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  1. “Today’s going to fun, eh Derrick?” The man turned to face his companion with a wide grin on his face. Derrick was staring from the high wall over the shadows as they began to run away from the rising sun. “I guess. Last year, the festival was so busy that Kinna and I didn’t even reach the honey vendor.” His eyes were steady as he scanned the area before him. “Besides, I have duty again tonight.” Derrick’s companion shrugged. He, too, looked out over the field that lead south. “That stinks.” A whistle blew a short cadence. “Hey man, want me to try and get some honey mead for you guys?” The pair disappeared into a tower and their conversation went with them.

    A different pair of men marched out onto the wall and stood straight peering over the same field. The sun was just beginning to creep over the mountains. Its rays were warm and every moment allowed for further illumination. Birds were beginning their songs and the sounds of the city behind them were growing louder. There were already travelers on the road making their way towards the large gates. One of the men shook his head and rubbed some of the sleep from his eyes. His partner slapped him on arm and chuckled. “At least we’re not on duty at the bazaar this year.” This earned him a sideways smile and a small glare. “You got that right, Mark.” Both men looked back over the awakening day. “You got that right.”


    Kalaman was coming alive. Merchants had reserved their places in the bazaar weeks ago and were now setting their wares out in the most eye-catching displays that they could conjure. Officials and militia, already being burdened by disputes and accusations, walked amidst the sea of tents and carts. This would only get worse as customers, travelers and kender joined the mix. Shouts and whistles echoed from the port. The crimson and gold uniforms of the militia were here as well. The police presence was increased today and would be all week. Kalaman was a busy city, that is a fact, but this week was different. It’s the busiest time of the year; the High Summer Festival. Kids hound their parents for chores leading up to this week so they can buy all sorts of crazy and exotic goods from vendors that come from all over Krynn. Elves, kender, dwarves and even some Minotaur descend upon the human settlement to swallow its inhabitants’ coin. One merchant proudly proclaims that he never sets prices because each item always ends up being auctioned to the highest bidder. Another was heard saying that she makes enough steel at Kalaman’s High Summer Festival to fund an entire year of traveling.

    There are many things aside from the marketplace that attract people to Kalaman. Some people are fascinated with ships. Kalaman’s port is full of every kind imaginable this time of year. The city also boasts some very fine inns and tavern. There is no finer place to sleep than the Swirling Pearl. Its rooms are luxurious and comfortable, its bar is stocked with the finest drinks from every part of Ansalon and it is said to have the most accommodating services. There are even whispers of some services offered with such discretion that even the mayor spends a lot of his evenings at the Swirling Pearl.


    Nearly a mile into the lush grasslands that flow to the south of Kalaman, one businessman was already hard at work. His fiery red hair was pulled back into a ponytail. His bright green eyes darted about with a nervous bounce. He chewed on his lower lip and occasionally muttered a dry cough. All the while, his hands were steadily working; rummaging through the satchel of a sleep traveler. Coin, food, trinkets and jewelry were all lifted without a sound and set into a pouch hung across the man’s chest. When he was done and satisfied, he moved in silence to another unsuspecting victim’s gear. The man smiled revealing two gold teeth and accenting a small scar on his right cheek that ran next to his main laugh line. Solomon Gold, according to his wanted posters, was thinking to himself about how much he enjoyed festivals. He proudly stated that his sticky fingers actually helped people make space in their packs to acquire more stuff. Solomon was having a killer morning. He’d only been in packs for about an hour and was starting to realize that he’d be full up with goodies before lunchtime. He smiled and shoved a handful of steel marbles into his pouch. Today was going to be a good day.
  2. Aragon made his way onto the mainlands from a passenger ship that had brought him to the mainlands. Kalaman was coming to life on the day of the festival and people from all walks of life could be found scattered around some setting up in the marketplaces and others awaiting the more grand portions of the day. It was a quite spectacular sight even in its early stages. You could almost feel the anticipation amongst all of The people of Kalaman but Aragon was here for different reasons.

