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    Its the year 2014 and life goes on as it always has, following its pattern of social norms. What society has neglected to recognize is that its government keeps it in the dark. Conspiracy theorists have been shunned as crazy, nuts, and no one has proven the true nature of Area 51. But most don't mind, they would rather stay in the dark, because the familiar is comfortable.

    Among the knowledge that stays secret with the elite, are the horrific things that people have attempted to on, not just world powers, but the planet itself. In 1935, the government came in close contact with an alien race. A ship had crashed in Acme, Oklahoma. Within it two children, despite their subtle differences in appearance, appeared human.

    At first, they were seen as threats, science projects and when nothing more could be learned of them, they were to be destroyed. A group of scientists deployed a different idea; If these toddlers could travel light years away to Earth, with no malice intent, what will stop those who do?


    as played by xxDarkest_Assassinxx
    Name: Case #12504 Subject 0, Also known as Aragón

    Age: 83 but ages at a very slow rate so appears to be 19

    Appearance: usually wears a black sleeveless hoodie

    Height: 6'0"

    Physique: slim yet fit

    Aragón arrived on earth at the same time as his sister despite being alive two years longer. He can vaguely remember his home planet but not enough to get a real visuals or memories. His main focus in life is to protect his younger sister.

    Aragón is a logical thinker and strong leader. He has been raised around military personal and some of the governments leaders so he is strong physically, mentally. Despite his strengths, he has two emotions that occasionally get the best of him. Anger and sadness. For the most part Aragón is calm, collective, and looks out for those he cares about.

    Telekenisis, teleportation(short distances but with training can increase), healing, and mind manipulation.

    As played by Twisted Dreamer
    Name: Case # 12503, Specimen 2, but she prefers to be called Alex.

    Age: 81, but she ages slower than the rate of humans, so she appears to be 18ish.

    Eye color: A crystal violet, wears colored contacts if in public.

    Hair color/type: Wavy silver white, but she recently started dying her hair a neutral brown.

    Height: 5'8", taller than the average human female

    Physique: Slender

    Skin: Between fair and olive skin tone

    She was just a toddler when she landed on Earth and can't remember what her home planet was like. All she knows are labs, tests, faces coming and going and training. Everything she's been exposed to has been controlled and monitored. Her brother has been the only consistent thing in her life, and she would do anything for him.

    Her species is more logical than emotional, however having landed on planet Earth as a child as altered her emotional state, flooding her with emotions. As a result, she finds it difficult to contain her emotions. Having been raised in a lab by the government with no real social contact except for a selected few, hasn't helped her emotion wrangling or social skills. She comes off as rude, awkward and clueless to those in the outside world. Alex is also relentless, and once she sets her mind to something, she will not stop until she has reached her goal.

    She has telekenisis, the ability to read minds and the power of illusion. She has the ability to make anyone see what she wishes them to see, from minor reality alterations to a completely submersive environment.

    She has a tendency to enter the dreams of others and alter them as she sees fit when she sleeps, yet she cannot have any dreams of her own. Alex is also an empathic, causing others to feel her strong emotions. Both of these abilities are much harder for her to control, the act of keeping these abilities under wraps is not a passive one.

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