A Grimm Fairytale

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  1. Mr. Canis had always had a fascination with the Grimm family, and more recently, he'd taken it upon himself to try to figure each and every one of them out. Daphne was the easiest. She was energetic and easily excited, her eyes shining with constant love and innocence. Sure, she got angry on occasion, but she never stayed angry. She was innocent, not yet hardened by the dirty ways of the world... No, Katherine had taken that fall for her. Veronica was next easiest to read. She, like Daphne, was easily excited, and very loving. She was soft, and kind... Mr. Canis didn't even understand how she could have managed to make a child like Katherine, although Daphne definitely fit in with her. Henry made more sense to Canis. He was caring, but stern, and protective. He wanted to keep his family safe, and he wanted to make up for the years that he had lost with his daughters when the Scarlet Hand had put him and his wife to sleep. He felt guilty for leaving Ferryport Landing.

    Jake was a lot like Puck, in the sense that he was willing to do stupid things just to see his family smile. He was particularly happy nowadays, ever since he and Briar Rose (also known as Sleeping Beauty) had finally gotten together. The old woman was easy and complicated at the same time. She was filled with undying devotion to her family, a love that would never die no matter how much they disappointed her. However, she was also tired. She needed a vacation, in Canis' opinion.

    Puck was... Well, Puck was Puck. Mr. Canis had always been a quieter being, and Puck's reasonings for things weren't always clear to him. He believed that the young fairy was more caring than he let on. He had to be, after all... He was aging at the same rate as Sabrina, though the two would never admit it.

    Then there was Katherine... She was strong, an emotional rock. When her parents had 'died', she'd had to throw away her childhood to take care of Daphne, and now it was difficult for her to get used to listening to adults. She was used to making decisions.

    Her eyes, however, were currently wild, filled with horror and shock.

    "Bonded... Attached... STUCK TOGETHER?!"

    Kit Grimm's voice came out as a terrified shriek from her bedroom, as Granny Relda explained what had happened. She'd been asleep for three days... And in those three days, her body had been undergoing a process that was too complicated to explain to the girl before she exploded. All she needed to know was that she was now half fairy... All because the cocoon Puck had used to save her had put some kind of freaky claim on her.

    A claim as his mate? Now that just sounded... Wrong. But that was what it was, and she was practically on fire, pacing a hole in her floor.

    "I-I can't be... This..." She was stammering, occasionally letting out little screams of frustration.

    "Leibling, please calm down," Relda said, but Sabrina evaded the arms of the elderly woman, jumping to stand up on the bed, pointing at them dramatically.

    "No, I will not calm down! You guys just... You don't understand! You aren't the ones that he pranks every day! You aren't the ones that he throws glop grenades at, and sicks his chimpanzees on! He'd probably kill me if he got offered enough money! And now he has some freaking OWNERSHIP CLAIM on me? Bonded together for all eternity, and-... Oh god, I'm an everafter now, aren't I?" She twisted to try to reach her back, which was quite sore, something she'd just realized. Sure enough, there were two long lines of soreness down her back. She was going to get wings... That damn fairy.

    Kit normally wasn't quite THIS much of a drama queen, although she certainly had her moments. However, she had spent too many years of her life running away from people that thought she and her sister were just little pawns. She was too stubborn, too strong willed, and too independent to be able to accept something like this very easily, especially when it was with Puck.

    It wasn't as if he were bad to look at... No, he had definitely gotten more attractive as he aged. And honestly, he had matured... He wasn't the idiotic little boy he'd once been, and he DID save her butt a lot when she managed to get herself almost killed. But the idea of spending the rest of her immortal life with him just... How were they going to get along without killing each other?

    "Katherine, it's not really an ownership claim," Mr. Canis said calmly. "We simply thought you would take that better than the other explanation."

    "Oh?" Kit asked, spinning to face him. "And what explanation would that be?"

    Mr. Canis went on, despite the rest of the family shaking their heads and motioning for him not to. Really, did they think that Sabrina couldn't see them?

    "Well, you're bound to each other emotionally and physically. You will never love anyone else, and he will never love anyone else," Mr. Canis said. "Even if you don't love each other fully right now... It will grow. This didn't just come out of nowhere, Kath-"

    "STINKBOMB, YOU'RE SO DEAD!" Kit yelled, jumping down from her bed to make her way to Puck's room. She threw the door open without bothering to knock, stepping into the large, forest like room. "Puck! Where the hell are you hiding?" She called.

    Now, Kit didn't appear to be a very intimidating person. If somebody didn't know her well, it would be easy to assume that she was harmless. Even in her seventeen years of age, she stood only an inch over five feet, with a slim build.

    Unlike her sister, who had gotten her father's blonde hair, pin-straight like her mother's, Kit was stuck with wildly curly chocolate brown curls, falling down to mid back. Her younger sister had gotten the sparkling blue eyes, while she was stuck with an off shade of blue, an almost grayish blue. With a small, button nose, pale skin, and light freckles dusting her high cheekbones and the bridge of her nose, she was...

    Well, cute. She hated that, as she'd much rather be 'drop dead gorgeous' or 'exotic' than just plain old 'cute' or 'pretty', but it was what it was. Right now, she wasn't thinking about how unscary she looked. All she was thinking about was pummeling the little fairy boy who had sealed her fate for her. And after all, despite her appearance, she was actually a very tough girl.

