? Faking smiles throughout the evenings made his cheeks hurt terribly. In reality, he wasn't that interested in being overly nice and caring. At least not when it was faked. Kaede had never understood what made people come by the host club. Paying to get just an ounce of surreal and pretended affection? Please. Why not buy a husband or wife with those money instead? Anyone would love you if you were able to pay such prices!
Toya closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He wasn't here to show fake smiles or impressive body poses, and he respected the other for not acting like some of the other hosts that did for anyone what they did for the customers--act fake. Opening his eyes he looked down the alley as a crash from the street erupted. Probably some person back ending another who stopped short, Toya figured, turning his attention back to the man before him. It had nothing to do with him after all.

"Most of the ones I've gotten have been regulars. Same as the last few weeks. Starting to get boring and I can hardly stand the taste of the alcohol they buy me any more. Same stuff night after night--it gets disgusting. And I'm not a doll," Toya said, chuckling softly at the last part. 'Dolled up' when referred to him always made him smile. He supposed he was a doll--one that a woman could buy for an hour and dress up however she wanted before throwing him out and going back to her normal life. But that didn't mean that he wanted to admit he was a doll for hire. "I'm more of an action figure with splendid social skills. The others in there are the ones that are dolls. Stupid, idiot dolls that move as their masters and mistresses tell them to. And until I return to that," he pointed at the doorway that led into the club, "I am an action figure talking to another action figure."
Kaede tilted his head to the side, glancing at the man curiously. More than anything, he appreciated honesty more than anything. Being around lonely men and women all day who tried to show off a made up image of themselves, it was tiresome. It was sad, really. And what was even more a tragedy was the fact that most of the hosts were lonely too. Using beauty and alluring speech to attain a feeling of being admired by people who wanted to spend time and money on them. Kaede was sick of those people. They were the superficial dolls that Toya were talking about. As for himself - he was a little like that too and he despised it. Of course he enjoyed appreciation; everyone did even if they denied that obvious fact. But in all honesty, that wasn't the reason for becoming what he was. Kaede wasn't forced but had taken the opportunity when it was offered. Being able to work at hours that suited his daily rythm, getting to dress lavishly and being offered both food and drinks during the evenings and best of all - getting paid for it; all of this together was ideal for him. But recently, he'd started to lose faith in his profession.
"That's an interesting point of view. But even if that's true it won't change the fact that we're both dressed to the nines for temporary flings that we aren't even interested in." He stood up, feeling the cold getting more and more intense. "Mind if I ask? Do you ever have doubts about this?" Kaede tried to sound like he didn't bother in case the other one would take it as a complaint. Action figures or not, he felt a little guilty each time someone paid for his drinks and everytime that he in turn lied about how he was oh so fascinated by his customer.
Toya raised an eyebrow as he watched the man. "Do I ever have doubts about this? Working as a host you mean?" He asked and then looked away, contemplating his answer carefully before he answered. Did he?

He was paid to pay attention to women that were too desperate to go out and date, or, he supposed, too shy to go talk to men outright. The women wanted his attention. Any man he got wanted a man that they could make sure would not blackmail them into revealing their 'hidden' status. No one ever asked what he might want to do except for which alcohol he preferred. He hadn't had a successful relationship since he had started when he'd turned twenty--five years before. He found himself very lonely whenever he wasn't working and thus he had started to work longer and longer hours, sometimes getting so drunk that he never remembered getting home. He'd gotten the reputation for being one of the extreme hosts.

"Honestly? Yes, all the time. I don't have a life, and anytime I work I become an alcoholic if I get too many people that want a drunk partner. How long before one of those partners gets me killed? I still have a full life. We both do if you are as young as you appear. I doubt that this is doing any good for the women and men that visit. It sure isn't doing us any good." Toya said, voice flattening from the enthusiastic one that he had used to describe himself as an action figure. "But those are private doubts about my own abilities to hold my liquor and the like. I'll keep working even if I doubt. It's good money and I'm a good enough actor. It'll only be when I can't act that I'll quit--or I get horribly disfigured by some strange event."