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  1. What does a happy future look like to you, at this very moment? A year from now, five? Whether your goal is to have graduated and finally passed that dreaded class (you probably know the one) or to have saved up to buy a car... tell me about it!
  2. This might be entirely because I am sleep deprived, but here we go!

    What does a happy future look like to you, at this very moment?

    Currently, a happy future looks like being mentally stable. I've lived very long with PTSD and depression and it's gotten so out of hand that I've struggled with even going to work, going on walks. I can't even talk to people without getting anxious.

    Not just that though, living in a place that has a better living space. Somewhere quiet, not as noisy. Away from some very dangerous people of my life.

    Getting everything in place, that's my current happy future.

    A year from now, five?

    In just a year I hope to have a steady job (no on call shite, tired of that), in college and living in a one bedroom apartment enjoying my life there. Writing as usual, and have certain people completely cut out. And maybe I'll have more outside friends and not be so nervous.

    Five years is a long time, to me that's too far ahead.
  3. A happy future atm for me would be me and my husband living somewhere we want to live, earning enough money, maybe have a kid, definitely have a cat.

    Pretty much it I guess. Nothing epic but if I could get that I'd be oh so happy.
  4. My kids all graduated from high school and going to college or working a job that allows them to take care of themselves. I am looking forward to an empty nest. I still have a while though.
  5. Ideally, my medical problems will be largely over with and maintained so I can go on to living a normal life that isn't constant pain and discomfort every single day.

    Other than that, either my supervisor at work moves on or starts treating me like a human being instead of an expendable meat puppet (everyone else at work is fucking awesome, it just happens to be my direct supervisor who's infuriating). I want to get a house and stop renting. I'd like to be able to afford/ have time to visit my family at least once a year. I'd like to get back into playing paintball every two weeks, regular gym visits. Maybe I'll actually put some time into really learning how to play my bass and doing my stone carvings.

    Right now, life just feels like it hit the big ass pause button and I'm just fighting to get by day to day while I'm recovering.
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  6. Continued existence.
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  7. One year from now? Escaping poverty.

    Five years from now? Escaping this shitty, stupid city, with absolutely nothing to do in it, so I can put several (hundred/thousand) kilometers between me and the people who abused me in childhood. Hopefully somewhere with a low overall population density but semi-decent Internet. Victoria Island looks nice.
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  8. That sounds like the perfect place ^_^
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    That's all I want man. A three or four piece sectional corner couch in a nice neutral color and soft fabric. ;___;
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  10. I know how you feel.

    I've been wanting a new mattress for like 2 years now. My current one is hella uncomfortable.
  11. @Diana Have you checked swap shops on Facebook? We got a sectional for 100 bucks. Came with reclining seats and whatever you call a long seat at the end.

    @Dervish Same thing. Our mattress was 30 dollars, Queen Serta from someone's old guest room. Hardly used.

    Second hand shopping or scrapping seems kinda trashy at first. But saving hundreds on furniture is no joke. Especially if it saves for the future. (To keep it topic relevant)
  12. One year from now - I would like to have improve my apartment so it feels more... homey.

    Five years from now - holy crap I'd be almost 30. Hopefully I'll still have my eyesight. That's all I want. Not looking good for now... but one can only hope.
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  13. Ideal future:

    I have a stable job in some sort of art or media-related field that lets me exercise my creative mind and doesn't require any strict dress code. I have a cozy little apartment to myself with lots of shelf space for books, DVD's, vinyl records, and anything else I might want to collect -- with enough financial stability and disposable income to treat myself to these nice things. I have the liberty to arrange every room the way I want to and really make the place feel like my own. I am able to keep in-touch with friends from high school and college and even make new ones. My mental health is well enough that I can keep up with work and hobbies without wearing myself out, and I can take breaks from my meds on weekends and other holidays to keep myself feeling recharged. I get to see Paul McCartney in-concert at least once before he dies. Ringo Starr lives to be over 100. Health experts everywhere are shocked as he actually looks younger than he did several decades ago. Anytime anyone asks Ringo about the secret to his seemingly-eternal youth, he simply answers, "peace and love". Ringo then never retires his Twitter account, even after Twitter becomes incredibly out-dated. Facebook ceases to exist.
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  14. You can choose two of these. :ferret:
  15. Hey, it's called an ideal future for a reason. :P
  16. Aye, but hey, I figured you might like having a chuckle.
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  17. To me, a happy future is overcoming my social anxiety, getting sufficient sleep on a regular schedule, boosting my self-confidence, and pursuing a career in either Psychology or Astronomy (preferably Astronomy).
  18. I'm really crossing my fingers on an apocalypse. Lord knows I'll go bandit the minute society breaks down.
  19. Graduated, half a wall of degrees, getting a job in my field.

    *sigh* someday...
  20. Finishing school, moving to California, and making vidya gaems all day. Hopefully in 5 years or less.
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