A Game of Mafia

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  1. BackStory (open)
    For years the Montagne de Beauté has always been the prime hot spot for skiiers everywhere. Twenty-five years ago it was only a small shack nestled between the highest mountains. Walter Amity had taken it in as his home, deciding a year later that the shack should be a ski resort, the mountains were luscious with thick snow every year which held even through the summers. The winters were harsh but that only made Walter's idea even better. He needed money. His credit was horrible, the death of his wife had caused mounds of Debt to pile on, the banks wouldn't take part in his dream. But he found someone who would, and it turn it would cost him his life.

    He sought help from the Don of one of the most prestigious and dangerous Mob families in New York. The Varechi family, new to Wyoming, had settled in a mansion on the outskirts of the city while their mansion back in New York was being renovated. Walter had invited the Don and his family over, showing his plans and area. The Don accepted, in exchange for money, Walter was to provide a payment of $1500 every five months to the Don for his services.

    The Resort burst with people of all sorts, skiiers and touring bands. Walter made millions each month and the resort became well known around the United States. Walter had been fascinated with Las Vegas, which at the time was becoming as grand as his resort under Benjamin Siegel. Walter sought out to make his own resort as grand, borrowing more money and soon forgetting to pay it back.

    He had been warned, even signed a contract, that he was to pay his debts. Under the generous donations of Don Varechi, Walter kept taken the money given to him and making the resort grander than before. He didn't know that once money was given it would need to be payed back. Walter was a good man, charitable and charismatic. He had one fault, and like Bugsy Siegel, it was his downfall. Walter was roaming the halls late at night, checking on the grounds but not behind him, as he figured, who would want to harm him? Under the eyes of God, he had done nothing worth death.

    Poor Walter had gotten strangled to death in the hall, his blood soaked into the carpet, his face contorted in horror and panic. His throat sliced open like cheese under a sharp knife. The early morning came screams of horror and shock, many guests came out of their rooms to find poor Walter, lying in his own pool of blood, the used Garrote Wire, and a single piece of paper with the scribbly writing of someone gloved 'Pay your debts' written in red ink.

    The resort was shut down for twelve years.

    Plot idea:

    Ten years later, the resort has been owned by many different people, all who have mysteriously died the same way as the landlord, Walter Amity. The same note has been left and the killings have led to fewer guests to none at all. The last owner attempted to create a ball, stocking up on food and supplies to bring customers back.

    This is where you come in, you have been invited for various reasons to spend a weekend at the resort, part of a paid vacation. These invites sent randomly. On the day you arrive, you meet the other characters, spend the day hanging out. However, the same night, a massive blizzard leaves the resort with no exits, all the doors are blocked by snow. The only power comes from the backup generator which the owner had turned on during the night.

    The next morning during breakfast, you find that the owner had been strangled and no one was there to see it. Only that the killer is still lurking around the resort, stuck in the storm like you against their will.

    Your job is to find out who the killer is and survive the storm before the killer kills again. No one is your friend, and only one is your true enemy. Can you catch the killer before he kills again?
  2. "Holy crap, this place is huge!" Aaron shouted to no one in particular as he stood outside the resort. He had just arrived from the city, having driven close to three hours to reach the main lodge. Making his way down the snow cleared pathway to the door, he began to chatter to himself, "Wow, the boss wasn't kidding about this place being above my pay-grade, a weekend here is going to be amazing!"

    Heading inside, Aaron was quickly checked in by a smiling male attendant at the front desk who had his bags taken to his room, "Mr. Davidson, if you would, please head to the main lounge so you can meet the other guests for the weekend." Aaron thanked the man and followed his pointed finger through a door to the previously mentioned large, cozy lounge. The two TVs within it blasted news and weather updates, talking about a blizzard that would hit that night. However, the main focal point of the room was the roaring fireplace that had several plush looking couches and chairs surrounding it in a semi-circle.

    Wanting to warm up after having been in the cold, the detective came closer to the bright flames. However, he stopped when he saw that some of the seats were already filled by other guests, "Oh, hello, didn't notice you all at first, I'm Aaron!"

  3. Kayden shifted in his seat, bending down once more over a persons side. The ink pen making loud humming noises into his ears as his pen marked over the face of a Geisha, splatting black into her cheeks. Katherine was a regular, she got small tattoos everywhere, Kayden was honored to have been the blonde's only artist. He did her first tramp stamp when she was 18 years old, and she's been coming back ever since. There was not a single part of this woman Kayden had not seen. Katherine was a stripper, Kayden hadn't been to a club in a while but apparently they allowed tattoos now. Not that it mattered, Kayden disapproved of strip clubs, but if you were a cheating husband or single and needed to get off, that was the place to go. Kayden dealt with a lot of drunken men coming in and wanting tattoos of the girl who gave them a lap dance, claiming they were in love. It was rather dishonoring.

