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Did you enjoy my introduction?

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  1. Salutations my fellow role-players!

    I have managed to stumble upon this site with the help of google. The reason why I have stumbled upon this site and had to search for a completely new one is because my last one sucked. There was cyber-bullying, closed-off cliques, and our favorite the misuse of tags (along with a few other reasons but there are too many). It was horrendous. A good handful of my friends fled due to rude girls bashing on one them, ganging up on them and, ugh it’s horrendous!

    Anyway other than my terrible experience with that specific site I have come here to start anew! I am certainly not new to role-playing and I am fully aware as to how to use the BBcode. I have been role-playing for a good two years and have gotten better each year. I write in third person past tense and write about four paragraphs or more per-post, maybe three depending.

    A bit about myself is that I am a student and I am above the age of fifteen. I have a strong love of writing and hope to incorporate it or focus on it in my career. I am also an advocate of reading. I am currently reading, Clash of Kings, of the Game of Thrones series. I have just finished the first and eager to finish the second (currently shipping Arya X Gendry, don't judge me). I love music, I listen to it whenever I respond to a post; it's my motivator! My current favorite band is, The Kooks. You should listen to them.

    I do believe that is all. Thank you for taking your time to read my introduction. Sorry it’s too much; I noticed not all introductions are this long.
  2. My motivation is Dubstep. I don't know, it gets my everything going, and helps me be more aware of my words and their uses. I hope you have a better time here, than you did on the other site. I can assure you that here, lots of people are much more welcoming! I am Kelsi, pleased to meet you, Ram! I hope you come to like this site, and its members, as much as the rest of us do. Just be careful.... Vay might try to eat you, torture you, or worse... XD Nah, I'm joking of course, she's a lovely lady, and when she wants to talk, she's one of the more interesting people I've seen here to talk to.

    ..Just.. Don't tell her I said that.. XD Anyway, we hope you like the site! Have a great day/night!!
  3. Welcome to the community Rambunctious! :3
  4. Welcome to you, Rammy! I hope you find a strong community of friends here. It really is a great website. THe staff are great, and we seem to be pretty drama free. I cherish this daily. I don't rp with the younger set, but I like peeking at their threads and chuckling at their youthful enthusiasm and often times, genuine wisdom. Amazing imaginations and and turns of phrase abound here!
  5. @Kelsi Kitsune
    Ooo, I do enjoy my dubstep! I listen to it sometimes, depending on the roleplay. Thanks for the warning I suppose. Thank you for the greeting. :)

    Thank you! :)

    Thank you for the reassurance. I do hope to have a better experience here than my old site. :)
  6. Welcome! I hope you manage to settle in nicely. ^^
  7. Welcome. It is unfortunate to hear about your previous experiences, but that is unfortunately how things turned out with the advance in technology that we get. However, you can just talk to anyone about a problem, and it will swamp this site like no other, lol.
  8. Well hello there and welcome to the site, Rammy! ^o^
  9. @Rainjay
    Thank you! There are a bundle of BBcode's I've never seen so I'm quite excited.

    Yes, indeed it was. It might be cruel to say, but it was a horrendous site. Thats nice to hear that there is community support.

    Ooo, an administrator! Hello! Thank you for the welcomes. (^ 3 ^)
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  11. @Archwar
    Asdfghjkl! Great Gatsby! You get a cookie for that sir/ma'am!
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