A few Pokemon Ideas, and a few others too.

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Whatever, Bullfrag is awesome.
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I kinda killed my previous one for two reasons - not enough playas and the two versions thing didn't work out very well. It might've been me pulling a dick move(no pun intended) but that's all in the past.

Aaaanyways, time to rev it up.


Takes place in a medieval Pokemon setting.
7 legendary orbs. 18 ancient plates. According to legend, bringing these items together will grant any wish. But...

Pokemon: Holy Blade & Chaos Storm

Depending on views, I could make this two-version, or bundle it up into one roleplay. I prefer the latter. The former has a plot revolving around the Swords of Justice and the latter, revolving around the Kami trio. I'm still deciding between medieval or era with Pokeballs.

Pokemon: Atlantis Ascension & Eden Awakening.

This and this. With these interest checks, I do hope to attract more attention then before. Both occur many eons after an untold apocalyptic event that caused the states of each world.

Valley of Evolution

A few human children, raised by an Eevee pack. Can they adapt like the rest?

Non-Pokemon RPs from here on

Copper Planet

This is a world where humans have lost and sentient machines dominate. In this world, humans have been reduced to animals that scurry through the metal wastelands, and occasionally, kept as pets by the machines.

Island Syndrome

A young boy finds himself on an island, an island where the only humans present are three wild women.
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