    A small tap came to his shoulder from a blue manicured nail, one of his fellow artists, Becca. Lifting his head, Kayden grasped the letter she tossed into his hands, clacking her heels to the counter and organizing the tattoo design books on the counter for the quests. The letter was listed to him by name, Kayden Starr, written in bold black ink, old fashioned script. Kayden leaned back and turned off his needle "Take a break Kathy" he told the blonde. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a thin switch blade and opened the letter, biting his lip as he read it. His brow furrowing in confusion.


    "You should go, finish Katherine, I'll take care of her. Go home and start packing." Becca crossed her legs, setting down the letter onto the table in the conference room. Her lilac hair twirling between her fingers, her bottom lip drawing into her mouth, sucking on her snake bite piercings. "Freddy will be back in an hour and he and I will watch the shop for you. I'm still waiting for my client so I wont be leaving anytime soon" her brown eyes digging into his blue ones. She seemed to be urging him to go, a plane ticket seemed to already be paid for, he flicked it lightly. He needed to get out of town, before his mother found him. "Alright" Kayden said, stuffing the plane ticket into his pocket and walking out of the room.


    This place was huge, antler chandeliers rose high above his head, shining bright brilliance into the room. Kayden's jaw dropped slightly, who the hell invited him here? Paid for everything, the plane ticket which was over a hundred dollars, even a suite for a week which was more than he could afford, even as a tattoo artist. The sweet smell of Pumpkin Spice filled his lungs with every breath he took. Yet the place seemed empty, checking the watch on his wrist he found that he was early. But the letter said to wait for the owner of the lodge to greet him and the other guests, Kayden sighed. Time to pick a seat and look awkward.

    The seats where fluffy, Kayden sunk into the chair. His suitcase a few feet from him standing up so he could use it as a foot rest. Another man seemed to already be here, and boy was he excited. Donnie wiggled in his seat, getting comfortable and resting his arms behind his head. He was getting looks, he could feel it. The minds of the other guests not invited personally watched him like an abomination. He was all tattoos, he had sleeves, a tattoo on his side of a flapper and gangster from the 1920's, the flapper poised as if she had been dancing, the mobster holding out his hand graciously to accept the woman, who playfully declined in dance. He had tattoos on his face, and on his neck, he had piercings. He was every parents nightmare. And he loved every minute of it. Now, where did they keep the alcohol...
  4. "Holy crap, that's a lot of nice tattoos, man!" Aaron remarked, enjoying the artwork the man had adorned himself with. Most of the time, he only saw tattoos like those up close when he was arresting somebody, "Maybe I should get one sometime." Sitting down in one of chairs as well, he smiled at the man, "So, the front desk guy said I should introduce myself so like I said before, I'm Aaron."
  5. Kayden opened his eyes, hearing words spoken to him. His eyes lifted to the ceiling and his mind pryed on two simple words, Why me?. But he turned his head slightly and gave a sharp smile, yet his tone and body language was completely relaxed. "Yeah, thanks. I did some of them myself" at the mention of 'I should get one sometime' Kayden found it the perfect opportunity to try and strike up some business. Couldn't hurt. Lifting his hips a bit, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a business card. "If you're ever in Washington, hit me up. I manage my own business down there, If you decide you want a tattoo of course, or a piercing, I do those as well" The card read 'Divine Ink' In red polished letters, a font similar to Edwardian script. "I'm Donnie, I mean Kayden. Donnie's my nickname. I get them confused often." he gave a small chuckle and leaned back in his seat once more "So what are you? Lawyer? Doctor?"
  6. "Detective, actually. I work for the city police department in Denver. Nothing like your work, but still interesting to some people like me. So, Kayden, what brings you down here to Colorado?" Aaron looked the card over and put it away, already making future plans to pop into Kayden's business. Maybe something artsy on his back, his pain tolerance tended to be best in that area of his body.
  7. Donnie leaned back in his seat. A detective huh? Very curious he should find one here when he was escaping his work and the drug deals he used to be in. Funny he should be sitting with a detective when he was hiding more secrets of his own. 'What bring you down here to Colorado?' he was asked. Kayden thought back to the invite he received and frowned slightly. "I got invited. A special guest or something like that. I take it you got the same?" he placed his hands behind his head once more "Get's me out of Washington for a week or so, I figured why not go and enjoy myself. Might get some tattoo inspiration here"
  8. Aaron laughed at his question, "Nope, it was an freebie from the chief of police for my hard work." He managed to keep a straight face at the half-truth. Why would he care about department troubles, anyways? He grinned at the artist's reason for coming, "Yeah, I've been told Washington can be pretty stressful, though at least you don't have to smell like fresh dead people all the time," he grimaced, realizing how messed up what he said sounded. "I just made it weird, didn't I?"
  9. Donnie gave a light chuckle, it didn't matter that the police man was around dead bodies. Kayden tossed his head lightly to the side and gave a soft smile "Nah, you're good. I draw dead bodies a lot. We get a lot of drunk biker men who come in and want zombie women on their sides. Some of them want roses or a tattoo of their gf's face when they get into the hard alcohol." he drew his thumb into his mouth and nibbled on the nail. "You see odd things in Washington"
  10. Kaiya quickly closed the door of the lodge after she got her baggage inside. It had been too cold for her taste and it also had started snowing. She dusted the snow off her coat before she took it of and gave it to the attendant who reached out for it. She gave him a friendly smile. "Thanks, you are lucky you know. Being able to work inside while it's so cold." She wanted to grab her rollercase but hesitantly mention something. "My client was going to pay for my stay here. I hope it came through corectly?" The man nodded. "Yes ma'am, don't worry you are on the list. Please proceed to the lounge area, other guests have already arrived." Again she gave a friendly smile and went on her way, but not before another thanks.

