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  1. I have had a couple ideas for oneXone's for a little while now and I have really begun to want to role-play them. I am looking for male partners, since I am best at playing females. I don't care about length of posts but I wouldn't mind having someone who can post at least once a day. I understand if there are days were you just are too busy though.

    They would all have romance in them since I absolutely love it but I will most likely add other genres into them as we role-play like action, etc. It makes it more interesting. :D

    Here are some of the ideas:
    ~A castaway ends up on what he thinks in a deserted island only to end up finding out that it is inhabited by someone. (TAKEN)

    ~ During a zombie apocalypse a guy meets a girl who is a different kind of zombie. She would seem and look more normal than others. (TAKEN)

    ~A knight falls in love with the princess he is protecting yet she is suppose to marry a prince. (TAKEN)

    ~A rock star falls for a fan. Either one of us can play any role. (Two different versions both TAKEN)

    ~I also wouldn't mind if you had any idea if I sound like an interesting partner.

    Let me know if you are interested in any of them. Once that happens we can talk about the plot and characters in more detail. :D
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  2. I wouldn't mind doing the knight/princess one. I can rp the knight.
  3. Yay! Do you have any thoughts for it you might want to put in?
  4. Didn't have much in mind. I just love roleplaying. :P Maybe the knight is supposed to be escorting the princess to see the prince to solidify the engagement. The King is already at the Prince's castle and the knight was just one of the supporting guards that was part of the entourage. However, they were attacked by mysterious bandits during the night and people were either scattered or killed. We can start there?

    Also, do you have a preference when it comes to magic/mythical creatures?
  5. I quite like your idea actually. :) Nope, I love all types of magic and myths. It's my favorite genre.
  6. Perfect. You'll have to help me out here since I'm new to this forum. Do we need to create a thread elsewhere, or can we just start rping here?
  7. I'll create a thread and then give you a link to it, don't worry about it. But first we can put our character skeletons on here.
  8. Name: Idacrous Messiago
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Appearance: 5'11", but he likes to think he's six feet tall. Brown-haired, brown-eyed, and a lightly-tanned skin complexion.
    Class: Knight, knighted as the Shield of Honour
    Personality: A strong sense of honour, justice, truth, and duty. He has been known to be stubborn, which sometimes works to his advantage and sometimes not. Determination has also been a key factor in allowing him become who he is today.

    Background Information (Public Information):

    The boy was noticed by one of the King's most trusted Knights at a young age in one of the outskirt villages of the kingdom. This knight also happens to be the knight leading the princess's escort mission, which was one of the reasons why he was invited to be part of the entourage. The circumstances under which Idacrous was adopted are unclear, but because of the extra attention the senior knight paid to the boy, he advanced quickly through the ranks from a Page to a Squire, and finally to a Knight. He was knighted a couple years ago as the Shield of Honour.

    Idacrous tends to keep to himself most of the time and so, not much is known about him even by the other knights. As such, most of what is known about him are due to rumours: pretentious due to his lack of enthusiasm for social interactions; of noble birth for him to be noticed by a reknown knight; gay for his lack of enthusiasm for girls...and so on and so forth. However, no matter what people think about him, the fact that he is skilled with the blade is unquestionable.

  9. Alright here is my character:

    Name: Aria Sage
    Age: 23
    Class: Princess
    Personality: Aria is seen as a princess yet she doesn't quite act like the stereotypical one all the time. She is very kind to people but does tend to have a temper. There are times when she is sort of sad due to the fact that her parents tend to take lead in her life, never getting to do the things she wants to do. Most people don't know who she really is, only see what is portrayed by the public.
    Background info: Most of her personal issues are not spoken to the public. She has always been born royal. She is part of a long line of kings and queens. Due to her royal status her life was planned out from the beginning. She was taught by tutors, both intellectual and manors. Although there are many times that she wants to live her own life, she is forced to follow the rules of being a princess. This means even marrying a princes she doesn't even know.
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  10. I'm interested in the rockstar x fan option.
  11. Great. Which part are you interested in playing?
  12. Yo Scarlet, I sent you a PM. :) Interested in RPing?
  13. which part are you willing to play. I can do the rockstar if u want.
  14. That's perfect since I also had another taker who wants me to be the rockstar. So you could be the rockstar in our one. If that's alright.
  15. that works.
  16. Okay, I'll post up a character in a little.
  17. sounds good
  18. Name: Roxie
    Age: 19
    personality: She loves music, adventurous, courageous and playful.

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  19. I'll work on my character as soon as I can. I've been so busy.