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  1. All OOC discussion takes place here. In the OOC section. Thanks! Feel free to ask questions, too!
  2. So I just found this ooc thread, hopefully you weren't preferring people post something here first :x

    Anything I should know? :3
  3. @Kythii Darastrix

    Oh, no. This is just for planning and discussing once we have more people :)

    Hmm.... Not yet, really :)
  4. Just making sure before I post again! ~

    Also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your introduction and following post. You did a very good job, and very original!

    Gonna go post now!~
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  5. I hope you don't mind but I found your thread intriguing and I do hope it's still going
  6. Thankies ^w^ to me it just felt like it needed a nervous sort of character
  7. I don't believe others are gonna join until there's a higher post volume
  8. Yeah, I suppose. Guess we'll just go and others can just... "jump-in".
  9. *retrieves the paddles and charges them*
    Clear? ~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.