A Hades and Persephone Inspired Love Story

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  1. For the longest time, he had his eyes set on one woman and one woman only. He was ancient and she was fairly new to the world. She was human, he was not. Every time he would get close to her in the past, something would happen and she would die, leaving him with a horrible heart break. This time though he was determined to get to her before anything else would so he has a plan in mind. Once she reaches twenty-two years of age, he plans to kidnap her and keep her close, wanting to slowly get her to love him. He has watched over her her whole life and she never knew it. He wanted nothing more than to protect her but all she sees is a monster who has kidnapped her. Will he ever gain her love or will she continue to hate him until she dies once again?

    My rules:
    • No one liners. I refuse to RP with you if you're just going to do one liners. A paragraph or two will be fine.
    • Help contribute to the RP. Meaning, please don't be afraid to bring an idea up.
    • Post at least a few times a day please.
    • Give me a heads up if you won't be on at a certain time or day.
    • Don't be rude. I can come back at you with a terrible attitude and I won't hold my words back.
    • Don't force an action on a character.
    • If you're a drama fanatic (meaning someone who likes to break characters up without a good reason) please don't respond to this.
    • And please do not rape a character
    I do want to play the main male character. If you want to play him, we can discuss it in PMs and come up with a happy compromise :)
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  2. This seems fairly interesting. Feel free to send me a PM so we can talk about it.
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  3. Also interested feel free to PM if you are still looking.
  4. I am interested as well,please PM if you are still looking.
  5. I will PM you both in a moment
  6. I would also be interested ^^ or i'm also more than happy to make something unique together!
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  7. You can PM me if you want :)
  8. Still looking :)
  9. And still looking.
  10. This looks interesting! I'd be happy to participate if you're still looking and chat things over?
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  11. I am still looking :) Go ahead and PM me.
  12. I'd be up to try this :3
  13. Go ahead and PM me :)
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