    Solomon Gold; that was the reason Aragon found himself traveling to Kalaman. Apparently he had become an infamous thief in either Kalaman or somewhere near it. Aragon didn't much care to know of the man's origins, he was just here to collect his bounty. He pulled out a wanted poster that he had collected that gave a description and picture of Solomon. "100 coins dead, 300 alive" Aragon said to himself as he gave the poster a final look over before returning it to his leather bag. Men like him were the resson Aragon had been in business for so long; they were plentiful and fairly simple to catch. Either Aragon was getting a hell of allot better or they were getting a hell of allot worse, either way it kept business going.

    Aragon looked around at the local militia and other officials as they roamed amongst the many travelers, hopefully they wouldn't interfere with Aragon's work. He wasn't keen on having to kill guards, but it had happened before. Aragon did his best to keep his reputation clean by only killing bandits and other antagonists that popped up here and then. He was a trained killer, but he wasn't a monster. His father had always taught him core values are more important than any bounty, but then again you couldn't exactly get food with core values.

    Aragon walked through the mass of travelers, his eyes darting from face to face trying to find Solomon's but to no avail. There were hundreds of people here and Aragon needed to find one person. Hopefully Solomon wouldn't be mixed in amongst the masses, otherwise this was going to be a long day
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  3. Aeser's Cabin
    The dead buck laid on the old, hand crafted wooden table of the cabin. Blood seeped between the cracks of the wood, a small dagger held in the hands of the Elf as he was skinning the deer. He woke up early in the morning and hunted this majestic animal in the woods for food. He would take the hide into town with the others and sell them for extra gold. The back of the cabin held the hides and the stored meat, not wanting it to spoil or go bad he made sure he hunted enough for him and if he had excess then he made sure to take it into town to sell. He worked silently and efficiently, his hands showing the many years of practice of skinning an animal.

    Once the buck was skinning. From the neck up did still hold the fur of the buck, mainly because people paid money for a mount and he wouldn't complain about it. They could brag saying the kill was theirs when it was really Aeser'. Money was money, and he needed it to get by. Sad that money was seemingly more important in the world than the values of a person.

    "Finished..." Hours of carving the meat and preparing it for tonight was truly a task but it was one that was well worth it. Now he just had to gather up the stockpiled hides and head into Kalaman.


    The travel was short, the town bustling like usual in this time of day. Perfect for selling the hides of animals. He held a burlap sack over his shoulder as he walked through the crowds. He could hear people muttering, whispering, and even talking out loud how a new bounty has been placed on someone and that they believe that man is either in the city or near. They were paying a pretty price on his head, one that a man could live off of for a few days or weeks. Depends on how well he kept track and spent it.

    Taking the sack he headed to the usual vendor that bought the skins, and as usual Rickard was there. Rickard was a burly man, his skin a bronze from working in the sun for constant hours.
    "Aeser! I see you have more hides. You never cease to amaze me. One day I was sure you would show up with only a few hides of a hare and nothing else. Don't worry, I will pay the usual price" Rickard talked without letting Aeser get a word in because the man knew that Aeser hardly spoke. If he did speak, it must be by himself.

    Placing the bag on the counter of the vendor, Rickard passed over a small bag of bronze coins and a silver or two. Taking his money, Aeser then left. He was heading towards a town billboard, one that held the bounty sheet of the man Solomon. Standing silently in the crowd, he stared at the drawn picture, the name and price on his head was placed just beneath.

