A Farewell to Arms

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  1. Inspired by the classic story and movie of the same title.

    Story goes:

    He is a man who serves as a tank driver for the great war for the American Army during World war X. While recovering from a wound in the home base hospital in northern America, he meets her, a Red Cross nurse, and the two engaged in an affair. His friend, a doctor manages to convince the army that his wounds are worst than they actually are and then the two continue their romance but never got married.

    However soon, their covers were blown and he was called back to serve the nation. To which she had mistaken that he had abandoned her. Faking his own death, he made his way back to her hometown and reunited before traveling to a neutral Territory by claiming to be tourist.

    However due to complications happening (which will be discussed here), she ended up dying. He only realized that she's pregnant when she gave birth to a stillborn baby. Due to the shock, he went insane and wounded up spending his days in a mental institute.

    So my twist comes when my character who is a writer volunteers at the institute and for some reasons got on well with the man who decided to share his story with him. He will interact with the old man as he recalled what happened some forty years ago and he'll decided whether the story is real or not.

    Hence basically, I'll be playing the writer and the woman while you'll be playing both the young and old man.

    My writing style reflects the player's style and the length is of similar standards to my partner. I'm only expecting proper english, slight mistakes are forgivable as long as the work is readable.
  2. Yeah this sounds interesting.

    To be honest, I'm the same way. :)
  3. Oh great~ Now I don't have someone to copy from... O_O

    Anyway, the original was in the period of World World I but I decided to change it since I don't speak the language of that time. So the story will take place between now and 2052. Ok?
  4. Yeah that's fine.
  5. So any questions? And I certainly hoped that you're not leaving Iwaku