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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great day/morning/afternoon, and if not, I hope it gets better! My name is Alison and I've been role-playing for quite awhile now, and am currently looking for new role-play partners. Most of my other role-plays have died down and I'd like to get a few more going! So first of, here's a little about me!

    - I am very active, except those few rare times I cannot be very active and I will warn you ahead of time if I can! I will always try to post at least five posts a day though.
    - I usually only play the female role, mainly because I am a female, but I can sometimes play male if it's the right plot or I want to role-play bad enough.
    - I usually only do F/M role-play, I apologize.
    - I am fine doing thread or PM, but I do like thread better, just because I always check them first. Either way I am fine with whichever you like.
    - I love love love romance. I have to admit that I am a hopeless romantic, but I prefer fade to black instead of smut most of the time.
    - I also am a big fan of drama in my role-plays. I think it helps keep the role-play going, but not too much that it's just crazy.


    A Summer In Italy
    Character A and Character B have been best friends since before they started kindergarten. They met in day care when Character B stole Character As toy. Ever since then, they have been almost inseparable. Although they argue a lot and rarely ever actually agree on something, they have always been there for each other. Now it's the end of their senior year and they just graduated. Next year they will be in college, or in Character B's case, not in college. This last summer could be the last summer they spend together, so when Character As aunt and uncle invite her to spend the summer in Italy, she jumps at the chance. Of course she drags her best friend along, and while spending the summer together, sparks fly and feelings are uncovered after many years. Will their entire friendship change for the better, or for the worse? Will they make it together or will their stubbornness get the best of these two best friends and lovers?

    Three Roses
    Character B just moved into the house next to Character A's house. When Character B begins school with Character A, they soon get paired up together for a science project. That night Character B goes next door to Character A's house, but little does Character A know that Character B doesn't talk. At all. Character C is mute and has been for a few years, but no one knows why. Character A has scars and bruises on her and no one knows why. These two soon become closer and closer, soon turning into best friends. They start spending all the time they can together and without even realizing it, they fall for each other. They do everything together, and never miss out on a chance to be together. They go on roadtrips, to dances, and even to prom. Then everything changed one night when Character A gets in a car accident and is in a coma. Character A hasn't even heard Character B's voice, but while she is in the hospital laying in bed and hears a strangers voice, she instantly recognized Character B's voice.
    *Still a work in process... we can change it up!*

    The Girl Next Door....Is Back?
    Character A and Character B grew up side by side, literally. They were neighbors, and grew up together since they were just babies. Then when they were only seven years old, Character A is forced to move away with her parents. After many, many years, Character A moves back into her old house at the age of seventeen. This time instead of moving with her parents, she moves with her three week old daughter. When Character A and Character B begin to reconnect and catch up, sparks fly between them and they feel feelings they didn't think existed. Will these to old friends make things work between them or will they back down and push their feelings aside?
    *This can be edited in the plot.. Still a working process...*

    Lost in the Shadows
    Character A is seventeen years old. She has been raising her younger siblings ever since her mother passed away in a plane accident, but things lately have been making Character A curious about the past her mother never told her about. Soon Character A begins to receive text messages from a stranger that signs off as B. Then one night on her way back to her house, Character A and her siblings are kidnapped and drugged. When Character A waked up, they are shocked to look around and see that they are at a camp... but not just any ordinary camp. A camp for supernatural creatures like them. They see every possible creature they had ever read about, but are lead by a young man to the Hall. When Character A is commanded to talk to the head master, she is shocked to see her supposedly dead mother standing in front of her, very much alive. She describes everything and tells Character A that they are a new and very rare kind of creature, a Lyrik.
    (If you read this and are interested in this plot, message me or reply to this and I will explain what a Lyrik is!) She is the only full blood Lyrik alive left in the US, and they brought her to the camp to help save them. Character A's secret messenger, and father, Bruko, has came back and is trying to kill of the camp, and the only one that would be string enough to save the camp was a full blood Lyrik... Character A. When Character A finally agrees to staying and helping the camp, not having a choice, they meet Character B. Someone who they grow close to, and someone they fall in love with. When the war comes down, everything is torn apart and words are said and things are done. Will Character A and Character B work together to protect and save the camp, and also their relationship?
    *This can be turned into a group rp if we can find enough characters!*

    I Hate to Love You
    Character A and Character B see each other at the fair, and they instantly click. Something about them draws them towards each other, and they can't keep their eyes off of each other. Then when they actually meet, they realize that they can't stand each other. They don't agree on anything at all except for the fact that they're crazy about each other. Aside from their arguments and even their fights, they stay together and they make it through the rough. Now that Character A and Character B have been together for awhile, Character A finds out she's pregnant. Will they end up raising the baby,or will they have to make hard decisions that could possibly end their relationship?
    *working process.. We can change it up if interested.*

