A Hero's Secret.

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  1. Diana sat in her cubicle area, working hard at the computer. It was a normal summer Saturday. Excessively hot except for lucky winds that would blow by in the morning and the evening, never the afternoon. At least this floor of the building had air conditioning, still. Floors 5 and 7's air conditioning had broken. Often times, people would go into the floors with air conditioning and have lunch there on their break. But Diana didn't really pay them any mind and continued working until it was time for her break.
  2. It was a very hot summer day. The sun was blistering down, causing delusions in pedestrians, anger from every small thing, and even deaths.

    It was poor judgement on Sam's part to wear something that would cause further distress. His long, silver and black hair sticking to the nape of his neck bothered him. And his pants were sticking to the side of his leg. And his tank top, filled with sweat, showed off his finely toned body.

    He decided to go up to the 4th floor of the apartment building to eat lunch where it was nice and cool. As he was walking by, he saw a beautiful stranger passing by, but didn't ponder on it for he was still burning up.
  3. Diana looked to Sam as she walked passed him and smiled courteously before walking on. She knew that he had to have been suffering with seeing his tank top being soaked with sweat. She didn't pay much attention to his upper body, but she did have to give him props for that.

    She went into the kitchen-like break area and sat down, pondering what else she had to do before her shift was over. She decided that work was work and this was her break, therefore, she began to make a cup of coffee. French vanilla decaf, her favorite.