A Girl and her Boi(Get It?)

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  1. Well. Here I am, Once again, to--I'll stop singing T~T.

    Hello Libertine Roleplayers. I am Superepicboi, as known by my little avatar and title. So anyways, a little about me : I am finishing High School up at the moment and I have a lot of free time to use so let's use it the least efficient way : Gaming and Roleplaying.

    Hey! At least I'm having fun! >:/

    Anywho, Here is a long and terrifyingly pleasuring list of Do's and Do NOT's

    Do's :
    -Reply often
    -Let me know if you have a Q.
    -Fluff. I love being able to tangle my fingers in hair or give kisses to the body.
    -Softcore smut, nothing too rough unless the mood is right.
    -Enjoy the Roleplay.

    Do NOT'S :
    -Abandon roleplay mid-term. Seriously?
    -No One Liners. I can't work with it. Give me a minimum of one paragraph. Please? Thanks :*
    -No Hardcore porn
    -MxM or FxF

    Time for the Scariest part of all. Choosing or giving ideas... Dun dun dun. Capitalized words indicate your role.

    SCHOOL TEACHER x Student
    POPULAR GIRL x Emo Child
    NEIGHBOR x Neighbor
    ROOMMATE x Roommate
    Servant x Servant

    Thanks for taking the time to read this long and incredibly boring thread! If you have any other suggestions paste them here, and be sure to MESSAGE ME If you ARE interested. :D

    Boi, Signing Off!
  2. I'm interested in the roommate-roommate RP, but just to warn you I usually play the shy girl.
  3. Perfectly fine. If you could, at least have an interest for the boy.
  4. diffidently did you have a character page
  5. Send me a PM and we can work there :).
  6. im interested in the neighbor rp i really enjoy smut rp... preferably you be dom i like being sub
  7. Sure. We can do that. Shoot me a message and we can work there! ^=^
  8. Still looking .O.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.