    Why was the family so okay with this? She asked herself that question silently, although she already knew the answer.

    Her mother loved Puck. Veronica Grimm had hinted many times at the fact that she'd love to have him as a son in law, something that never ceased to embarrass Kit.

    Her father... Well, her father was probably just as angry as she was, which was why he hadn't been in the room when they told her. He wouldn't take this news well at all, and he was probably sulking in his room, thinking up multiple ways to kill Puck.

    Granny Relda and Mr. Canis both liked the stupid fairy as much as her mother did, and the two youngest, Daphne and Red, had been trying to play matchmaker anyway. Apparently, they didn't need it done for them.

    However, she did, on some small subconscious level, know the real reason they were all fine with it, maybe just a little worried... In the six years that she had known Puck, he'd never done anything to seriously hurt her, and he went out of his way to make sure she wasn't hurt. Even when she wasn't doing anything in the least bit dangerous, he'd still check up. And it wasn't all him, she was quite protective of her fairy friend. The two, despite their bickering, knew each other better than nearly any of the others knew them. Besides, Puck was aging, something that was never, never, ever brought up. He was aging at the same rate as her...

    Besides, the family was worried about them both. With the threat of the Scarlet Hand gone (or so they thought), the two teenagers needed to relax a little, and have some fun... Puck was around four thousand years old, and was finally growing up, and Kit hadn't had much of a childhood. The adults wanted the both of them to just... Be normal kids. Normal kids went on dates and fell in love.

    But then again, even without the threat of the Scarlet Hand, Kit and Puck could never be seen as normal.

    "It's probably best to just let them fight it out," Relda told the rest of the family as they walked out of Kit's room. "They'll come to terms with it when they're ready..."

    She listened for sounds of screaming, but gave up after just a few seconds of hearing only Kit calling out for the 'stinkbomb' and 'slimy little barbarian' to come out.

    "If that boy's smart, he'll stay hidden," Mr. Canis murmured, before rubbing his face. "I'm going to my room. Send somebody up if you need me." With that, he made his way up to his room, most likely to meditate.
  2. The sounds of her voice bounced off the walls, calling him from downstairs. A deep sigh escaped him as he listened to the girl’s rants, his hands fiddling with the fabric inside his pockets anxiously.

    What had he done?

    For the past three days the boy had sat by her bed, worry filling his eyes and regret seeping into his heart. Yet when she finally awoke, he ran…

    How could he have hurt her in such a way? He was sure she would never truly forgive him and it was a thought that stayed in the back of his mind. Yes, his intent was to save her life yet what if now he did more harm than good?
    With a resigned sigh, the blonde haired boy walked up the steps, allowing her voice to lead him. It was in his room that they would speak yet he did not know what to say other than…

  3. Kit just stopped, her jaw dropping, and she stumbled over her words for a few seconds. "I-you... This... I wake up as a fairy that's bonded to you for both of our immortal lives, and all you have to say is 'sup'?!" She asked, swiftly tackling him to the ground. Just because she was smaller than him definitely didn't mean she couldn't do some damage.

    "Puck, seriously... This can't happen. We can't even get along for more than two minutes at a time, and now we're stuck together? Did you know whis would happen when you did the cocoon thing, or is this new to you, too?"
  4. He was unprepared for the attack and landed flat on his back with the wind knocked out of him. She was talking, he knew but it took him a moment to realize there was a question at the end.

    Sliding out from beneath the girl, Puck sat up against the wall and created some distance between them. It was hard to look at her, he realized. Was this feeling shame? Or guilt? Was there really any difference between the two?

    “I heard there would be…minor complications.” He answered truthfully.
  5. "Minor complications?" Kit asked with a scoff. "You call this a minor complication? Puck, we're stuck together for life. I'm not even human anymore, I'm a damn fairy like you, and I don't even know what to do about that. I have wings that I don't know how to fly with, and you... You can't go an hour without insulting me or pranking me in some way."

    She sighed, feeling a little bad when she realized that he was, for once, being serious. He felt bad.

    Sliding over to sit next to him, she nudged him lightly with her elbow. "Look, we'll deal with it, we just... I don't know. We have to learn to stop fighting and pranking each other... I don't want to have to be watching my back for the rest of my life just so you don't turn my hair purple."
  6. As she ranted, Puck looked away from her. She was right. As always. It was just harder to hear then he had expected. She nudged him, seeking a truce and a sly grin crept on his face. "Can't make any promises on not turning it green." He teased.
  7. "Ew, no, not green," Sabrina shook her head. "I'll literally kill you if you turn it green. If you HAVE to do a color, stick with blue. Then I'll only beat you until you're bleeding, you won't actually die."
    She stretched a bit, then glanced over at him. "So... How is my dad taking this? I haven't seen him yet. Has he tried to murder you?"
  8. He grinned at that comment, looking somewhat mischievous for a moment. "We haven't exactly spoken since..." He made a vague gesture, "I actually haven't seen him as of late." Which was true. There seemed to be a bit of a disagreement and a lot of blame placed on him but he felt she didn't need to know that right now. At least not from him.