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  1. Hello, my name is Jenna. I have been role playing for 4 years now but I just joined this site today. I am looking for a dominant guy to Roleplay with. The scene is historical and I would like to stick to the rules of the time, but I understand that Ancient Rome was hundreds of years ago and most people don't know about the rules of the time. I have had this scene in mind for a long time and I have been looking for the right to play with. I just want a detailed guy, that knows a little history. He's dominant and will take what he wants if he doesn't get it after a while. I will try to send at least four (4) or more, lines per post. I would like the guy to match that. I am NOT into young (under 18), bathroom play, or beastiality. I am a people pleaser so if you have any changes or ideas, we can do that. This would be a long term Roleplay, I have a very flexible schedule so I should be on whenever to make our schedules work. If I haven't lost you yet, keep reading for the scene.


    I was given to the Domina by the Dominus, after he bought me from one of the roman soldiers. I was a captive of war and now a slave.it took a while for me to get used to my new position and now I just go through day to day life as the Domina's favorite. I am always by her side, helping to get her ready for the day, bathing her, satisfying her needs while he husband is away. I did run once but I was quickly caught and spanked in front of the gladiators, with the threat if I ran again I would be given to the Gladiators and I would spend the remainder of my life as your whore. I have been very good since then, I haven't batted an eyelash in the wrong direction.

    The day I was spanked in front of the men, I caught your attention. You are the champion gladiator, you have been for a year or two now. You are trying to buy your freedom and you have more then enough to do so and buy a house in the city. The Dominus will not let you go because you have brought a lot of money to his household. The women flock to you, spread their legs. Do what ever you ask them too. All of them except for me, I have to come down past the pits (where the gladiators stay) to grab wine for the Domina and every time I come down you have stopped me and tried to get me to come to bed with you but I always say no.

    If you are interested. Message me on Yahoo so we can discuss this further.
    My YIM is jennajen91. Can't wait to hear from you.
  2. I think if you are looking for a more 'Mature' Rp then you need to have this moved to the Mature Rp thread. That way you're getting the kind of people you are asking for to Roleplay with you.