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  1. Women had become non-existent... They had died out... A unique epidemic effecting their gender only wiping them out. Years and years had passed, yet somehow the human race had managed to survive on. Males had developed in a unique way and could now bear children as well. They had a different kind of womb than a woman would... And could only bear males. It had been hundred of years since the last female had died out... But life went on. The world was, for the most part, still in a normal state of affairs.

    It was in this world that Jack Hale lived. He was considered attractive, though not overly so. He was fair skinned, and tended to avoid going out in the day all that often. Long hair, falling down just past his crotch, as he kept it worn over his shoulder in a braid. The hair was brown, though tinged with a beautiful red shade, especially when the light shown down on it. His eyes were large, with long lashes, and a soft blue-gray color. He certainly looked a bit different than most of the guys where he lived.

    Jack wore simple clothing year round, however, with the arrival of fall, he had switched to wearing a pair of blue jeans rather than shorts. A black t-shirt covered his front, covered in turn by a blue short sleeved button up shirt. He wasn’t all into fashions and whatnot like most people were... He just lived his life as he felt was right to.

    Jack was twenty years old, his birthday coming up next month. College life had begun for him again, which was of course exciting. Writing was his forte, so he took classes revolving around it, hoping to one day land a journalist career while, on the side, he worked on a novel.

    Blue-gray eyes would take in the scene of the small town he lived in, passing some stores. It was a Saturday, a time for rest. Coming to a small cafe he liked Jack would go inside, ordering a latte with extra shots of flavor, before walking back outside and sitting at one of the tables. The weather was still nice enough that you could eat outside at places that offered it. It was definitely going to be something that he missed during the coming winter months.
  2. No one really knew how the female population died out. Apparently some disease effected the Earth, killing each and every last one of the females. But that was years ago, most of society today learned about it in history class. It was 'old' news. Over the years a strange thing happened to the male population, instead of dying out, they evolved. Each and ever man that inhabited the Earth developed a womb, which allowed them to have children. But they could only have the male gender, just like themselves.

    Zachary Brannon pondered often on what it would be like to have females once again, but then again, Zachary Brannon was considered to be odd. Despite being odd, Zachary was very attractive. He had shoulder-length, shaggy, black hair that almost seemed blue when the light shined on it, and he had dark blue eyes. Eyes that often reminded someone of the night sky, eyes that seemed to take in everything around him, eyes that someone could get lost in. Zachary had inherited that trait from his birth father, whom had eyes just like Zach's.

    Zachary normally wore long sleeved v-neck shirts, even during the summer. Thus, it was normal for someone to see him in a long sleeved shirt. He always wore a pair of skinny jeans as well. But as of now, he wore a blue long sleeved shirt, and black skinny jeans, the blue in his shirt making his eyes more noticeable.

    Zachary was twenty years of age, not turning twenty-one until the next year. He was enjoying the new-found freedom of being on his own. He didn't have his parents hovering over his shoulders all the time. Zachary was glad that he could take in his own responsibilities, even if that meant he had to go to college.

    Zachary Brannon was majoring in the Arts, for he loved to sing. Almost always he could be found mouthing the words to a new song. He loved music.

    Walking into a small cafe, he stood in line until it was his turn. Then, he ordered a coffee, black to be exact. He paid for it and walked back out into the cool air. He needed the caffeine.

    Zachary sat down at a table not far from where this incredibly cute guy sat. He had longish hair that had been put up in a braid, it was brown that almost seemed red in the sunlight. His eyes were a bluish-gray color that happened to compliment everything else about the male. Realizing that he had been staring, he looked down at his coffee. His pale cheeks reddening. What was he doing? Checking out a random stranger on the street? But he couldn't help it, he was cute.
  3. Jack was alone for a short while, sipping on his latte and enjoying the warmth of the sun, though the cool air did make it a little less enjoyable. He had an almost spaced out look to him, gazing up at the sky now and then as he thought about different story and plot ideas he could work on for his writing. He kept hitting writer’s block with his novel... He wasn’t sure what was going on with it anymore. The story started really strong and now... A soft sigh escaped his lips as he drank more of his drink.

    At some point someone had come outside with him, sitting at another table with his own cup. For a little while Jack hadn’t even noticed him, lost in his own thoughts. The breeze moved around him, giving an almost peaceful look to the scene where he sat. Finally he would look back down, however, just in time to see another guy at a table near him look away. Had he been staring at him? A brow would raise, a smile crossing his face.

    As of yet Jack hadn’t dated anyone... Hadn’t really thought about it much. He would make friends now and then but a relationship was something much more complex... And he could be rather picky about what he wanted in a partner. Still though, he would watch the other for a moment. His hair had a trait kind of like his own, though while his was brown with a reddish tint in the light the other male had dark hair, black, though with a blueish shine. It was definitely an interesting contrast to his own.

