A Glimpse Into the Iwaku Girl's Club

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  1. [video=youtube;QLa8jMYQcfY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLa8jMYQcfY[/video]

    It happens at least once a week.
  2. Which Bitch told Orion here our secrets in the club???? D:<

    Indeed... this happens once a week... we all get together dancing and singing about boys.
    We also make out in the girls locker rooms and in the showers and have random pillow fights!
  3. Orion just reeeeeally wants to get in on the action. ;)
  4. But can he hit those high notes without help?
  5. [video=youtube;En_8UgGZXio]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En_8UgGZXio[/video]

    As long as they're not doing this once in a while, like we are over at the Guys' club, I'm not worried.
  6. That was so stupid it was funny. Is the whole movie like that?
  7. Yep. First half of the movie is a romance comedy though.
  8. I always thought the guys club and girls club was just like this:

  9. theres a guys club?
  10. ._.

    I thought putting up pillows around the Girl's Club for a barrier would help keep Orion out..

    . . .

    Must look over my blueprints again. sigh.
  11. It's where we do manly thinks, like fly cars and fight underwater attack sharks tort? I thought you knew this
  12. no, that's what happens when you allow a PMSing woman onto an elevator

    *Brofists orion*
  13. Once every month? We are not that good of friends to be all on the same cycle! Someone is always on a murder rampage.
  15. Oh god, Singham 8 that Paorou linked is definitely one of the funniest foreign films I've ever watched. The scene where he rips a pole from the ground, chases down a car filled with guys, and beats their asses with it, comes very highly recommended.
  16. It's also a social commentary on corruption.

    the ending is so silly and confounding in its stupidity that I think it's ART.