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  1. I'm really dying for some fandom role plays! I'm looking for only a few different fandoms at the moment, but I'm open to multiple partners.

    I only do canon/oc, and only male/female. I prefer to play female, and the oc, but I am always willing to double for my partner.

    I have a few requirements for my partners though, so please read them!

    1- Be active. I need a partner who can reply at least once a day, every day.

    2- Use third person correctly. If you switch from third to first frequently, I will most likely not role play with you.

    3- Use proper grammar and punctuation, and please have decent spelling.

    4- Keep in touch. I want to know if you're getting bored, if you're wanting to take a different direction in the role play, or if you want to quit. If you're going to be busy, that would also be a nice heads up.
    Please just send me a message, or comment on my profile if you'd like to quit the role play. I don't mind at all. I only mind when you don't let me know, and you leave me hanging, and then don't answer my messages.
    (It's very rude. And I am all for manners.)

    Also, I'm begging you, PLEASE know the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE.

    Alright, now that those are over with.. Here are my fandoms, and the pairings I am looking for.
    (Bolded pairings are what I'm really craving.)

    Harry Potter

    Snape/Oc (Marauders or Modern day, with it being Professor/Student.)
    Draco/Oc (He can be in school, or he can be an adult.)
    Sirius/Oc (Marauders, please!)



    Percy Jackson

    Nico/Oc (Nico will be older, and SPOILER WARNING FOR ANYONE WHO HASN'T READ THE HOUSE OF HADES not gay.)

    Dragon Age

    Cassandra/Oc (This will be probably the only female/female I'll do.)



    The Hobbit


    The characters I listed here are the ones I'd like my partner to play for me. Please ask if you don't see a character you want me to play for you.
    I don't mind playing most characters. (I will not play Snape, Fenris, or Loki.)


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  2. If you're still looking for partners, I'd like to do the Percy Jackson role play with you ^^
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