A Hidden Reality

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]Long ago in the days when civilization began, mankind discovered one of its greatest tools and weaponry: magic.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]With this magic, mankind began to build their first empires from almost sheer nothingness. It was in this time that these spell-casters, called “warlock” if male and “witch” if female, but were considered to be people of great honor as their abilities placed them high among the social hierarchy as temples and libraries and academies were founded throughout the world for the study of magic and all of its forms. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It began with the Egyptians of the Old Kingdom, with their utmost powerful spellcasters serving the pharaohs and the high priests. However, it soon evolved into debate as people feared that there would be some forbidden by their gods and by the horrors of the darker magics. As such, the first sects and covens came into existence as spellcasters banded together to manage the use of resources. But, in time, the sect and covens could not regulate magic on their own, as many turned from the sects and covens and practiced horrible and unspeakable magics. It was these defectors, called maleficarum, who believed in the practice of their own magics without restraint and without care for the populace.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After all, they valued knowledge and sorcery far above any number of human souls, like an alchemist seeking the Philosopher’s Stone...[/BCOLOR]

    This idea is modfan, the premise being that magic is hidden right beneath the noses of the public. The strongest male is dubbed "The Warlock King" and his counterpart is "The Witch Queen." There are also the Seven Paths, each Path having an elemental base. Fire (pyromancy), Water (aqua/cryomancy), Earth (geomancy), Lightning (astramancy), Wind (aeromancy), Nature (botanomancy) and Balance (which is a combination of the preceding six, but has no definite elemental basis and is referred to as sorcery). There also various subsections of magic affected by each Path (such as conjuring or summoning a golem), among which are the forbidden magics of necormancy and vitaemancy. The Witch Queen and the Warlock King also have tremendous authority in the world of magic, acting as rulers over organized groups of magic-users called "sects" if mainly warlocks or "covens" if mainly witches. To become the King or Queen, you merely need to defeat the current one in the field of battle. However, this is set so the King and Queens have mysteriously died and various candidates are being picked off one-by-one, and as such we zoom in a local coven, having taken in a few new warlocks and witches, is determined to have a pair of them become the next King and Queen while at war against their assailants.

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  2. I'm interested. Sounds like a pretty neat idea.
  3. The starter itself is almost complete if you wish to preview it.

    Also, the thread has been updated.​
  4. Yeah sure, I just have one question though. Vitaemancy isn't a magic I'm familiar with, could you explain it to me?

    And lol alchemists. Do the witches/mages get titles amongst their peers too. XD
  5. Vitaemancy would be a magic based around the control over living creatures, somewhat like a combination of mass hypnosis and Dragon Age's blood magic. And spellcasters do get titles among their peers.
  6. Oh, okay... That makes sense. And sweet! I love hidden magic societies. ^.^
  7. To clarify: When people use fancy words in their RPs, such as "vitaemancy", they're more often than not basing the word on latin or japanese. It'll come in handy to pay attention to common words since they'll appear quite often if this is the kind of RP you like. Vitae means "life" in latin. (or something like that. Latin likes to have retarded quantities of endings even though they all mean basically the same thing).

    Also, I'll be taking electromancy please.
  8. I sort of figured, vitae was just a new one for me. Thanks for the lesson. ^.^

    And pyromancy sounds good to me.
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  9. You can often figure out the meaning of latin-sounding words from english ones. "vitae" sounds like "vital", which refers to vitality - life. Same with chronomancy (if it were to exist here). Chrono is in "chronological" which refers to time.