A Fateful Crack In Time

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  1. The world has been going along peacefully, perfectly. Many nations cover the surface of the planet. The planet is little more than villages, and horse and carriage. Settlements have surrounded with various oceans, lakes, mountain regions, and forests. The currency of this world used to be silver coins, but recently, it has started using small gold bars also, the bars being a bit bigger than a small stack of paper, and about the length and width of an ID. The planet is absolutely filled with all manner of beasts and animals.

    The peace and prosperity, however, was not to last. A ear bursting screech rang out across the planet, and a rip in time opened up near a major village. People gathered to look at it. It was big enough the they could see a portion of the area behind it, within. There wasn't an easy way to discern the tear from their reality, aside from where its' apocalyptic scene abruptly, and seamlessly, connected to the tranquil word they knew. It was like they were seeing exactly what their world would be in ruins. It was a split between present and future.

    Brave souls from all over volunteered to venture in, to find the cause. You are these souls. Various races filled with courage and honor. This is your story.

    | Rules |

    All Iwaku rules apply.

    You are allowed to make your own race, but be sure to shed some light on what it is. You are allowed to name the regions, and/or the village you are from and, if you want, add a little description of what said region/village is like.

    Everyone is allowed to have weapons. These weapons consist of anything 'medieval'. Bows, swords, and the like. You may have no more than two weapons, so choose wisely.

    Sexy times, of course, are to be left out of it. Take that to PMs.

    We should try to stick to the main story of the rp, and develop it a little, before we have growing relationships, so try not to get your characters attached to each other until a bit, later on.



    Race:(provide description of race along with it, if it is your own race)
    Age:(not too old, nor too young)
    Appearance:(please, oh please, provide a picture if possible)
    Village:(optional; include description here, if wanted)
    Region:(optional; include description here, if wanted)
    Occupation before event:
    Skills:(does your character have an easier time fighting, sneaking, blocking, etc.?)
    Strategy:(what do you typically do in battle?)
    Weapons:(what you use)
    Weapon names:(do you give life to your weapons, through more than just 'an iron sword'?)
  2. ~Character Forum~










    Reaching an average 5’11” Luhan weighs a slender 120 pounds. However lanky he is, he moves with the elusive grace of a dancer. Most of Luhan’s height is achieved by his long legs. Due to his light weight, he may seem a little sickly at times, and to maintain his weight, his immune system suffers greatly, causing him to get ill quickly and frequently. Throughout his lifetime, Luhan has struggled with his weight, always slightly self conscious about it. With the lack of body fat, he has a slightly willowy and feminine frame, though he hides his body underneath his clothes. Like his name suggests, Luhan is built naturally like a deer, petite, dainty, graceful, but lithe and agile. Luhan’s weight is made up of mostly muscles, which lay lightly defined underneath his skin. As much as his frame is deceiving, Luhan is actually extremely strong due to his various sports. Even though Bambi tries to state that he is manly, his fair and pale complexion, does not side with his argument.

    His face is slightly heart shaped, tapering at the chin to form a smaller chin. Compared to others, Luhan’s face is quite petite, like the rest of his body. His face is pale, and near flawless, except for a few fading scars from slips and falls. Luhan’s naturally midnight black hair, is cut into something reminiscent to a quiff and Niall Horan’s haircut (when he first debuted.) Little Bambi’s hair is no longer black, as he has dyed it a variegated amount of hues, and currently, his hair resides in a dark orange shade. Maybe it’s because of his facial shape, but Luhan is able to rock multiple different hair colors, including rainbow colored hair. Literally, he asked his hairdresser to dye strands of his hair seven different colors, and he wore this while getting compliments. Due to his bangs being slightly longer than the rest of his hair, Lulu will either spike it up, or leave it as it is, framing his small face, the bangs sweeping to the side of his forehead, covering his thick eyebrows. Luhan is among those people who are gifted with a baby face (but it is by no means pudgy) never matching up with his age. Underneath his eyebrows are his large, almond shaped eyes, often associated with asian roots. Far away, they seem like a dark brown shape, yet up close, you can see that the outer rims are dark brown, going to a light honey hazel color close to the iris. His round, pinchable, and soft cheeks are a rosy color, especially after dancing. Like the quote says, Luhan’s eyes are the first things that express his internal feelings. Luhan’s cheeks often backstab him, turning a crimson color whenever he blushes or compliments a girl. Bambi’s ears are pierced, both having at least one piercing, while his right ear has a second one. Often seen wearing silver dangly cross earrings, Luhan sports a black stud in his second piercing.

