A few plots here and there. (Warning: Romance wanted)

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  1. I just have a couple of rules first:

    1. Be dedicated
    2. No one liners
    3. I do not want smutt roleplays. They are romance rps and so I would like to go with the following rule on here: (When sex scenes happen as a natural part of plot development or progression, you are allowed to do them outside of the Mature areas. All you need to do is wrap them with the spoiler tags and give a content warning.) I would also appreciate it if it wouldn't go into too much detail, just about how it makes them feel and feel towards each other.

    Now on to the plots

    1. Two kingdoms have been at war for centuries. Finally, the two decide to end it and make peace by joining their houses. The eldest daughter gets sent overseas to marry the Viking king's eldest son.

    2. I was thinking that my character, who is human and knows hardly anything of the fae, could possibly have an arranged marriage with a fae of the summer court for whatever reason and is kidnapped by a fae of the winter court, for a reason we could work out. I'm thinking along the lines of holding the wedding off as long as they can since it's supposed to happen before the summer solstice. She of course then falls in love with the winter fae who took her. Soon after, the summer court takes her back and she is forced to marry the summer court prince as planned. Then her love comes to try and take her back. Okay, so this is a bit fleshed out, but we certainly don't have to do it this way lol

    3. A prince and his maid are secretly in love, but he has to choose between marrying the princess of a neighboring kingdom or his true love and waging war against the other kingdom.

    4. I'm thinking your character would be a werewolf and mine doesn't know about the supernatural world. He refrains from telling her, until she's kidnapped by some vampires to torment him and draw him out. But to further anger him, they turn her into one of them. I'm thinking this can just be the first plot arc and we can most definitely work on this some more and most definitely work on other plots together for the same rp to keep it interesting.