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A few ideas.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by BigRedFurryDragonEmperorUK1995, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. I have lots of ideas, but at the moment I feel like I want to do some Pokemon, though I will do almost everything with a good and interesting plot, who's interested?

    Ok what am interested in.... the more *s they are the more I want to do it.

    Pokemon Romance(Pokemon not trainers)*****
    Pokemon and Digimon romance*****
    Anything to do with Dragons***
    Digimon Romance(Again Digimon not tamers)*****
    Greek godXhuman*
    DigimonXMystical Creature*****
    PokemonXMystical Creature*****
  2. -raises hand slowly-
    I'm up for dragons; are they dragons with humanoid forms?
  3. Ok great, and no. My idea is a romance, I was thinking Human X Dragon, which would mean soon or later, there would be hybrids. Now to start, the human would be in a field somewhere doing whatever, when she hears a roar from a injured dragon, when she goes to investigate, she finds out it is in fact the dragon king, and with minutes to spare, she must save him before a evil dragon takes over and destroy the human race.

    This would contain side and main characters for us both.
  4. I like It!
  5. what era would you like this to be in?