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  4. Kalaman Tavern, Violet
    The Kalaman Taver was bustling with usual cheers, glass clashing together, music and bashful men. Behind an oak counter was a mistress pouring some liquid for a man who has been yelling all evening. Her black skirt bounced with each fierce step she took, clearly this woman was upset about something. "Ay Lyub-lyubi-... Pour me another damned beer, you whore!" The man's voice held no steady tempo as the man was so intoxicated that his own breath could get one drunk. The woman frowned at this and slammed the ale down in front of his face replying in an harsh accent. "You are too drunk! Get out of my bar or I'll throw you out!" Her response triggered an dramatic event though as the drunk stood up slamming his fists to the counter. There were a lot of slamming of things between the two of them. At first it just seemed like a few poor choice of verbal words but the drunk took a swing at her. Wrong choice for him as his hit didn't even make it over the counter, Lyuba walked around the counter and grabbed the drunk by his ear. She did not hit him and only dragged him to the outside, around her other men cheered. She pushed him out the door giving him a cold stare. "Don't come back!"

    It was just another night at the Kalaman Tavern for Lyuba as things like this happened often. The wooden, glass stained door was slammed shut in front of the drunk as she walked back to the counter. It was back to serving men and satisfying their needs.
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  5. Aeser in Kalaman
    The bustling in the city was normal, it was engraved into him to ignore the slight bumps into him here and there, but he didn't keep the money in his pockets. It was hidden on him, away from sly pickpockets. He has had it happen to him one too many times and he now has the bag of coins pressed tightly against his chest underneath all of his attire. It was a pain to feel, but he knew it was safe. As the town moved and bustled around him, he continued to look at the picture of Solomon.

    This man couldn't be in the town. Too many people were moving about, his picture posted on every available spot. Though Aeser didn't know what this man was capable of. What if he could shapeshift? Or maybe he was using magic to allude people. So many possibilities of where the man was. But his gut feeling was telling him that he wasn't in town. No, too many people were looking for him. He wouldn't be sitting in the town where there were several bounty hunters looking for him. Not unless he was stupid.

    Beginning to push his way through the crowd of flowing people, he kept his hood up and his head down and continued to slink through the crowd. He brushed shoulders with some, but most of the time he alluded everyone and kept to himself.

    His destination was the exit out of the town, to search the premise. If Solomon wasn't near Kalaman then Aeser wouldn't chase after him. His life was one of a Hunter and nothing else. He wasn't a Bounty Hunter and he will never take the profession of being one. He was just making this one exception because he could use the extra money.

    Off into the outside world. Off to hunt for a man that is just trying to get by, illegally but everyone had to have some way to make ends meet. Solomon just went down the wrong path.
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  6. Riniel Kevalithar had been searching for a way to The Loam for awhile now, but it was only during the festival in Kalaman that boats were more often coming into Silvanos and she had managed to earn free passage by offering her medical services. She wasn't particularly interested in the festival but this was her only way to the mainland to work her way to The Loam; the properties of the soil had amazing healing capabilities; but that wasn't why she was going there, she wanted to go that way and pray to Mishakal, that was the whole goal of her trip, after that she would return home and live out her days peacefully back home...if she managed to live through the huge crowds that were gathering in Kalaman.

    Riniel was being pushed this way and that, stumbling through the huge crowds of people. She kept getting pushed eventually ending up shoved inside a tavern. This was not where she wanted to be, but perhaps she could get a room until some of the festivities toned down, but with it so busy...she highly doubted there was any free rooms. It was fairly sudden but just as she was shoved inside the tavern another was shoved out and it caused the silver haired Silvanesti elf to stumble out of the way, she was tall but her thin frame and flat chest made her look very childish and feeling a little panicked she stared at the fierce looking bar maid slightly worried if her childish appearance would get her tossed out quickly, but her pointed ears were the tell-tale sign that she was an elf and probably far older than the gypsy looking bar woman. Cautiously, Riniel raises her head, "Oh...hello Miss Bar Maid...um I was wondering...you wouldn't happen to have a room I could use for a time, do you?"
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  7. After about an hour and a half of searching, Aragon began to get very frustrated. Solomon had to be somewhere near; he could easily blend with the crowd if he was good enough and there were plenty of people to steal from here. It was a thieve's playground, there's no way he could just pass up the opportunity. Aragon knew he would be somewhere around the festival, he just knew it was too great of a lure for thieves and bandits. Aragon thoughts to himself for a while before coming up with an idea. If he couldn't go to Solomon, then he'd bring Solomon to him.

