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  1. So I have a few plots i really REALLY want to do. Like really really want to do so i'm going to toss them here. They are going to be on a more mature side and some of them just by their nature will include things like rape, Stockholm syndrome and the likes. That said I have characters in these plots that I just really have been itching to use but no partner to use them with. Characters I want to play will be mentioned by name in the plot synopsis. Most of these are made with m// in mind but things can be altered to fit f/f or f/m.

    demon/spirit x teacher x doctor || modern fantasy - Loosely based on Amnesia

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    Jack Remmington was a normal history teacher. He had an experience as a child that had set him on the path to studying the occult in his spare time. Taking on a pen name, he wrote books to sate his ever growing need to prove the other world existed while keeping his side life a secret from both his fiance and his co-workers. He was content with this life till a mysterious and charming young doctor promised him what he needed for his research. And thusly begins Jack's hell. Driven into momentary insanity with his research, taking an entire summer off to indulge as he would thanks to the doctor, whose agenda he didn't question, he killed and tortured many to get what he needed. Suddenly he seemed to wake from his sanity and to his horror he tried to forget what he had done, shoving the blame on to the doctor he was given one last task before he would be set free. Summon a demon for the doctor, to do his bidding. Little did Jack know or realize this was not the end of his encounters with either of the two

    demon prince x angel || fantasy ​

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    Creed was a number of things. Rude. Loud. Destructive and rambunctious. His ambitious mind and arrogance lead him to believe he could be a conqueror. His nature had everyone cowering, fearing that they'd fall prey to his deadly ambitions. All but one. An Angel. One who had, despite the sort of cold passive aggression that could fight fire and wit with Creed, pristine wings and still remained aloft in heaven. After a fiery night of passion, blood and forced submission, Creed hasn't been the same. The angel bothers him. He doesn't know if he wants to kill him or force him into submission, much like the angel had forced him. I want this to be a power struggle. A sort of seke x seke sort of thing.

    cursed prince x mage || kingdom fantasy ​

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    A prince having no choice but to use a cursed weapon to protect his kingdom from monsters hailing from the cursed weapon's clan, finds himself trapped in the binds of its curse. He leaves home in the hopes that a magician, famed as he is, would be able to help him break the curse. However the magician is a stubborn one who refuses to take gold but instead wants something of equal value to the curse he is to remove. What does he consider of equal value and can he really break the curse on the prince?

    some other things i'm interested in exploring are fandom based and obscured ones.

    those being:
    Chaos Legion
    Trinity Blood

    and stuff with no plot that i really want:

    android x owner

  2. Hey, im totally into your cursed prince x mage plot. I'd like to be the prince, and have the weapon turn him into some sort of power demon or something like that that needs to be tammed or contained by the mage. Or something along those lines. But i'd like to be the Uke if thats okay with you. The prince wouldn't be totaly submissive, but I like playing bottom better. You still interested?
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