    Jack’s attention would be drawn to the other male’s eyes now. They were such a unique dark blue, a color that seemed to stand out all the more thanks to the blue shirt he wore. They seemed deep, like pools of ocean water, or even the endless night sky. The other male was very attractive, already scoring multiple points in the kinds of things he looked for in another male. Regardless of where it lead, Jack would decide, he wanted to get to know this other male better.

    So he would get up from his table, walking over and sliding out the chair across from the other, and took a seat. “Enjoying the last remains of the warm weather?” His voice was a smooth tenor, a smile spreading across his face.
  4. Zachary knew the other ha eyes on him, he could feel the soft, blue-gray eyes bearing down on him. He really had never thought of dating he was always busy with school or reading. Sometimes he would gaze out into space, thinking of nothing yet everything all at once.

    Upon hearing footsteps and the sound of a chair being pulled against the concrete ground, Zachary snapped his attention up at the newcomer, his cheeks blazing an even brighter red at seeing the handsome male. The tips of his ears turning pink, Zachary was terrible when it came to hiding a blush.

    "I guess.." the black haired male said, meeting the blue-gray eyes of the newcomer with his own dark ones. His voice was higher than a normal male, then again, he was a soprano. "The warmth was nice for quite some time, but I always love the winter." It was true, to be in fact. Zachary did love winter, he thought it was the best season out of the four. For one, he was accustomed to it. As a child, he would travel to and from Canada, where it stayed cold most of the time.

    "How about you? You seemed to be enjoying everything." Slowly, he brought the cup to his lips, tilting his head back ever so slightly as he drank in the bitter coffee. Setting it back down, he looked back at the attractive male. He couldn't help but smile when he saw the other's smile, it was very bright and contagious.

    "Oh, my name is Zachary. Zachary Brannon.." he added a bit awkwardly, the other obviously wanted to know who he was. If he didn't, then he wouldn't have came over to his table.
  5. Jack’s smile remained as the other turned his attention to him. The other male was blushing so deeply, cheeks bright red as he looked upon him. Was he a bit nervous to talking to someone else? Shy? How cute. If anything the blush made him all the more attractive, and his desire to make sure he at least befriended this male would grow even stronger.

    His voice was even higher than his own too, which came as a surprise to Jack. He knew some had did, though it wasn’t too often that he would run into such young men. Blue-gray eyes would meet with the dark ones, seeming to fall into their depths. So deep, yet beautiful. Jack felt like he could get lost in the gaze alone. Catching himself staring he would blush himself, though it was light, as he was better at hiding such things, even with his fair complexion.

    A nod was given as the other spoke. “Winter has it’s good points as well. It gives the Earth a period of rest, and, in some ways, has it’s own beauty. Not too big of a fan of the cold, but the snow makes it worth it.” Jack would give a soft chuckle. He didn’t mind winter too much, but summer and it’s heat could be stressful. No, he was much better suited to autumn and spring, where the temperature could be rather moderate. He couldn’t imagine living somewhere like an island or a place like Alaska were temperatures were more extreme year round.

    “I’ve definitely been enjoying the end of the season. I tend to love fall because of all the color that is brought out, especially in the leaves. But in general I just tend to enjoy life, and make the best of what is around.” It was a good way of living, definitely. He would also take a sip of the latte, the sweetness from the flavoring and sugar tingling his tongue. Regular coffee was just too bitter for him... But of course the way he drank his own things hardly anyone else could stand to even take a sip of such a drink.

    The other would introduce himself, and Jack found his smile bright just a bit more, tugging up the corners of his mouth. “Zackary huh? I’m Jack Hale.” He would rest back in the chair, head tilting to the side ever so slightly as he found his gaze wander back to Zachary’s face.

    “You look like you’re about my age. Are you going to college around here by chance?” Wouldn’t that be cool if they were going to be attending the same college? It would definitely give him more of an excuse to try and see the other more often. Heck, maybe they could bounce ideas off of each other, based on their majors. There were many possibilities, and Jack found himself enjoying the day all the more. Making a new friend could definitely make things in the future even better.
  6. Zahary nodded to Jack's words, which were so elegant-like. Everything about Jack Hale was elegant. He reminded Zach of classical music. Where everything was elegant yet beautiful, that was Jack Hale. "Yes, I go to school around here. I'm studying the Arts. I-I sorta like to sing." While Jack Hale was elegant, Zachary was awkward and odd. Zach would think of himself as the weird music, like the old band, Panic At The Disco, whom had been alive when females roamed the earth. He had seen a video of theirs, 'Build God then We'll Talk' and decided not to listen to it again, and Zach WAS majoring in the Arts, that said something.

    Zach finished his coffee, setting the paper cup back on the table. His hand ran through his dark hair, shining blue in the light. His cheeks still tinted red with blush.
    "What about you?" he asked the long haired, blue-grayed eye male sitting across from him.