    Aragon blended as best as he could with the crowds of people and whenever he could, he stealthily untied any lose coin pouches hanging off of a persons hip. He would watch as the coins would drop and scatter, causing people to rush to the spot in hopes to gather a few coins. Of course the owner of the coins wouldn't give them up easily, a dagger or two might be pulled in order to thwart attempts to steal the coins but Aragon wasn't concerned with who got the coins or a blade to the stomach. He was here for Solomon and Solomon only.

    Aragon had done the coin lure three times but still had no sign of Solomon. "
    Dammit gold! Where are you?" He said to himself as he continued to scan the faces of the crowd. He was missing something, he had to be. The simple fact was, there were just too many people for him to just pick one out. He needed something that could thin out the crowd but not everyone, he still needed to keep the bandits and hopefully Solomon in the area. This was going to be a hell of allot harder than he thought.
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  8. Solomon had made his rounds by mid-morning and decided it was time for a bite to eat. He walked steadily along the road to Kalaman. It was packed with people. He made a few acquisitions along the way but was always a good twenty yards away before the shouts and accusations began to fly. He whistled a soft traveling tune and stuffed his hands into his trouser pockets. The guards at the city gates were overwhelmed but still managed to funnel the throngs of travelers into an ordered line. Some people pushed and shoved but Solomon knew to be patient. A few kender and their shrill voices were being turned away but that was an exercise in futility. Everyone and his brother knew that trying to keep a kender out of anywhere was pointless.

    Solomon passed through the gate when it was his turn and let out a whistle of exclamation. He thought the road was packed! The open air bazaar was jammed with elbow room being in short supply. Crimson uniformed patrols that normally marched in precise routes were scattered about the shards of broken glass. Solomon shook his head. “Poor bastards.” He laughed and moved along with a smile on his face. He turned his head when he heard the familiar sound of steel hitting the cobblestones. People dove on the money and a few fights broke out. He noticed a rather intimidating man in patchwork armor who stood still amongst the chaos. He stared at this man for a moment. Curious because most people in these times didn’t have an abundance of coin and free money was…well, free money.


    Slick, Bones and Jango huddled together as their ship pulled into the bay. They had spent most of their journey from Silvanesti working on deck and in the sails. In their free time, they plotted a devious scheme. The captain of the vessel was an upright man who was a descendant of lords and knights. He was called to the sea as a child and never looked back. He ran his ship like a garrison. Rules, order and discipline were the only things tolerated. The three rugged sailors knew this and so they waited.

    Upon making port, the passengers departed forth width and a few sailors were tasked with unloading supplies. Slick had a crescent shaped scar on his left cheek. Bones had a massive burn on his right hand and was missing his pinkie and index finger. Jango had a patch over his right eye. All three had pulled strings and weaseled their way out of cargo detail. They slipped along the shrinking shadows after their quarry. Sea-legs or no, these men were adept at mixing through the crowd and blending. They didn’t even walk together so they couldn’t be spotted as they were; stalkers.

