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  1. In the 1930's, America was struck by the worst economic crisis in U.S history. Every state felt the impact and times were so bad it was known as the great depression. Though this was known as the lowest point in American history, it was also the first time that the word had received contact from another world. Little did they know that they had just received two beings that would help them in more ways then than they ever imagined.

    Aragón was the first to make contact, exactly four hours before his sister. They were both young when the arrived on earth, and they were taken in by the United stated government to be raised and later trained. They were taught to harness and control their power. Aragón had been raised around military personal so he was trained to be a strong fighter and leader. He had one goal in life... To protect his sister
  2. Sergeant Major Stones watched from the two sided mirror as #2 watched old music videos on the television. Violet eyes darted from face to face on the screen occasionally as she bobbed her head and danced on her seat from the couch. Eiffel 65's "Blue" was playing and #2 new all the words. Well, why wouldn't she, its been about the hundredth time she's listened to it.

    "The girl is #2. Now don't be fooled, surely she looks like a teenage girl, but she's capable of so much more. Don't ever forget, these 'kids' are anything but. They're not even human." Stones rolled his eyes at the youth enjoying they're recreational time. The truth was, they were just teenagers, and were more human than 99% of the personnel he encountered during his career. Funny how the meaning of humanity is capable of spreading beyond Earth. Despite his own feelings, he kept his face void of any inferences.

    "I'm surprised they're allowed to watch television and listen to music." The woman observed from beside the Sargent Major Stones. Her blue eyes soaking in the situation before her. Her red hair was tied tightly into a neat bun and her hands rested against her back like a well trained soldier, which is exactly what she was. Stones had nothing to do with choosing this one, and he was having a hard time reading her. Supposedly she was the best of the best, but Stones highly doubted that. Problem number one, she was a female. Go ahead, call him sexist, but he's learned from years of experience. Every female caretaker these kids have had have been on the opposite ends of the spectrum. They're either too motherly, which is not what the job description is, or they're too cold hearted. Stones had a feeling about this one, and it wasn't great.

    "Yes well you won't have to worry about what media they're exposed to. Everything is monitored by top scientists and with everyone's best interest in mind. Just remember your training and never let your guard down. As you know from training, mental blocking is exhausting and takes constant focus. If you feel yourself slipping, or suspect that you may be under their influence you use your emergency backup without hesitation."


    "Good, now go introduce yourself. They'll be going into training soon."

    The woman entered and #2's eyes widened upon landing on her. She sat straight up and lowered the television. She appeared to be struggling with containing her excitement. "Hi. You must be the new caretaker." #2 approached tucking her some of her loose brown hair behind her ear. "I'm Alex." She extended her hand, but all the caretaker did was stare at her outstretched palm with a raised brow.

    "You can call me, Staff Sergeant. And let's be clear, I'm not here to be your girlfriend or your mother. I'm here to make sure you stay in line."

    Alex's eyebrows raised high into her forehead and glanced at her reflection in the mirror, only her glare wasn't directed at herself.

    Great, this relationship was off to a wonderful beginning.
  3. A tall and built man walked into the room Aragón was training in. "You must be Subject 0, quite a few people talking about you." He said as he walked over and stood infront of Aragón. "Name's Charels Green" he said as he reached a hand out for Aragón to shake.

    Aragón shook the man's hand and looked him over. "Please, call me Aragón. Subject 0 makes me feel like I'm just an experiment. It's a pleasure to meet you sir. Are you my new trainer?" He asked, wondering why else they would send someone like him in here with Aragón.

    "Not exactly a trainer, more of an evaluation. They government wants to know the full extent of your abilities and I'm supposed to help them acquire that information." The man looked around Aragón's training room at all of his equipment. The government had spent quite a bit of money on high tech equipment for him.

    "How exactly am I being evaluated?" Aragón asked curious as to what tests he would have to do this time around. "You're going to survive." Said the man as he stood infront of Aragón and got into a fighting stance. "What? I can't, I don't want to hurt you."

    Aragón looked up at a large glass window close to the ceiling of his room. He saw two people standing on the other side of it with notebooks in hand. He looked back to the man and saw that he had a knife. He got into his stance and prepared to begin his evaluation
  4. Stones narrowed his eyes, he will be keeping a close watch on her. It was all he could do, for now, #2 would have to handle it from here.

    And handle it she did. She snapped her hand back and placed it on her hip. This wasn't the first time she's dealt with a handler with an attitude.