    On a daily basis, Luhan dresses in a preppy style, most of the clothing he owns, however, is black, or the main color is black. He is usually seen walking around in black skinny jeans, a black over coat that reaches his legs, along with two dual swords strapped to his back. He hides his Torino Rapier inside his overcoat.




    He lived in a village called Avaritia.


    The Northern area

    Occupation before event:

    Wanderer, Performer.


    He is skilled with the blade, especially duel blades or rapiers, along with various forms of arts.


    He tends to stick to footwork and blade work that is closely related to the modern sabre techniques.


    Torino Rapier


    Weapon names:

    A torino rapier..?


    Born and raised in the small village called Avaritia, Luhan spent most of his childhood here. However, when he reached the age of 15, his parents, and most of his village was wiped out by a mysterious illness. After that, Luhan took to wandering the streets as a beggar, trying to make a living. That, was when he figured out his talents for singing and dancing, and he was able to use that talent to obtain a little bit of money for food and clothes. Fast forward a few years, Luhan spotted a merchant selling swords. Falling in love with the silver Torino Rapier that the man was selling, he bought it impulsively, pooling all of his years savings for it. He learned quickly, teaching himself how to use the sword, and has then kept it. ​
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  3. Yay ^^ Do you have an idea as to when this is going to start?
  4. I've no idea. I'm hoping to get a few more people in before starting, so we have interaction. Posting my character in a sec.
  5. Name: Kanatsu Rina

    Race: Elven

    Age: 34

    Height: 5'6"

    Appearance: Kanatsu.png

    Village: Syhorion | A medium-sized Elven village, with lots of commerce, and a strict hierarchical structure.

    Region: South Western Mountain Region

    Occupation before event: Elven High Officer, Mercenary, Royal Protector

    Skills: Skilled in the use of staves, longswords, and daggers
    Strategy: Kanatsu is typically a leader of sorts, and tends to stick in the front, leading assaults.

    Weapons: A halberd staff, and a longsword
    Halberd.jpg Darkblade.jpg

    Weapon names: The Elven halberd goes by the name of Valkyrie, and the sword goes by the name of Destiny's Song.

    History: Kanatsu was raised into a slightly noble family, and thus was treated far better than most. Her town was a very strict Elven village to the South West, up in the mountains. Once she turned sixteen, her parents put her into the villages military police program, where she worked her way up to Elven High Officer. In some Elven structures, an Elf is banished if he or she leaves the village of his or her own free will, and Kanatsu knew very well of this.

    She spent her life as a mercenary up to age of twenty-three, where she then was brought into a house of Dark Elves, to serve as a protector of the heir of the noble family. after the point whee protection was no longer necessary, Kanatsu went back to being a mercenary, until the present day event.
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  6. Disregard the wings. She has no wings.
  7. Can I make a character who originates from the future, IE who lived on the other side of the crack already? Also, is magic available for mortals to use?
  8. Magic is probably something we won't use, as the CS is already made, sorry Ruko. But yes, you may make a character from the future. I was hoping someone would come along and ask!
  9. Nah it's fine. I just wanted to know so I didn't waste a load of time making a wizard and having to change it all later :D
  10. Wait, how far into the future does the crack go? I'm assuming not particularly far but is it far enough for there to be any military advancements? (Meaning like new weapon technology).
  11. No new tech. It's just a rip in time connecting to the end of the world. Probably forty or so years into the future. not much in the way of advancement in that time.
  12. Alright. I'll start thinking up a character.
  13. I'll be waiting! ^_^

    Also, I love Madoka Magica :D
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  14. Character delayed due to unexpected death of grandfather. Probably be up sometime tomorrow.
  15. Oh my, I'm sorry. Please take your time.
  16. @XiaoLu, if you'd like, I already have the first post up, so you're free to reply whenever you'd like.
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