    The three thugs moved along the crowded streets and up to the door of a bustling tavern. Jango peered through the stained glass. He sneered and turned to his comrades. They whispered amongst themselves a brief plan and agreed it best to move quickly. One by one they filed through the door making sure to leave random intervals in between each entrance. Once inside, Bones walked to the right and Jango to the left. After they had gotten into the crowded main room a ways, Slick made his way right for the dainty elf in the white robes. She was the one they had been stalking. He walked right up to her and at the last minute passed in between her and the sultry bar maid. He nodded to a man in the back and made a few steps in that direction. Slick’s hands went to a pair of dirks stuck in his belt. He grinned. At the same time, Jango and Bones made their moves. Jango rushed forward and grabbed the elf woman around the waist with his right arm. He was strong and rough. His left hand shot up into her hair and grabbed a fist full. “You’re coming with me, you knife-eared whore! I got a room for yas!” Bones, at the same time, rushed the bar maid from behind. With his left hand he grabbed her by the throat. His right arm went around her waist and picked her up off of the ground. He pressed his dirty face against her neck with an evil grin. “We can find our own room, bitch!” He laughed and Slick, who was looking over his shoulder, began eyeing any would-be heroes. “Let’s go ‘ave some fun, lads!”
  9. The Maiden was working in such a rush that she did not exactly notice a woman standing before her. Slight moments passed before she gave her attention to the girl but as soon as she noticed it was an Elf she sighed. Lyuba did not like any other species other than her own but sometimes Elves just got lucky where Lyuba wouldn't give them a hard time. Unfortunately before she was able to pick out a worn key from the wall next to her, she caught glimpse from her peripheral vision that the Elf was grabbed by a filthy minded mind. Before Lyuba could turn to shout, another man appeared grabbing Lyuba from behind curling his fingers around his neck. There was a scent that lingered on this man's hands and Lyuba picked it up quickly; They were salt tainted, sweaty, sea dwelling men. The sour scent made her hold her breath. The man picked her up as he yelled; “We can find our own room, bitch!”

    Lyuba was annoyed that such an event occurred but instead of showing the annoyance, she decided to turn the tables around. She placed her hand on the man's cheek that was pressed against her neck. Her nails gently trailed against his cheek has she try to get a good look at anything that stood out about this man. "Oh dear, You don't have to be so rough to get my attention. A good looking, strong man like you... I'm all yours, I'm enchanted by you." She begun to play her mind games trying to be as seductive with her voice as possible. Giving a glance towards the other man that grabbed hold of the Elf, she gave an innocent smile towards him. But her eyes focused on the Elf giving a bold gaze. If this stray Elf wants to make it through the night she is gonna have to play Follow the Leader that's if Lyuba can feel a sense of deference towards her.
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  10. Riniel had been taken by surprise, normally a very self aware woman because of what happened to her mother so long ago, how had these people come upon her so easily with no warning? Riniel tried to think of what she could do, her violin wouldn't save her, neither would her healing skills either she supposed... but a glance at the bar maid had her reconsidering using the spells, she couldn't use Inner Fire on herself...as far as she knew and the bar maid seemed to be willing to play a good victim, for now Riniel decides to play the woman's game, even if she did not like most other species, she needed to follow the woman's lead without mimicking her.

    Riniel runs a light hand along the arm grasping her. "Being so harsh is not necessary you know, you could have simply asked...you're exactly the type of man I enjoy though..." Riniel looks at the man holding onto her and smiles as her eyes trail to the patch over his eye and she touches light finger tips to his cheek. It wasn't much, Riniel wasn't good at this sort of thing, a gentle brush; that made her skin crawl; a pretty smile; that was faked, but Riniel was a good actress, she showed none of these things on the surface and if this failed she would surely do her damnedest to fight them, she was a Silvanesti elf after all; putting herself down to this level was not something she had learned.
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  11. Aeser, #00ff00
    Aeser continued to glance around as he made his way to the entrance of the city. Maybe this man was good at hiding in the crowd? Maybe he wasn't in the city, Aeser couldn't decide and he had to find this man. The festival was starting soon and that meant more pockets to steal from while their attention was diverted to something else. Where are you Solomon...show yourself already. He thought to himself silently, his hand gently resting on his dagger underneath his cloak. No one would even suspect what he was holding or ready to unsheath.