    "Right, well then. Let's be completely clear. Not only are you to make sure we stay in line, but you're also to make sure we're happy and unharmed. You see this government doesn't want anything too drastic to happen to their shiny toys." Alex took a step forward, her lips pursed with her own attitude. Her voice lowered to just barely over a whisper. "You're nothing more than a glorified babysitter." The sassy teenager brushed by their new handler. "Hope you enjoy your promotion." She cheerfully waved as she made her way down to training.

    Their were camera's everywhere, Alex had no idea what it was like to not be watched. She walked down the white hallways, her lace less shoes not making a sound. Training was only a few doors down and it's hallway facing wall was glass. Most of the rooms they frequented was glass, privacy was nothing more than a fantasy. She noticed the new guy in the room with her brother. Who the hell? New trainer too?! She tried to step into the room, but the door didn't slide open for her.

    "Uh, hello?!" She waved at one of the many cameras as if it didn't see her, but she knew other wise. It wasn't until the new guy pulled out a knife, did Alex understand what this was about. "When will they ever get tired of this?" She sighed before stepping back from the glass and focusing all of her efforts on the mental state of the attacker. He may have been trained to block her mental assaults, but something told her she wasn't supposed to be there, to interfere. All she had to do was wait for a flicker of weakness.
  5. After several minutes later, both Aragón and his trainer stood sweating and breathing heavily. A cut on Aragón's cheek healed quickly and he stood up straight as his body healed itself. He walked over to his trainer and helped him walk over to a door where two men were waiting. Well Aragón was walking, his trainer's right leg was obviously hurt causing him to limp. He handed the man to the two others and stepped back into his room. He then watched as the door slide close and the people in the window moved out of view.

    A few minutes later a woman in a white lab coat walked into his room holding a clipboard. He hadn't gotten a good look earlier but he assumed she was one of the people behind the window. "Congratulations Subject 0, you did well on your evaluation. You've shown excelent control of your abilities and strong combat skills, the government speaks highly of both traits. Get some rest, tomorrow we have a new task for you and your sister."

    "What new task?" Asked Aragón looking at the woman with a strange almost concerned look. "You two are getting out of here for the first time" she said giving Aragón a small smile before walking back toward the door, her heels clicking against the hard concrete floor of Aragón's room. He was filled with a feeling of both nervousness and excitement. He didn't remember what it was like outside of facilities and training compound. Him and his sister on their first mission, he had been waiting for this moment forever
  6. Alex watched the combat with furrowed brows. She wanted nothing more than to assist him in his battle, not that he seemed to need much help. The entire time his assailant kept his mental guard up. Sheesh, either she was loosing her touch or these agents were training harder and harder in mental blocking. No matter, next time she'll just have to work harder.

    The glass door slid open as the woman who addressed her brother left, a small smile still lingering on her face. Finally able to enter the training facility, Alex made her way to her brother, wiping the dark pink dried blood from his now unharmed face. She knew he didn't need to be babied, he could handle himself, but she couldn't help it. You would think that Alex would be use to this kind of treatment, that by now, they would be hardened killers. It just wasn't in her nature, at least not when it came to her brother. Even watching the lab rats be handled with aggression upset her and listening to their thoughts was unbearable. Let's just say ignorance truly is bliss in some instances.

    "You did well." She addressed her brother, trying to shake off the experience. He was much better at composing himself than she, and she often turned to him for support. Her crystal violet eyes stared into his and she raised a brow.

    What is it? She asked telepathically, before he shot her a glimpse of the answer. "No fudging way!"
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  7. Aragón felt his sister come to his side and wipe dried blood from his face. They both knew that Aragón was more than capable of taking care of himself or taking care of them both when needed, but he still felt comforted by her presence. Once the woman was done talking, he could feel his sister communicating with his in his mind. He turned to her, the excitement visible in his features. "We're getting out of here, we get out first objectives tomorrow" he said looking into her eyes knowing she must be as excited as he was. They both wanted to get out of here and now they were getting the chance.

    "I wonder what we'll get tasked with first, I'm guessing something big due to all the new training and evaluations. Do you think we'll be going to war or something? That would explain the combat I guess."
  8. "YES!" She fist pumped the air. She's been dying to get out of here, to see the world, to meet normal people. This is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to her, or yet to happen to her. She was so excited she could barely contain herself, she may have jumped up and down in place with a small squee.

    "Oh, gosh. I need to dye my hair, my roots are showing."

    S.M. Stones took a sip from his whiskey, the cold square stones made on odd sound as they gently tapped against the glass. Shit, he had become attached to these kids over the years, and he had fought to keep them safe. He just couldn't fight anymore, they were adopted by the government for a reason and that time was nearing. It was time to get them into the field, he didn't argue with that fact. Another sip of his whiskey. It was what it would do to them, what they were expected to become. The steps were in place and there was nothing he could do now.
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