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  1. Okay here we go.
    My name is causticBlush, but you can call me Celeste. I am looking for 1x1 roleplays, and only 1x1. I will roleplay in the forums and nowhere else (unless it's another forum). We can plot over PMs or Skype.
    I have been roleplaying on and off for six years, but I've always liked to keep things semi-literate, because I feel it is absolutely pointless to write paragraphs and paragraphs when in a dialogue or action scene. I usually mirror-rp, which means I give you back the amount you give me. Usually, anyways. I like to play humanoid characters and my preferred gender is female.

    Warning! I hate godmoding, powerplaying, and Mary Sues. Do not even try that shit with me.
    Also, I have limited internet access and can only post once every few days. If you get me really hooked, I can try and post several times a day (depending on our timezones).

    Some things I would like to play:
    - Gifted/Gifted School
    - Modern Demonhunters
    - Anime RPG style Adventure/Quest
    - High School Romance
    - Stuck in a MMORPG/video game
    -Homestuck Fan-adventure
    -Dangan Ronpa based Murder Mystery
    -Will add more later~

    Feel free to suggest any genres/plots/pairings, because I'm a very open minded person and will try nearly anything that sounds interesting.
  2. hey i would like to do an high school romance type rp
  3. I am interested in the Gifted RP. :D Haven't done one of those in a good long while....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.