    Then it happened, his eyes caught sight of the man entering the town. But Aeser didn't call out for Solomon, instead he began to push his way through the crowd, but it was harder than it looked. People shoved back or didn't budge, they cursed and yelled at Aeser. Nonetheless, Aeser kept his emerald green eyes on Solomon, his cloak encasing his body as he surged through the crowd, like a fish swimming upstream.

    This was proving more difficult, but he would alert Solomon if Aeser drew his blade to scare the crowd away. Decisions, tough decisions that Aeser had to make. He was certain that Solomon wouldn't have an issue attacking a civilian or scaring them away, but Aeser was different.
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  12. Aragon was starting to run low on ideas on how to thin the crowd when he heard a commotion a but off to his right. A man in a cloak was surrounded by other travelers that looked to be fairly unhappy with him, but allot of them began to clear as he drew a blade. It was this moment that Aragon caught his first glimps of Solomon gold out of the corner of his eye. The is exactly what he had been waiting for. He began to push through some of the remaining festival participants fluidly as he made his way to Solomon. He placed one hand on his sword as he began to get closer. He delayed calling out to Solomon until he was just out of arms reach. "Solomon! You're coming with me" he said as he reached out and forcefully grabbed Solomon by the arm and brought him to the ground. He noticed people all around watching him as we worked. "On behalf of the people of this town, I place you under arrest. You will be brought before judgment and tried, though I doubt you'll live to see another day with your record." Aragon wished he had some rope or something to bind Solomon's hands, but it was too late for that. Aragon pulled his sword and held it close to Solomon's neck. "Resist, and you die" sad Aragon as he guided Solomon away from the masses.
  13. All three men were caught off guard by the responses the women gave. This was not at all what they had prepared for when they discussed their plan. Slick was the craftiest of the three and narrowed his eyes when he heard the responses. He quickly moved off to the side where the room keys were hanging and lifted the first one he could grab. He did not sheath his blades and walked back to his companions. He uttered, “Let’s go.”, and kept on moving towards the stairs. Bones gave a goofy chuckle. He was, in all likelihood, probably the slowest sailor on the boat. "Oh dear, you don't have to be so rough to get my attention. A good looking, strong man like you... I'm all yours, I'm enchanted by you." He leaned into her nails as they seductively scratched his cheek. He pressed his lips against her neck and drew a single, long lick of her skin. “That’s good ‘cause I’m gonna give you all of me.” He squeezed her tight against him and followed behind Slick to the stairs. Jango was most unprepared for the priestess’ reply. When she turned around in his grasp, he stared at her not wholly believing her words. He was caught by her beauty and scent, however, and blushed deeply; more so under his patch. When she touched his face, he turned quickly and sucked on her fingers. He, too, hoisted his prize and stomped after Slick; the apparent leader.

    Once Slick saw that his knucklehead friends were following him, he gave a quick eye over the room to make sure they weren’t making too much of a scene. The truth of the matter was that this was par for the course in this establishment. The small group moved up the stairs in a cumbersome fashion. Slick stopped outside a door some ten feet down the hall and used the key to open the door. Whether or not these females were playing some kind of game was very soon to be a moot point. He threw the door open and stepped back. Bones swung Lyuba through the doorway and walked over to the first bed. He tossed her onto it and stared at her with feverish lust. A single drop of drool crested his bottom lip as he began to undo the buttons on his shirt. Jango came next carting Riniel. He strode to the other bed and fell onto it compressing her between his body and the well-used mattress. He stuffed his face into her breasts and released his firm grip on her body to start pulling on her garments with his grubby fingers in an effort to remove them.

    Slick stepped in and closed the door behind him. He turned and threw the bolt then moved a chair from the side table under the handle. He kicked the leg wedging the chair in place and securing the door. He turned and watched his idiot companions. Slick sheathed one dagger but still kept the one in his left hand out and by his side. He moved to stand between the two beds. He felt his heart beat faster and his temperature rise. He would watch for a while to make sure the whores acted accordingly. Once they were broken down he would join in for his own fun times.
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