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    So, hey guys. As you can tell from the title, I have a few plots/roleplay ideas for willing partners, I'm only gonna be excepting one or two partners, maybe three, cause I don't want to overwhelm myself. First, a few rules though. Everybody has them.


    1. Please at least try to write 1-3 paragraphs per post. I won't even bother responding if I only get one or two sentences in response.
    2. Don't take control over my character, I won't take control over yours either. It's not fun.
    3. Talk to me! I like making friends and talking OOC is a brilliant way to do that.
    4. Only discuss Libertine with me if you are 18+, it's a site rule after all.

    The unmentioned rule is expect romance because I am a huge sap.

    Alright, onto the plots!

    Plot 1 - Gruntson's School for the Fantastic and the Mythical
    (Genres; Fantasy, Romance, Action, Libertine (possibly) ) (pairing MxF, FxF)

    Gruntson's School for the Fantastic and the Mythical is a special place for students of all varieties. You can come here to learn about many ranging topics, Nocturnal Creatures, Cross-Breeding between Species, Griffins, Hippogriffs, Trolls, Dire Wolves and most definitely Dragons and Wyverns.

    My Character (M/C) has been going to Gruntson's for awhile now and primarily works with the Dragons and Wyverns outside of her classes, helping out with setting up the stables and training new hatchlings. Your Character (Y/C) is a new student at the school (whether they've transferred or not is up to you) and happens to meet (M/C) when they got lost and wind up in the stables. A friendship forms between these two that continues to grow as the school year goes by.

    We can talk if you have any questions and/or wish to change a few things around, you can also decide why your character will have transferred to this school. This will be the only time I have a 'my character, your character' thing, the other times we can discuss which characters we wish to play. I just really want to play the character who is already there because this is an old roleplay I took part in before and I played a character who worked with Dragons and Wyverns and already went to the school.

    Plot 2 - Subject Zero
    (Genres; Romance, Action, Sci-fi, Libertine (possibly) ) (pairings: FxF, MxM, MxF)

    Character A lives outside a pretty large city, they've always had a fairly normal life and haven't really encountered anything strange until one day they come home and find an unconscious Character B in their backyard.

    Character B spent their entire life growing up and test subject, until one day they finally escape and flee, winding up in Character A's backyard, hungry, thirsty and overall a mess. Character A takes in Character B and helps them and the two end up becoming friends, then some. Everything seems all fine and dandy.

    Until the organization finds them.

    Plot 3 - Rock Me
    (Genres; Romance, Libertine, slice of life) (pairings: MxM, MxF)

    Character A is a well known 'fuck boy' around school, he often hooks up with others for a few weeks to a month before dropping them. That was his plan, his way of life, until he meets Character B, the only person to ever not show any interest in him. A dare from his friends to get into B's pants ends up with him falling in love. Can he get Character B to see that he wants them for more than sex?

    Plot 4 - What Lays Dormant Beneath
    (Genres; Fantasy, Action, Romance, Libertine (possibly), drama, humor) (pairings: MxF, FxF, MxM)

    Character A has spent their entire life in their hometown and has always know something strange went on behind the scenes, all the animal attacks, the strange sightings, something just wasn't rught. They meet Character B and realize that they're pretty strange too, and after one fateful night Character A gets introduced to a world they never knew about, - supernatural world.

    Then more crazy stuff starts happening and it appears that something new is threatening their town every other month and it's up to Character A and Character B to stop it. Not that they mind, beats doing homework any day.

    And here's a few pairings I don't have plots for.
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  2. Plot 4 intrigued me. :3
  3. Alright, I'll shoot you a PM.
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  4. I'm all for plot 2! May I PM you?
  5. Sure, although, don't expect a repay until tomorrow as I'm feeling very ill right now.
  6. I'm interested in 1, 2 and 3!
  7. -Raises hand- Oh, pick me! I like Plot 3!
  8. I've already found the partners I was looking for so unfortunately I'm not looking for anymore at the moment BUT I will put you guys on a list so that if any of my current roleplays die then one of you will be messaged. That good?
  9. Sounds good to me, thank you!
  10. Sounds good, thank you :)
  11. Damn! B-but I wanted to role play with you ;_;
    I'm going to go to bed now. Don't kill me.
  12. XD God damnit Icy! Then you should've asked sooner. d: sleep well.
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