A few little pictures that need a story<3

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  1. The Sadistic Little Demon.

    The Broken Angel

    The Simple Priest

    The kid with the boring life

    I don't mind if people are either submissive, or Dominant. But these are all meant for MxM, so I'm sorry for any ladies that want to have a piece of these beautiful men<3 Hehe. So, I may update this so that more will come. But who knows. I'm not going to post any plots, or ideas, or pairings. That's all up to my partners. The only thing known now if the fact that these guys are my Character's.

  2. Question, are these the only characters you will use? If not, I have a fee plots in mind, if so, I still have a brain full of ideas that could totally include them.
  3. Nah, I'll use other's. Just what I could find before o-O And, just send me a PM and tell me all of your plots and ideas! xD Yeah, I think I was trying to like. Use Couple pictures but.. Couldn't find any that was inspiring enough.