A Fantasy 1x1 [SkaarGuardia and Moonstar]

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  1. [Flashback]

    Fauna sat up, her brown hair messy and all over her pillow. She got up and glanced at herself in the mirror, smoothing out her 'bed hair' with her fingers. She walked gracefully downstairs and looked into the fridge. The night before she made some home made bread for her breakfast. She specifically labeled it, 'Do not eat'. She knew what the pack was like, especially the guys. They would've wolfed it down in seconds... Pun intended! She opened the bread tin and there were crumbs, and the bread was gone, the label was placed aside.

    [End of flashback]

    After the bread issue, Fauna was making a cake. She'd been working on it all morning whilst the pack was asleep. Except what the pack didn't know was that this wasn't just some ordinary chocolate cake. Oh no. This had the hottest chilli's she could find. But they were all hidden. As she took the cake out to let it cool, the pack began to file out of their bedrooms.

    "Something smells good! Whatcha cooking there, Fauna?" One asked.

    "Chocolate cake.. For all of the pack"
  2. Mathew raised an eyebrow, coming down the stairs with only sweatpants on. "Cake for breakfast? Fauna, I think you have your breakfast foods mixed up," he teased as he slipped past her, pulling out the carton of milk and drinking straight from the carton.

    "Yum," he winked, knowing it would irritate her. She barely reached his shoulder when he stood next to her but that's what made he anger just the funniest thing.

    "Looks good though," he nodded to the cake. "Save me a slice for later. Hey, who's doing patrol this morning?" he looked to the others.
  3. "No, no. You should take a bite. I'm gonna have some later" Fauna cut him a slice and put it on a plate, along with a fork. The rest of the pack bad already wolfed theirs down. They seemed pretty normal as they tasted the cake.
  4. He gave her a suspicious look. "No thank you," he grinned as he slid it back, knowing it would get on her nerves. That was his favorite hobby; teasing, nicely, little Fauna. She was so sweet yet had such a sharp tongue. It was too easy. "Put some plastic wrap over it," he spoke as he watched the rest of the boys, seeing if the cake was truly good or if she put salt instead of sugar in it.
  5. Fauna gave him back the cake and then looked at him smiling. "Try some! Please!" Her eyes soon turned into large saucers, she was still giving him a warm smile as she pushed the cake towards him. So far the cake still didn't have an effect on the rest of the guys.
  6. Groaning, he decided to let Fauna have her fun. He grabbed the fork and, looking her in the eyes, he took a blind bite. After the first few seconds, he noticed a crunch. Then a spice. Then a burn. He looked at his slice and saw red. Raspberries? Nope. Hot peppers. With wide eyes, he spun and spat the bite into the sink, washing his mouth as he let out grunts of pain.
  7. Fauna noticed that it effected Mathew very quickly and then the rest of the pack who began coughing and spluttering, rushing around for water or at least something cold to wash the warmth from their mouths

    "At least now you won't have the nerve to eat my breakfast. I spent time making that bread and then you ate it, not bearing in mind how I'd feel" She said getting more and more upset, her voice was a little loud and it shocked her.
  8. Mathew washed his mouth. "Damnit Fauna! I didn't eat your bread! What was that?!" he clawed his tongue, hoping to scrape the taste off his tongue. He was starting to get angry now. Why was she taking this so to heart? It was bread! Sure, he told the boys not to eat it but he also didn't stop them.

    He coughed and grabbed the plate of cake, throwing it away, then throwing the rest of the cake as well. "You shouldn't...do that...hot," he panted, eyes wide and cheeks flushed.
  9. "It wasn't just some silly old piece of bread!" Fauna cried, as if she was reading his mind. "I made it in my spare time! I could've been practising piano pieces or going out to get groceries for everyone since every time we leave a piece of good out it's gone!" She yelled, she actually startled herself a little and she backed up.

    She glared around at the pack, some of them had their lips pursed together as they tried to not burst out in laughter at her sensitivity over a piece of bread.
  10. Mathew turned and looked at her, eyes full of impatience. "You went too far, Fauna," he coughed, eyes still watering. "Half the guys won't be able to smell right for the next day or two. We need them out on patrol! Your own anger over bread will have to be spent doing pranks that last only a minute or so. Dump some water on someone, cover them in feathers, stain their favorite shirt, whatever. Not this. I have no idea how long I'll have to wait until their noses aren't smelling goddman peppers," he talked down to her, knowing he was of the Top Beta's.
  11. Fauna wasn't even looking at him, her arm's crossed over her chest. She then gracefully walked towards the staircase which led up to their bedrooms. "I'm going to my room" She declared softly and walked upstairs. She opened her room door and closed it behind her. She flopped back onto her bed.
  12. Matt opened and closed his mouth, sighing in frustration as he downed another gulp of milk. He tossed it to the others, which downed the drink like hungry pups. "I gotta talk some sense in her," he grumbled, running a hand through his hair. Mathew went after her, knocking on her door. "Fauna...I'm sorry for snapping on you."
  13. Fauna was listening to some music. Classical. Which was her favourite. When she heard knocking on her bedroom door and Mathew's voice she held the remote to her stereo and turned up the volume of the radio. "Go away" She called back, and looked up at the ceiling with her arms crossed.
  14. "I will open this door, you know I will," he spoke louder, the music going up as well. He growled in irritation but decided it wasn't the way. Matt was a nice guy. He had to take the nice guy approach. "Please?"
  15. Fauna propped herself onto her side and then ignored him. She remembered the other faces of the pack clearly. Some were shocked, some had an amusing look in their eyes whilst she got sensitive about a piece of bread. It wasn't just one piece of bread, this wasn't the first time they had devoured a piece of food that belonged to her. This was probably the seventh time this month.
  16. "Fauna, look. You open this door and talk to me and automatically I'll give you all tomorrow off. You'll have the entire day free of your Wolf Duties. We need to talk though," he spoke lightly, hoping she'd see he was out of his bad mood.
  17. Fauna grabbed some clothes and a towel then switched of her stereo. She opened her door and then walked straight last Mathew. She paused as she twisted the doorknob to the bathroom door. "I'm perfectly fine. It was just a piece of bread" With that she headed into the bathroom and such the door behind her. When she was done prepping for the day she walked out.
  18. Mathew waited patiently for her outside of the bathroom. "Listen, I understand that you're upset but what you did was painful long term and uncalled for. I was an innocent victim. You know I don't eat your things yet you had me eat the cake. I tried to correct you yet you insisted. You have the day off tomorrow but I'd advise you to get a mini fridge or a medal box and lock, because the boys will eat things even when I say no," he stopped, letting her walk off.
  19. Fauna gathered with the rest of the pack members. "I'm sorry for my immature and uneccessary actions. In future I will make sure to not leave my fold lying around" She says softly, she nodded at Mathew. "I'm leaving for a couple of hours" She said quietly and looked down, walking out of the pack house.
  20. Smiling out of celebration, he turned back to his room. Mathew liked being the dominant Wolf yet also being able to be kindly to them. He closed his door and pulled a monster from his fridge, kicking back on his bed. "Another day, another mystery solved," he laughed.
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