GRAPHICS REQUEST A few banners for my 1x1 Search Thread?

Discussion in 'MEDIA SHOPS & REQUESTS' started by Luminosity, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. I was wondering if someone would make a few advertisement banners for my 1x1 Search Thread located right here.

    If you could make it have a gryphon on it, it'd be great. Whether it be a cartoony/cutesy gryphon or realistic one, it'd be awesome! But I'd like for it to have "The Gryphon's Perch" in big font while "A 1x1 Search Thread" in small font. Thanks!
  2. do you have a size preference? preferably in pixels.
    also, do you have images you have in mind that you'd like used?

    if you can get me at least the images, i can pop something out really fast probably.
    here's some REALLY REALLY OLD samples.