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  1. Hello! I am the Traveler, but yall can just call me Em. So I had this concept for an RP that I was wanting to run by everyone as I hadn't seen anything like this idea and I was curiouse as t how many people would be willing to give this a try.

    So the basic Idea is Yes the world is over run by zombies. Twenty years later and our story begins. You live in Arcadia. One of the few major survivor settlements in the world that hasn't been over run yet. But Arcadia is dying and it needs your help to survive. You will be asked to embark on missions that will most certainly put your life in perill, but should you succeed you will be considered heroes.

    So the basic idea is kind of like a chapter based RP. Each chapter focusing on a different mission. Each mission different from the other, wether it be locating supplies, saving survivors, Defending the city from raiders, you name it. The reason I wanted to do it in chapter's is because it would for one, allow for us to take breaks from the Role play without actually killing it. We could spend a week or a few weeks role playing out a mission then end the chapter and take a break try other story's and let our apocolyptic batteries recharge then all come back after a week and start a new chapter, and it would allow people to have an easier time hopping out of an RP.

    Introduction; Aarcadia Rising: The Year is 2036, and the apocalypse is now. Twenty years ago Korea unleashed it's ace in the whole. In an attempt to eliminate the world powers in order to take over, they unleashed hell on earth. What was meant to be a super virus that would only kill, turned into something more. Something unnatural. The dead rose, and they took the world with it. Twenty years later and Arcadia is one of the 11 survivor colonies, in what remains of the United states.

    Built from the ruins of the old Royals Stadium. Arcadia was far enough from the major cities that it was mostly safe from the bigger herds. Over time they made a city and life in the apocalypse became normal. Most didn't remember a time before the dead walked among us. And those who did were either dead, or too old to care.

    But things aren't as they appear. Arcadia is run by what is called, The Counsel, a select group of survivors who's only Job was to ensure the survival of the city. The counsel were the ones who decided what needed to be done. They were in charge of the cities guards, power grid, defenses, supply lines, and general needs.

    So there is my Idea, I'm more then happy to here other ideas to add onto this. Any body who is interested just speak up.
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  2. The chapter idea is certainly a good one, but you should probably expect any given mission to take 3 or 4 weeks to complete, depending on posting speeds and the length of the actual missions. Also, you should flesh out the lore a little, if only for the sake of immersion, so that we don't have to constantly ask you what the area is like. Things to think about; things that will likely get asked at some point:

    - What are the zombies like, functionally? Are they made by a virus, or are they reanimated corpses?
    - How fast can they move? How fragile are they?
    - How do they sense their prey? How intelligent are they?
    - How long does it take for a zombie to fully decay?
    - Any other specifics (eg, can't go out during the day, can't cross running water)?
    - Is there a cure for being a zombie? Is one in development?

    - How many humans remain across the entire Earth? How many die/become zombies each week?
    - Is there contact between the remaining groups of humans?
    - How have humans managed to survive for 20 years?
    - Have humans developed any weapons that are particularly effective against zombies?

    The Town:
    - How large is the town?
    - How does the town still exist? Why hasn't it been overrun by zombies?
    - Does the town have electricity and/or running water? If so, how is it generated?
    - What does the town use as currency? How much currency does it cost for a day's worth of food and water for one person?
    - Does the town grow its own food? If so, is it rationed? How much can someone expect to eat in a day?
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  3. Super interested in this concept. I was gonna ask some questions to get a better idea of what it would be like, but Karakui beat me to it.
  4. Well I wasn't really going to post anything lore wise until I knew if people would be interested but I geuss I'll add a little of what I have, and Gonzo, Would it be OK if I PM you about something RP related seeing as how you are so interested in the Idea? ^__^
  5. Yeah, that'd be cool. Always happy to help.
  6. I'm interested in this!
  7. Coolio! I will try to add more lore later tonight for anyone who is interested and gonzo I will get that pm sent to you soon tonight is just a little hectic.
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  8. Alright folks do interest I have thrown in an introduction to the world you'd be exploring. I hope that little tid-bit will get a few more of you to jump on in.
  9. I'm interested.
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