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  1. Plot 1: An Offer You Can't Refuse
    Character B borrowed a shit ton of money from rich character A (a childhood friend) to get through college and to pay off other expenses.
    Now Character A is getting impatient, wanting their money back. Character B is too poor after dealing with all their bills to pay Character A back.

    So character A offers a very enticing offer. Character B can live with them, not having to worry about any bills or anything again. The catch? Character B will become the submissive in a BDSM relationship with character A. Character B takes the offer willingly, figuring that while having a sexual relationship with their childhood best friend seemed a little awkward, it was a generous offer considering how much money they owed character A. Besides... Character B had secretly always wanted to try a hardcore BDSM relationship... Character B had had BDSM relationships before, and isn't a newbie when it comes to sex. They think they can handle anything character A throws at them!

    We will discuss our characters' hard/soft limits and safewords before we begin Remember, things are consensual!

    This can be any gender/any gender, except I don't play straight cis males. I also enjoy playing transgender characters as I am trans myself.

    Our characters can be supernatural creatures or whatever if you want.

    I would really prefer to be character B.

    Plot 2: Stay Off the Furniture or BE the Furniture! (I really want this one!)
    Character A wants to try something new. They want to try being treated like a pet or an object. They are into objectification (as in like, being treated like furniture) play. They are also into pet play. They want to be a BDSM submissive to someone who loves them and will care for them, while at the same time treating them like a beloved pet or treating them like an object.
    They meet character B, who thinks that character A is interesting, and decides to give them what they want. For a month character A will be treated like an object or a pet at all times by character B (unless the safe word is called, then there will be a short time out from playing as they discuss what the problem was).
    Of course, the "pet" play and the object play will both involve sex and toys and teasing! And denial! Character A has a huge denial fetish, so extended denial would also be in order.

    Everything will be consensual and safe words and rules (and punishment for breaking the rules) and limits will be discussed between our characters before they begin to play.

    I am character A! I really want to try some extreme pet play and some Forniphilia (human furniture) play!


    Rules for either RP:
    1. No slurs or otherwise offensive stuff. If I call you out for doing/saying something that is offensive to an oppressed group, and you tell me I'm being "too sensative" or something like that instead of just stopping the offensive behavior like I asked kindly for you to, then I will stop roleplaying with you immediately. Just try not to be offensive, and if I tell you that you are being offensive, please apologize and stop the offensive behavior. That's all I ask.

    2. Everything is consensual. Consent is important.

    3. No age difference over two-three years please.

    Character sheets for the rps:
    Plot it's for:
    What Genitals Do They Have (so that we aren't making any transphobic assumptions):
    Looks (anime pic preferred):
    Species (human, vampire, demon, etc):
    Anything else important:

    I think that's all for now. pm me!
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  2. I'm up for plot 1 sounds like fun ;)
  3. still open! I especially wanna do the second plot though!
  4. sti open!
  5. Plot 1 if thats okay.
  6. I was wondering if you would be willing to role play the first with me only character b be vergin with no sexual experience. I would if your willing like to do that role I only role play either Mxf or Fxf. Primarily Fxf.
  7. @Writer Jenny

    can you be character A?


    I mostly play nonbinary (neither male or female) characters. That has nothing to do with genitals though. My character can have a vagina and not be either male or female. That okay?

    also, I dont know... I like things to get really rough and everything and someone with no sexual experience at all probably couldn't handle the roughness I want. Maybe someone with some experience but is looking for something rougher than what they've had before?
  8. I don't think I can be character a
  9. damn, see the issue is that I already have at least three of that RP where um character A
  10. Yeah I understand I Just don't have that dominate role in me
  11. how often could you post?

    and id be willing to do the second plot with you as the sub
  12. Very often long as my thing doesn't shut down
  13. I see. Would you be willing to do the second plot with you as sub?