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  1. Okay guys, I’m taking a chance on you! I have a fun little idea for a roleplay for anyone willing to join. Although I ask of you this one thing PLESE OF PLEASE CONTINUE REPLYING! It doesn’t have to be super long. Just make sure you help the story along. Thanks :3
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    Alright, the idea is that there is a world where there are three different types of creatures. The animagus: people who have animalistic personalities and can transform into an animal. In a few rare occaisions their animal half sticks moer to their human form, making them look to be a half breed.
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    There are mages. Mages are people who have control over a certain element and its sub-categories. Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness and Light. Metal is part of earth. They usually get together in groups where there is one of each element. These groups are usually a part of a larger sect where there is one of each group and they are made into parts of the kings army.
    Then there are the plain humans. There is only one mythical creature, a dragon. They are rare due to hunting for their tough and beautiful skin.
    Any gender. Any Age. Any backround story. Here’s the basis I would like for cherecters.
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    Animal or Element (If have one)
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    Thank you :D
  2. Sounds interesting, but what's the plot?
  3. I like this
    all up in hurr.
    That's all I thought of... xD
    I'd be in.<3
  5. Haha, well, for plot, not really to much! We'd be people just bumping together, I would love to have like athis big "We're in search of our other five" Kinda thing between mages as I exlplain about the groups thing. But whatever you guys want! I'll pop up the thread once I can XP sorry, I prolly shoulda posted this thing when I got back. But it's only four days! I shall return! :) But think of what you guys wanna do and stuff and then lay em on here and We can coagulate our idea into something awesome!
  6. The simplest idea would be to have two out of the three races involved in some sort of war, the other race being caught in the middle. Perhaps the dragons or a representative of them could call together members of each race in order to stop whatever caused the war in the first place? And of course the whole war could have been manipulated by some super villain with his own gathered team. -shrug- Something like that could be fun.
  7. That sounds really cool.
  8. BRILLIANT! Haha, sorry for not replying soner ^^; I'm a bit... overly forgetful and distracted by school. Do forgive me. But yes, I do like that plot :3 it's simple and such and so~ Now lessee here... four peoples plus moi is... five! alright, I beleive that counts as a good set up for a group rp~ I shall set it up tomorrow in the morning and then we may get it going shall we? Unless you know some one who'd love to join in~ then they're welcome haha ^^; I just hope you guys will warn a body when you get disinterested in it.
  9. so nevermind then I guess >.> I'll just go delete it...
  10. no! i'LL JOIN! Don't kill it!
  11. Thank you! Jeeze, I'd been quite awhile to try this and I don't want it to fall apart :/ Although we're missing people :x