    Modern Day Romeo
    Character A is a photographer at her high school, but when she gets offered a job at her school masquerade dance to take pictures for the yearbook, she hesitantly takes the job. She hated danced more than anything, and she never went unless she was forced to, and she needed the extra money. While at the store shopping for a dress, a guy bumped into her, making her trip and almost fall. When she turned around she saw him and recognized him from her school. She quickly ran off before he could even ask her name, but at the dance she yet again ran into him, this time not getting a chance to run from him. As they begin to talk, they soon fall for each other and things began to tear them apart... but will they work it out?
    * I was also thinking of a possibly plot twist.. maybe Character A ends up pregnant? We could always add more things in or take things out!*

    Boy Next Door
    Character A is the schools good girl. She stays inside and watches movies or reads books instead of going to parties, and doesn't take an interest in dating. Character B is the schools bad boy. He drinks, smokes, has sex, parties, and everything else in the book, including being the schools player, dating everyone in the school.... except Character A. These two are complete opposites, but there's something about Character A that Character B can't let go of. When he decided to make a bet with his neighbor, he tries everything in his power to make her fall for him. Their bet is that they will flirt, kiss, act cute, and hold hands, but whoever falls for the other first, has to announce their love in front of the entire school. Character A stays strong and protective over her heart, not letting him close to her. Character B tries to win over Character A, at the same time trying to figure out why he feels so different and protective over this girl instead of all the other girls. Who will win this bet?

    Hopeful Summer
    Character A loves to travel more than anything, so when they take their summer off to travel around the US, the first place they visit is Florida. While there at the beach, they meet Character B. Most people would think that talking to a stranger, or even inviting a stranger to travel with you would be weird or dangerous, Character A isn't afraid of it. These two start traveling around the US, visiting any place they want, they fall for each other and have the summer fling they had always dreamed of. By the end of the summer, they have to separate and go their different ways... or do they?

    Regret Nothing, Chance Everything
    Character A is nothing like Character B. Character A is a complete daredevil. They find what they want, and they chase it. They don't take no for an answer, and live every day like it's their last. They are taking their bucket list to the extreme and doing the things that would scare most people, but they find it fun and thrilling. Then one day they meet Character B. Character B is shy, quiet, and most of all, a dreamer. Inside their head they do amazing things and they let the world see who they really are, but they are too scared to try anything or stand up for themselves. Of course Character A, taking an interest in Character B, chases after them. They try to purse them and win them over, but it's not as easy as it seems. But will it be worth it?

    Am I Average?
    *This will be set in the early 50s*
    Character A is a small girl with a big dream, afraid to stand out from the 'average' American. She comes from a rich family who live in the suburbs outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Everyday is the same routine for her and her family, but she's tired of just being average. She has a dream that she wants to live with, but she's too afraid that she won't be enough. Then one day she meets Character B. He is nothing like what the 'average' American is suppose to be, but instead the opposite. He doesn't come from the rich family like she does, but where he comes from he is taught that he should be himself, no matter what others think. When he takes interest in her, she is bewildered, astonished, curious, and amazed by the way he lives. She gets to know him for who he is, and he gets to know her true self. They become best friends, partners in crime, lovers, and partners. They help each other become better people, but when it comes down to it, their life's are completely different. Her parents will never approve of him, and his friends will never understand her. Will they make it through the tough descrimination that's pinned against them, or will they crumble and fall into the role of the average American?

    These are a few of the plots I have and am mainly interested in. If you would like to role-play with me, just send me a message or reply to this and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you have any other plots you'd like to role-play, message me and we can chat! I'm open to almost anything! Also, if you like these plots but you have ideas that could make them better, don't be afraid to tell me about them! Thanks! I hope to hear back from someone soon!!

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  2. Lost in the shadows seems good. Is a Lyrik like a werewolf maybe?
  3. Sort of, it's actually more like a shapeshifter but they also have the ability to use powers and spells like witches. They have many powers and abilities and are a lot stronger than most other supernatural creatures!

  4. Well Im very interested.
    Seems like it'll be fun.
  5. Really like The Girl Next Door Is Back. Can we?
  6. Awesome! PM me and we can chat! I can't wait!!
  7. Yes! Of course! Just send me a message and we can get started! I can't wait!
  8. Updated!!
  9. Interested in Boy Next Door. It seems fun and exciting.
  10. Awesome just message me!
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