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  1. Okay, so when I roleplay there are times when I want to plot thoroughly but most of the time, I just want to roll with things. This is one of those times. I was wondering if there was anyone who was interested in doing a roleplay that had no guidelines and no backstory. I noticed that even in the JUMP IN section, there's a bit of a background which is great of course but not what I'm feeling at this moment in time. I want to be just as surprised as the story unfolds and I was hoping it would be full of twists. Basically, I want someone who will help create the story from completely nothing as it goes. It can be as crazy as we want. My only thing is I'm not a horror or major smut fan. I'm sure there are some things that other people don't want to do in the roleplay as it goes along so we can discuss that here too. But is anyone interested?

    Anyone who joins can play just one character or can play more characters. Throw in randoms if you want, as long as there's one consistent character that you have.

    I randomly wrote an opening paragraph just off the top of my head and it turned out to be some kind of action/mystery thing so I guess it's going in that direction. Haha. It can go the fantasy direction, supernatural, sci-fi or, well, whatever you guys want.

    Basically, it's pretty flexible so we have to be able to roll with whatever the next person throws in. Giant twists are definitely welcome!

    If anyone's interested, I'll start a post in the JUMP IN section

    Here's the opening:

    We can make changes if you want! :)
  2. This sounds rather interesting :D I've done a couple rps like this, I've even been on a site where that's the entire idea, with no structure, and had immense fun with them. I'd definitely enjoy this.
  3. [MENTION=1628]EquinoxSol[/MENTION]

    Really? Awesome! I'm pretty new on this site so I don't know how I should do this exactly. Should I wait til more show interest or are you good with it just being us two for now? :)

    Oh and maybe you could direct me to the other site too..? I'd like to check it out!
  4. Sounds like a cool idea. I'd like to throw my hand in the circle.
  5. [MENTION=3660]Dead Romeo[/MENTION]
    YAY! Awesome!
    I'm going to go post it in the JUMP IN section!
  6. Unfortunately, the site was taken down several moths ago, though I could do searching around for his new site. I know he jumps sites a lot, but it'd be a simple google search to find his most recent one. If you want, I could ^^

    Just link me when you've got the thread for this up xD
  7. [MENTION=1628]EquinoxSol[/MENTION]

    Thank you! But no, it's okay. Maybe if you had time but I'll try exploring here too!

    It's up by the way!

    Question! Should I leave this thread open or move it to the JUMPIN discussion forum? Or start a new one there for plot talks?
    Sorry for all the questions! Newbie in me!
  8. It would be more official if it was in the ooc jumpin section, but whatever you like would be fine ^^

    Also, since I was bored, I found his newest website. You can't see anything but the front page without making an account, but I'm certain that it's my buddy Vlad's site. Now that I'm thinking about it, I want to sign up ._.
  9. Haha, now I'm curious!
    I'll check it out and see about moving the thread when I get home.

    Thank you muchly! :)))
  10. This is awesome. I love the idea of creating the story as we continue to make posts. :D I will definitely post in the IC JUMP IN thread! [MENTION=3890]Tigerlily[/MENTION]
  11. [MENTION=3473]Doctor Who?[/MENTION]
    Awesomeness!!! Thank you! Can't wait!

    Aww, you guys make me such a happy bunny... or, well, tiger. Haha. ヽ(*´▽)ノ♪
  12. So wait, Anything goes as long as its within some degree of reason?
  13. I think anything goes as long as it sort-of connects with what's already written. New elements can be added, sub-plots invented, more events/objectives deployed, etc. as long as its not so disconnected to what other players have put on the table, I think it should be fine. Minus the usual, god-modding and killing other characters off without player permission.
  14. Sounds cool ^^
    I've tried to do one of those before. Uhm, actually several times before, on a different site. People joined on the first day. We all played on the second. The RP died by the third T-T
    This time shall be different though!
  15. Welcome aboard!
  16. Just a note, after this, I won't be on all day. Sorry for the hold-up. Will be back online late tonight or, more likely, tomorrow. Week days will always be easier for me to post, compared to weekends though.