    Zachary tugged at the sleeve of his long sleeved shirt. If they went to the same college, they could see eachother more often. The thought made Zachary grin a wide, bright grin. Perhaps they would become good friends, if not, something more than great friends.

    They would be able to do many things, perhaps Zachary could sing a song for Jack, or Jack could do whatever he did. It would be fun.

    Mustering up some courage, Zach began to speak.
    "So, Jack, W-would you like to go get pizza sometime? As friends I mean. That's all I meant, s-swear. So we could get to know eachother more." he offered, the recently disappeared blush reappearing. The smile still evident on his lips. He was beginning to enjoy this day that had been originally thought of boring. Jack Hale was an interesting man that Zach would love to get to know more. He was glad he came to the closest cafe that day.
  7. Jack took another swig of his latte, finishing it up, getting that last bit of sugar into his system. It would definitely be enough to keep him going for the rest of the day, and maybe give him some writing energy later on. He would give a nod, keeping his cool as he answered. “Yes, indeed I am. Huttser College, as a matter of fact. I’m on the same side as the arts programs, at least for my creative writing courses. I’m working on some other writing classes as well, to help with my novel and, with any luck at all, land me a job one day.” His gray-blue eyes shown with pride as he said this. He was in no hurry to get an actual writing job. There was no need to force things. Good things would come to those that would wait.

    He had to admit he was curious too about how Zachary would sound when he sang. With such a high, beautiful voice, he could imagine it would definitely be pleasing to the ears. He would drift off for a moment, trying to imagine it. Such a beautiful voice could certainly be inspiring -- he often would listen to music when he wrote, just to get some creative muse flowing within him. Perhaps they could bounce inspiration off of each other as well.

    Jack would raise a brow, his smile brightening as Zach spoke again. “Take a breath, relax, you don’t need to freak out and over explain yourself. I knew what you meant.” He would give a soft chuckle, a gentle amusement in his eyes. “But I wouldn’t mind doing that at all. Getting out and about a bit more, especially with some good company, could truly be beneficial for both of us.” That blush reappeared, so adorable. Jack would slowly get up, looking back to Zachary as he picked up his cup.

    “If you’re not too busy maybe you’d like to hang for a while today? I was going to pick up some additional supplies for school, and if you need any I wouldn’t mind picking up a thing or two for you.” It was a friendly offer, even if it might have seemed a bit more than that.
  8. "Great, I go there too! So you write books huh? Any chance I might be able to read something you wrote?" the male said, his mind swimming with the many things they could do. They could meet up and Zachary would have the chance to read some of Jack's work. Perhaps Zachary could even show his new friend his singing. He mostly enjoyed to sing music from the early 2000s, sometimes even further back, from the 1900s.

    Zachary visibly relaxed at Jack's words, he let out a reath that he hadn't noticed he'd been holding. "I've been tod that I do that alot, overrecting I mean. It's something I really need to work on." said Zach. "It would be good. Gaining a new friend is always fun." he added.

    The male stood up and grabbed his empty cup. He walked over to the trash near their table and tossed it. Turning around, he smiled.
    "I really only need a pack of mechanical pencils. I could totally buy them if you don't want to," Zachary explained, shoving his hands into his pockets. He looked down at his feet, which were hidden inside of a pair of blue Converse. Zachary wasn't really used to having people offer to buy things for him, other than his parents that is. "I do have a ten on me," he said, looking back up at Jack.

    The black haired male raised his eyebrows and began to speak once again,
    "If your ready to go, we can go now. Are there any stores you have in mind?"
  9. Jack felt a small flutter of happiness in his chest as Zachary asked if there might be a chance he could read something that he wrote. He hadn’t really shared his works all too often, and the chance that he might get to do so made him happy. Definitely better than just letting some school teacher read them most of the time. “Of course you can~” His reply came back happily, gray-blue eyes shining. “In return I would love to hear you sing something sometime.” He would grin a little bit at this. He didn’t really know anyone who was good at singing, or hadn’t before, so it would certainly be a treat.

    He would give a nod as Zach spoke again, going over to the trash can and tossing out his own cup. “I’m sure you’ll get better at it as time goes on. Chance can not be made in a day.” He would give a gentle laugh. “...and I agree with you on that. It can certainly be a wonderful experience as well.” Even if it was one that was not always so frequently gone through. Jack loved the feeling of becoming friends with another.

    At the mention of the supply he needed for school, Jack would wave a hand back and forth. “If a pack of mechanical pencils is all then I definitely have you covered. I wouldn’t worry about it, really.” He stretched for a moment, feeling the muscles in his body pop in a couple places before he focused on Zachary again. “Sounds good. I have a bookstore I like to go to. They sell some neat journals and art stuff as well. Other than that there’s nowhere too particular, though we could hit the mall or something, just to look around and see if there is anything we want to grab.”
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