    In the the lounge area were, as said before, already other guests. One was standing by the fire and he seemed overly energetic, while the other was relaxing in one of the big seats. She herself walked up to the one of the seats and placed herself in it, leaving her roller case beside her. It didn't seem like anyone was using it. With another friendly smile she started talking. "Uhm... Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Kaiya." It was just a general introduction and she tought that would be just fine for now. They would probably leave eachother further alone anyway. She looked at the guy in the chair and suddenly came on an idea. "Excuse me, but do you mind if I try to draw you? I want to practice portraits and your tattoos look really interesting to draw." While she said that she grabbed her drawing utensils from the bag of her case and laid them on her lap. Then it hit her that it could have sounded really rude to just ask that. "If you don't want to then I can always draw something else?" She started to twirl the pencil around in her hands.
  11. Kayden shifted back into his chair once he noticed another body approach, simple reaction to people. He wasn't skittish around people, but he tended to like his space and avoided them when he could. It was a girl, he didn't realized until she spoke, saying her name was Kaiya, a name he had certainly never heard before. Kayden gave her a confused look when she mentioned she wanted to draw his tattoos, it was strange that someone would ask to draw his tattoos when he drew them for other people. He shrugged "Sure, knock yourself out" he didn't mind, it was nothing against his health anyways, wouldn't hurt him. His elbows returned to his knees and his hands closed themselves together, giving her more area to draw. "Name's Kayden, Kayden Starr. Nice to meet you, Kaiya"
  12. Verity Byrne (open)

    Verity sat on the nearly empty bus, baggage occupying the seat next to her. She was examining the quickly passing landscape, the ground that was blanketed by snow and trees that were dusted by the same white substance. She was quite glad that she was inside the bus and not out there. The extra layer of clothing she had on was enough to fend of the worst of the heat whilst the bus itself blocked the cutting breeze.

    She hadn't been able to believe her luck after she read the email. It simply had the subject line 'Montagne de Beauté'. She wasn't entirely sure, but suspected it was french for Mountain of Beauty, so went ahead and clicked it open. After all, she enjoyed learning of new places she could put on her list of dream destinations. The email consisted of a picture of a lodge-like building and then proceeded in congratulating her in winning a free weekend there. Now she sat on a bus, the window misting in front of her, only a couple of minutes away from the resort.

    "Take care now," the balding man at the steering wheel said good-naturedly as she stepped off the vehicle. Verity responded with a smile and wave and made her way to the door of the resort. The picture she had seen on the email didn't do the place justice. It was gorgeous and she was very glad she decided on going on this vacation. The only thing she would have changed about the whole situation was to take a friend with. She opened the door and a sudden gust of wind ushered her inside, straight towards an eager attendant.

    "Good day," He greeted and continued to check her in. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties, with dark hair and hazel eyes. She could only see from his waist up, as he stood behind a counter, quickly tapping away at the keyboard in front of him. A golden pin with black writing pinned to his black vest, named him Jared. "I hope you enjoy your stay, Miss Byrne," he said as he took her luggage. "I'll have your luggage in your room. The owner has requested you wait for him in the lounge with the other guests." With that he disappeared and she made her way to the fire-heated lounge.

    "Phew," she said as the warmth hit her face fully. The welcoming hall wasn't as cold as outside, but the lounge was even cozier. It was definitely a room made for comfort, as was evident from the comfortable chairs and the people around. She wasn't entirely sure what to make of the strange bunch near the fire, only assuming that they might be winners like her. They didn't really seem like friends. Strangers becoming acquaintances. Verity couldn't stand in the doorway forever though. She strode towards fire, taking a seat as near to the flames as she could manage. Blue eyes glided over each of the others, coming to rest on the drawing pad the girl had.
  13. "Thanks for allowing it." She said with a smile, feeling a bit snobby for saying it that way. She kept looking at him for a moment and started drawing after that. She did her best but drawing portraits was still the most difficult for her. Now that tattoos were added to the formula made it only more difficult. While drawing her mind slowly began to wander and she got curious to the other people. "What is the reason you two came here?" She looked up from her drawing pad for a moment and looked at Kayden and the person near the fire. To her surprise another person was now sittin near it. "Uhm... Hello, I didn't notice you coming in." She held the drawing pad a bit up. "I was a bit busy you see. But I'm Kaiya, who are you?" It felt a bit awkward now.